PUBG Download for PC is already on Are you ready drop in a better landscape and thriller game on Erangel? Better pick your weapons now! keeps you posted about new PUBG – a famous multiplayer action game by Bluehole which illustrates battle royale. It might replay a classic survivor game with the definitive “last man stand” goal, but once you’re in the combat on PCs, it may drag you deep into its fantasies.

PUBG soon convinces its excellence because of thrilling stories, abandoned Erangel, and realistic graphics. It’s already a catchy in-app version, but now, the PC PUBG has been out in!

The same Battle Royale and such a colossal weapon collection, but with a better graphic, this new battleground deserves your 100% attention at this time. Are you ready to dig into how awesome it is? – a trusted source

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News about PUBG Updates
News about PUBG Updates


Born early in 2017, but PUBG has dethroned DOTA 2 in just seven months to become the hit game at the time. It’s because of its brilliant stories that change every time you play! The flow of the fight in PUBG is unpredictable no matter how well you remember the map.

Not only the situation changes, but so does your position when dropping off appears random so that you cannot use the same plan all the time. Players need to brainstorm and guard up all the time, which makes them feel so thrilled.

Graphics is also a strength of PUBG. The battleground illustrated an abandoned Russian, which we will find mysterious, nervous but stimulated to walk by. With a bigger screen and better resolution, the background now appears vividly with a double sense of war. With the only visual upgrade, PC games beat mobile ones already.

Besides, playing with the keyboard grants you a lot more space to work on. Gamers master reactions and movements in the game only when they master shortcuts, which are with keys. The larger keyboard and clear space to view the battle make the sure better experience on any game, not alone PUBG.

PUBG Download For PC
PUBG Download For PC

Guides to play PUBG on PCs

You might have played this game a lot, but these guides are essential to read. The game’s introduction doesn’t differ much from the mobile version, except the views look much catchier. The airplane will drop you in the middle of nowhere but belong to the island, which changes every time.

Another 99 players do not surround you, but they could be anywhere waiting to kill you. You are getting a maximum of 2 PUBG weapons to hold, but you might want to tuck some grenades and a sidearm for emergencies. Weapons are multiple, and you can change when you feel the need to.

Whatever you do, fight or hide, you need to be the last man standing when the mission’s over. You cannot wait for everyone to kill each other, but you can move along between combating and defending. To sum up, you all share the same mission but together complete it.

Players can group a team if they want mates. Or, you can have a duo to kill person to person. The free for all mode is where you made yourself one against 99. Whatever mode you pick, you have modern vehicles and continuously updated weapons to keep you best prepared. However, don’t forget the others have the same options.


Requirements about devices

PUBG download for PCs comes with fantastic 3D graphics, so that you have to prepare a qualified computer to run the game smoothly. Here are some figurations to afford a game without any lags, instabilities, or inconsistency.

  • Window 7 with 64 bits and up, but the best must be window 10 with 64 bits
  • Chip Intel Core i3 and above
  • Ram 6GB, but the 8Gb is for the best
  • Graphics card 2GB and more, but Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB will be smooth.
  • At least 30GB free in storage
  • Version 11 DirectX
  • Stable Internet connection

If the game develops slowly because of the device’s system, you can change to a Very Low setting, which may help. Besides, movements with keys on the keyboard will allow the character to move faster.