All About Desert Eagle – The Strongest Pistol In PUBG Mobile

Desert Eagle is one of the strongest pistols in PUBG Mobile. Using a Desert Eagle smartly can help you shoot enemies easily. Find out details about this pistol now!

Desert Eagle is known as one of the most potential pistols available in PUBG Mobile game. It is a semi-automatic pistol featuring a large amount of damage of 62, and with two headshots from this pistol, it is already strong enough to have a kill. PUBG Mobile weapons are so diverse, from pistols to assault rifles. If you haven’t found an AR yet, pistols will be a good option for you, especially Desert Eagle. If you are a fan of this pistol, make sure you explore some basic information about it and learn where to find it as well as how to use it smartly to outplay your enemies.

The basics of PUBG Mobile Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle was first introduced in PUBG PC before it became available in PUBG Mobile. It has been known as a very strong pistol due to its high DPS. For each shot, it dishes out massive damage of 62 to an enemy, meaning it can defeat that player in just one shot without a helmet and two shots with any helmets.

Desert Eagle has become the best pistol so far in PUBG Mobile
Desert Eagle has become the best pistol so far in PUBG Mobile

The effective range of PUBG Mobile Desert Eagle is 100 meters, which is quite far. This pistol uses .45 ACP ammo that can be easily found on the map in PUBG Mobile. The default number of ammo on the magazine of this pistol is 7 and you can expand it to 10. The rate of fire of Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile is 240 bullets per minute and the velocity of the muzzle is 450m/s.

The basics of PUBG Mobile Desert Eagle

You can add many attachments to Desert Eagle to make it stronger. You can equip it with Red Dot, Hologpson Sight, Laser Sight, and Magazine. Holo Sight or Red Dot Sight is a nice attachment that can increase the accuracy of the weapon while Extended Mag can help with low ammo capacity.

The basics of PUBG Mobile Desert Eagle 2

Where to find Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile?

It is easy to find a Desert Eagle when playing on a map. This pistol can be found on all PUBG Mobile maps. Here are some areas you can find Desert Eagle easily: School, Rozhok, Pochinki, and Severny. But if you do want to pick up this weapon, you will want to choose a location with fewer players rather than jumping into a hot drop.

You can also try using Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile in the training area
You can also try using Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile in the training area

How to use Desert Eagle smartly in PUBG Mobile?

Although Desert Eagle is a strong pistol in PUBG Mobile, it’s still a shotgun and you should know how to use it smartly to your advantage. You are recommended to always aim at the enemy’s head when using a Desert Eagle because of its high damage per shot and slow rate of fire. The strength of this gun is quite the same as DMR in mid-ranged combat. In close range, you can get the maximum accuracy from the weapon without having to ADS.

How to use Desert Eagle smartly in PUBG Mobile

You should move to the top and cover yourself as you fight against an enemy that has AR or SMG to minimize the disadvantage of Desert Eagle. Although the gun is hard to use if you are good enough, you can still get Chicken Dinner by using it. Make sure you equip a Red Dot, Holo Sight, and Extended Mag to the gun to increase its accuracy and its bad bullet capability. These attachments are popular and easily found on all maps in PUBG Mobile.

How to use Desert Eagle 2 smartly in PUBG Mobile

After an early match, you should use the Desert Eagle as the secondary weapon when your AR runs out of bullets while in a solo match. By doing so, you don’t have to waste time reloading guns and shooting enemies. The type of ammo of Desert Eagle – .45 ACP does not take too much space in your backpack, therefore, you don’t have to worry about having any slots or space for other things.

How to use Desert Eagle smartly in PUBG Mobile 3

Also, you can eliminate other .45 ACP ammo and keep only 10 bullets inside the Desert Eagle if you want. In this way, you will not waste any space in your backpack.

That’s all for the PUBG Mobile guide on how to use Desert Eagle and where to find this pistol on PUBG Mobile maps. Hopefully, you have learned good information about this powerful pistol as well as know how to use them to outplay your opponents.

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