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Everything About Sanhok Map With All Latest Updates In PUBG Game

PUBG’s new Sanhok map has been officially put into the PUBG game after getting through 4 trials. Besides getting access to Sanhok, players will also experience a lot of updates and upgrades on gameplay, UI, as well as bug fixes in this PUBG update.

To conquer this new map, you should equip yourself with a few Sanhok Map Tips to make exploring your map better and easier. In particular, you will also know all Sanhok Map Locations to loot items and hide from your enemies.

What you need to know about PUBG new Sanhok Map and more updates

PUBG new Sanhok Map And More Updates

Sanhok Map

  • Unlike other PUBG Maps, such as Erangel and Miramar, PUBG Sanhok is a very small map with just only 4km x 4km. Due to its small size, it will be not easy to conquer battles on it. Every match contains up to 100 players, making the battles much crazier.
  • Some special adjustments were implemented to make Sanhok map more suitable for its design.

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Server performance improvement

  • After rendering players and vehicles in a different way, the performance of the server was so much improved.

Gameplay changes

  • The in-game weather will continue changing.
  • Now, you can toss apples at other players waiting for boarding.

Redzone changes

  • The size of the redzone was redesigned to be much smaller. Also, it will now last longer on PUBG Sanhok map.
  • Now, the central point of the redzone will not be inside the playzone anymore. Do not stay out of the playzone, or else you will be in danger.

Bluezone changes

  • On Sanhok Map, you don’t have to wait longer than other maps since the waiting time of Bluezone is much shorter. However, the traveling time will be longer.
  • Depending on the number of players alive on the ground, the Bluezone will modify itself and will make a decision on the next Bluezone, modifying the waiting and travel time of it. (No impacts on the zone’s size).

Item spawn rate balance

  • The item spawn rate has been balanced on Sanhok map. This will ensure that all players can get enough weapons and equipment.
  • There are some weapons that will spawn on the map more than the recent fourth trial, such as ARs, SMGs, and DMRs.
  • You cannot gather 8x scopes and 15x scopes like you used to do before. Now, they can be only found in the Airdrop box.

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Melee performance improvement

The melee performance of some items was significantly improved:

  • Character image
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons


PUBG News World
  • PGI (PUBG Global Invitation tournament) is a big event and now it has some banner ads attached on billboards, buildings, and default parachute skins on Erangel and Miramar.
PGI (PUBG Global Invitation tournament)
  • The skin of the Bengal Tier parachute remains unchanged, but it will take the place of the default skin when used.


  • Players can now get access to a brand new weapon called QBZ97 that is exclusive for Sanhok map.
PUBG Items
  • This is an AR gun with 5.56mm ammo. The standard magazine can store up to 30 bullets and even can be expanded to 40 bullets.
  • QBZ will take place of SCAR-L in the Sanhok item list, and this clearly means that you cannot use SCAR-L on the Sanhok map. QBZ 95 has a high spawning rate, which is equivalent to 140% the spawning rate of the usual SCAR-L on the Sanhok map.

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  • There will be no instant changes for the accuracy when players move, switch positions or aim at targets.
  • For example, when the aiming mode is activated (for shooting more accurately), you must wait until the middle of the sight becomes stable, then you can shoot more effectively.
  • If you are a winner or if your team achieves the triumph, you can celebrate your victory in 8 seconds before the battle ends and the result board appears.
  • The celebration is also visible to the spectators.



There are currently three PUBG maps for players to master, which means players can select between 2 Lists instead of 2 maps like before.

  • You can join Erangel or Miramar in Battle Royale mode. One of these two maps will be chosen randomly.
  • Sanhok is available in Min Royale at the moment.
  • If you select both lists, you will be dropped into one of the three maps in a random way.
PUBG Maps For Players To Master

UI improvements

  • Improved the friend list
  • Improved ranking board and Replay feature
  • Improved the popup in the waiting room and in the game
  • Improved the popup displaying the game searching status
  • Improved some elements in the game, like maps, bags, and result board
  • Improved the mini-map in the game
  • Mini-map will automatically toggle the zoom based on your movement speed, which allows you to view things around you clearer
  • You can turn on/off the Minimap Dynamic Zoom feature in Settings
  • You can expand the mini-map
  • Press N for using the keyboard shortcut
  • All places in the Bluzone are now colored in blue so players can see the places around them clearer
UI improvements
  • Improved Bluezone warning above the map
  • All Scopes now have a sensitivity option. Feel free to change the sensitivity at your own will
  • The sensitivity will be used for all scopes
  • There is now an option for you to change the color of the reticle according to the RBGA color palette.
  • The standby screen is now modified to show more in-game tips

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  • Already slightly decreased the sound of the airplane at the beginning phase of the gamer
  • Already decreased the sounds that were made by the people when they touched the water
  • Already adjusted the sounds made by the airplane. There was no change for the distance for hearing the plane, however, the distance for hearing most is already decreased
  • Made an improvement to the sound of all weapons
  • Made an improvement to the sound effects when the grenades are tossed into the water

Airdrop Box

  • You will catch sight of the Aviator box in the random boxes of the week


  • Made an improvement to the effect when the bullets touch soil or water
  • Made an improvement to the water splashing effect when grenades touch the water. The effect now becomes more realistic

Bug fixes

  • Made a fix to an issue where a character could not move in several zones on Erangel and Miramar maps.
  • Some items obstructing the movement on Erangel and Miramar maps were wiped out.
  • Made a fix to the grass issue on Miramar to stop it from floating on the ground.
  • Made a fix to an issue where the sound that used Adrenaline Syringe could last much longer than the action.
  • Made a fix to an issue where Miado was not affected by grenades.
  • Made a fix to an issue causing the grenade effects to remain after the planned amount of time.
  • Made a fix to an issue where adding bullets to a pistol was not done in the right way in the aiming mode when exiting the vehicle.
  • Made a fix to an issue where several parts of the wheel were missed when the tire exploded.
  • Made a fix to the interaction between several objects ad windows.
  • Made a fix to an issue when players were watching or checking replies, they could not find some weapon parts in some cases.
  • Made a fix to an issue in which throwing weapons after getting burned would miss the sound effects.

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