Major Changes in PUBG PC Update 5.3 On The Test Server

PUBG Update 5.3 is now accessible on the test server. Possibly speaking, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG for short) is getting better thanks to the released updates. The development team wants to thank all players for taking this journey with them. They have come up with new awesome features for you to explore in next year – 2020. When PUBG PC Season 5.3 begins to come to its conclusion, this year will be ended with plenty of updates to make your game experience much more interesting. Do you want to know what have landed on the Battleground that can make your gameplay better? Check out the full patch notes now!

What’s new in PUBG Update 5.3?


Improved Blood Effect

  • Headshots, even including the neck area, will now create more different visual effect to make sure that the hit is now clearly identified
    • You will see the blood splatter on walls and floors if the character is stricken near it.
  • The blood splash’s size is merged across all color settings
  • Blood that has an influence on characters will yield a more accurate visual representation of which parts on the body have been attacked.

Vending Machine

  • There was a reduction in the maximum number of uses for each Vending Machine from 15 to 10.

Spike Trap

  • There was an increase in the general number of spike traps appeared on the map.


Cloud Saving

  • You are now able to save Settings to the cloud in the settings screen.
  • You can load the saved settings in the settings screen when you feel a need.
    • Thanks to this, you will be able to load your account settings even when you are playing the game on a new PC.
  • You cannot save settings that rely on hardware
    • Graphics: All settings in the GRAPHICs category excluding for “Language Setting”
    • Gameplay: You are unable to save “Inventory Character Render” setting.
  • You can see the Cloud Saving option at the bottom right of the settings screen.
  • You can only save the Test Server settings on the test server account.


Favorite Weapon

  • You are now able to select your “favorite weapon” in the Mastery tab.
  • Your selected weapon will display as the first weapon stat in your PUBG ID, regardless of low or high level.
  • You will see a grey star when you hover the mouse over it. When you click the star, you will favorite the weapon.
  • You will see a gold star right beside a selected weapon when you favorite it.
  • You are only able to pick individual weapons and not categories.
  • You can only have one favorite weapon.
  • You will always see your favorite weapon at your top list, even when you are using the sorting feature.


Lobby Theme

  • Lobby background will experience a change when the patch is updated on live servers, and it will change into a HAPPY HOLIDAYS theme.
  • There has been a change to the lobby music as well. And this change will help set the winter mood easily.

Weapon HUD Improvement

  • You will see that heal and acceleration icons on the weapon HUD flashing when triggered.
Weapon HUD Improvement


Esports Mode

  • Made a fix to the spawn locations and numbers for Boats and Aquarails on Sanhok.

Observing UI Improvement

  • To turn on the rear camera flip (180 degrees flip), you simply need to press Ctrl R key throughout freecam perspective.
  • To trigger adjusting camera movement speed while observing:
    • Speed up: =
    • Speed down: –
  • You will see the bullet tracer setting indicastor on the bottom left of the UI.


  • You are unable to get access to the old replays because of a version update to the replay system.


  • Eliminated all PGC signs and banners on Miramar.


  • The current season of the Survivor Pass and Survival Title System will wrap up on January 14 PDT
    • Beginning from January 1st, you will see a countdown on the Survivor Pass lobby banner and it informs you the pass end date.
    • You will see a pop-up message if you buy Premium Pass and Level-up items. This message notifies you the amount of time left until the end of the pass.
  • You can buy Premium Pass and Level-up items until the Pass comes to its end.


Once Update 5.3 touches live servers, you will see these items in the Store:

  • 2 BattleStat weapon skins (QBU and P1911)
  • 2 BattleStat weapon skins (SKS and P92)
    • Can be bought with BP
  • 3 Factory Worker skins
  • 4 Punk Destruction skins


  • Crates that require you to have keys to unlocks will not be available in the pool of Random Crates bought with BP anymore.
  • The table below shows the adjustment made for random crate contents and percentages:
Crates Table



  • Made a fix to a problem in which the reticle would vibrate when ADS with a 6x Scoped armed.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which the character movement would stumble when shooting the DBS in some circumstances.
  • Already solved an issue in which BRDM collision damage was higher than planned.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which a disjointed player could float when replaced by a prone character.
  • Already addressed a problem in which vehicles would be trapped in tree branches in some circumstances.


  • Lessened a problem that made players get bumped into the air when they were moving close to some objectives

Custom Match

  • Made a fix to a problem while observing and utilizing the x-ray where the character outline cannot be seen after a player is resurrected.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which healing items would not display while viewing in free cam when in observer mode.


  • Solved a problem in which only the ammo of one weapon has an update in the inventory when the player is holding lots of weapons using the similar ammo type.
  • Made a solution to a problem in which the character size would appear wrongly in lobby when getting to lobby after checking out the preview of PGC 2019 bundle.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which character rendering is implemented late when he gener is being changed while making a character.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which item equipped icon and new item notification icon would show up at the same area in CUSTOMIZE menu.

Skins & items

  • Made a fix to an issue in which [BATTLESTAT] Refined Mictlantecuhtli Groza kill count would be shown wrongly.
  • Made a fix to an issue in which character thighs would be shown wrongly when some skins are armed.

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