New Zombie Mode: Fatal Infection Released In PUBG Mobile 0.14.0

Fatal Infection is the brand new zombie mode released in PUBG Mobile via the latest update 0.14.0. The mode opens a battle between the defenders and the zombies. Check it out!

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 introduces a brand new zombie mode to all players worldwide. After Zombie Survival Till Dawn 2 and Zombie Darkest Night, players will now join the new zombie mode for another experience. PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 new zombie mode opens up an epic battle between two sides: zombies and defenders. This game mode is basically a separate mode from the original PUBG Mobile game. The gamers will not only face off against each other but they also have to finish off the zombies for their ultimate survival.

About PUBG Mobile New Zombie Mode

The new zombie mode in the latest PUBG Mobile update 0.14.0 will be set in a smaller map with a limited number of players. The full name of this mode is Fatale Infection which is going to be released in the next 0.14.0 update and it will be available in the event play mode. Following the success of the two previous zombie modes, hopefully, this third one will also leave a big impression on players.

PUBG Mobile New Zombie Mode

In Zombie Mode: Fatal Infection, players will be divided into Defenders and Zombies in a random way before entering the battle. You have to stick with your team to defeat the opposing one. If the defenders get attacked by the zombies, they will turn into zombies. Time will count down as soon as the battle begins. The victory will go to the Zombie team if all Defenders got killed, and vice versa, the Defender team will win if there is one last Defender alive at the end of the battle.

PUBG Mobile New Zombie Mode

Zombie Mode: Fatal Infection is set on the map with the ancient Europe landscapes.

The time for counting down the transformation process from a defender to a zombie will be notified by the system.

Players who are chosen to transform by the system will appear on the notification to inform other allies.

Players that are transformed by the system will be present on the notification to let their comrades know.

The first transforming state from defenders to zombies will have the bodies covered in gray.

In the next transforming state, the zombies will have a larger size and the damage they dish out will also be stronger.

Zombie will win

Zombie will win the battle if all Defenders are eliminated and the Defenders win even if there is just one last defender alive.

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