The Most Thorough Presentation About the New PUBG Sanhok Map Updates

PUBG Sanhok Map updates promise game changing factors that gamers don’t want to miss. It’s vital news to know if you want to win the matches on this island.

PUBG Sanhok map updates have been ready for the matches. PUBG maps now welcome a new spot which is such a great news for the fans after 4 trials.

The updates through the whole map and processing may turn the table of many matches. If you plan something, let’s hold it on and check out new features as well as changes.

PUBG Sanhok Map

There may be no Sanhok map tips this time, but loading the news could swallow you up already. Be a responsible warrior, players should follow the changes always.

The original Sanhok map

Sanhok map remains its size – 4x4km with three main sections where players have to cross using boats or bridges. The general setting will be the original version with a lot of bushes and hills. As a result, this place will be the bright old spot for looting things and play tactics.

The small area limits the game to 100 players and high density for playing tricks. However, that’s the fun part. To improve the experience on the new island, the necessary adjustments in design and processing should occur.

PUBG Sanhok map updates as changes

First of all, let’s take a look at slight changes that you may not notice in the game. taking advantages of these details can help you win the battle.

Overall settings

Continuing with the gameplays, you will soon find out much smoother operation thanks to server performance improvement.

Also, the weather changes for a better realistic vibe through the island. The development team even adds tossing apples as a new action for players to choke at those waiting by the board.

Redzone and Bluezone

The most significant changes are about Redzone and Bluezone as you might have to change your strategy due to them. The Redzone moves out of the Playzone and shrinks a bit in size. However, it will last for longer. Waiting time in Bluezone is still short, vice versa with the traveling time. However, the amount of time will change upon the number of players on the island. The zone will modify itself, so you should notice.

The world

A wild game on this small island will be challenging. But in return, players can have enough weapons and equipment as they want to fight for survival. The number of ARs, DMRs, and SMGs will increase in the official updates.

Spawns in Sanhok map

Not only changes in numbers, the performance of weapons and vehicles also improve. All of the enhancement on melee performance will promise better gameplay.

PUBG update world is celebrating the global event in Berlin. As a result, players will see many PUBG Global Invitation prints on different Sanhok map locations such as walls, parachutes, billboards, and lanes.

PUBG Sanhok map updates as upgrades

Updates on the map will siginifcantly improve experience on the game. let’s see what’s new are waiting for you to explore.


The complete firearm will be on PUBG Sanhok map updates this time. May you be one of the first players who access QBZ97 – the destructive machine with 40 bullets storage?


However, you must know that the use of a new weapon will result in a restriction to SCAR-L. But the spawning rate of the QBZ97 is impressive.

UI/UX with PUBG Sanhok map updates

UI/UX must be the essential feature of all when people talk about Sanhok map updates. The new map this time will come back with a total smooth operation and much more realistic effects. As a result, the game on Sanhok remains the most favorite combat in the PUBG world.

The map collection also updates to a more complicated background. Before players get to choose between two maps, UI and UX will come to the next level by picking the lists instead of plans. The playground with three maps with Sanhok in the Mini Royale is ready for you.

Choose the list before the gameplay

The UI receives plenty of improvements relating to interaction and actions on the game. Highlights on updated features must include:

  • More accessible friend list, game items, waiting room, status and search bar, and especially, minimap
  • More customizations on the mini-map such as automatic zoom according to speed, optional presence, manual extension, shortcut, and blued Bluezone.
  • Warning on Bluezone which helps alarm the action
  • Sensitivity for scopes
  • Stand-by tips board during the game.
  • Color modification with RBGA palette
  • Improvement in sound effects such as more realistic noise from weapons operation, water splash, grenades on water. But one of the thoughtful ideas must be about decreasing airplane noise.
  • Improvement of graphics effect such as water splashing or bullets on soil/water
  • Aviator box view is available in the random box
PUBG Maps For Players To Master

Other good news for winner-to-be is updates about celebration. If you gain the victory, the system will celebarate in 8 minutes since the result go published. Especially, this event will be visible to other attendants.

Bug fixes

Bug fixes are expected updates as the development team listened to your feedback and followed the gameplay consistently. Issues about the unsatisfying experience now are getting better, such as sound effect deficiency, movement issues , or interaction bugs.

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