PUBG Test Server Recap after 6 Days of Erangel Visual Update

Here is the best test server recap for PUBG PC after 6 days of the exciting Erangel Visual Update. It will show you what you loved about all of the map changes.

PUBG Test Server Recap for 6 days of Erangel Visual Update

Although the development team is looking forward to introducing many new changes in PUBG PC, especially on the map Erangel to Live Servers in the next time, they only release an infographic which displays some data during the testing period.

A few weeks ago, the players of PUBG Mobile got the first quick look at the work-in-progress Erangel Visual Update on the test server. Not only that, they could drop in and experience an amazing insight into what they liked about the playfield becoming different.

Actually, the developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tried to bring improvements to Erangel to live servers early. But, at present, they quit the Aquarail and they are discovering some exciting facts with trends spotted during the test stage. By connecting to characters on the Battlegrounds, they are ready to show a couple of data that producing the following infographic which will be presented with what you uncovered and the milestones you achieved.

Remember to stay tuned and catch up with the schedule of when the Erangel Visual Update is available on live servers!

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