PUBG Console Update 4.2 – Patch Notes

It is Console Update 4.2 the new and big Patch Notes of PUBG game. Get ready to check out all of the improvements and enjoy another better environment free now!

PUBG Console Update 4.2 Released!

It is a huge PUBG Console Update. It is long. Please spend a little time to explore all the sections! Here is the video related to everything altered in PUBG Console Update 4.2.

PUBG Console Update 4.2 Details

It is the list of additions, modifications, enhancements in PUBG Console Patch Notes that you care.

Erangel Visual

  • Along with the presence of PUBG Console Season 4, developers “hope everyone is excited to test out Cross Network Play in October”. Additionally, you should not ignore considerable changes for locations below.
  • Military Base
Military Base
  • Mylta Power
Mylta Power
  • Quarry
  • Mansion
  • Prison

The terrain is also changed, along with signage, buildings. The terrain’s elements are added or tweaked to make clearer the history of PUBG Erangel. Meanwhile, the trenches, blast marks, camo nets, with deserted tanks are supplemented. Barriers will appear along the beach.

Various terrain changes

It is possible to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC with the overcast weather. It will start when the match is launched, changing from overcast to windy, hail, light rain, or heavy rain and fog.

Destructible stuff

Destructible stuff

  • Have pylons and barricades in PUBG PC – They can be destroyed with cars, weapons, and explosions.
Destructible stuff

PUBG Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath

PUBG Console settings bring back lots of notable gadgets. It is feasible to uncover the past and the present of Erangel the first PUBG PC map through skins and pieces from the island’s broad history. Especially, you will obtain +100 rewards after you conquer missions and level up the pass. Moreover, you can engage in a team. As well, the XP gained from the gameplay and challenges will be increased by 50%. The new mission change system will help you spend BP and swap more.

Survivor Pass Schedule:

  • Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH lasts in PUBG the game for 8 weeks. It starts on August 27 after the live maintenance and it stops on October 22 at 2 am PDT /11 am CEST.

Premium Pass and Level-up Items

  • The Survivor Pass and Level-up objects in PUBG Console Update can be bought until October 21at 1 am PDT / 10 am CEST.
  • Level-up devices can be purchased in 5, 20, 30, and 50 level amounts.

Cooperative Mission System

Cooperative Mission System

Mission Change System

  • You can switch up to 3 daily missions each day FREE. BP is chosen to do that. Attempt to survive and progress!

XP Reward

  • Get more XP acquired in PUBG game download
XP Reward

General Mission

  • Daily missions in PUBG free download for PC or in the PUBG Console Update today will be reset 02:00 PDT / 11:00 CEST while setting the weekly ones will occur at 02:00 PDT / 11:00 CEST every Tuesday
  • Premium, Season, and Challenge Missions are available in PUBG Console Season 4.
  • Quests on the PTS will work at 19:00 PDT / 04:00 CEST every day.
  • Premium Missions: Remember to buy Survivor Pass!
  • Season Missions: In PUBG SEASON 4, including 5 packs (2 for free / 3 for pass holders) and other rewards.

Survival Title System Season 4 (Preseason)

Season 4 Preseason in PUBG Console League prolongs within 1 month. The SP collected will be transferred if Season 4 is started after the live update maintenance finishes on August 27. It will end in early October.

Survival Point

  • It is as known as SP. It can be found in Season 4 Preseason. The best PUBG Console Tips are effective to gather them.

PUBG Leaderboard

  • The career stats in PUBG Season 4 Preseason will be accomplished when Season 4 is operated.
  • SP increases in Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi.

PUBG Gameplay

Weapons and vehicles of Season 4 in PUBG Console Update are stabilized. 

Armaments and accessories

  • Boosted the base damage of Kar98k, S12K, Sawed-off, S686, S1897
  • Refined the effective damage over the distance of SMGs
  • Updated the damage multipliers to SMGs (Torso 1.05, Limb 1.3), Crossbow (Torso 1.4, Limb 1.2)
  • Tweaked the ADS zoom for the original crossbow sight by 3%
  • Cut down the laser sight attachment dispersion multiplier for Pistols
  • Diminished the base damage of M24, Beryl M762, AKM and Groza, M416, G36, QBZ, SCAR-L, AUG
  • Shortened the max bullet travel distance of Shotguns
  • Modified the Duckbill attachment
  • Crossbow offers the trajectory to aim more accurately
  • Added the top rail to Uzi

Means of transport

  • Aside from differences in the tools of PUBG official website, you can witness adjustments for:
  • Improved the handling of RWD and Buggy
  • Upgraded the regular and three-seater motorbikes
  • Reworked Scooter’s max speed
  • Advanced the HP of UAZ, Tukshai
  • Reduced the HP of Mirado
  • Motorbikes in PUBG PC will consume 50% more fuel
  • Minimized Dacia’s acceleration with boost multiplier rate
  • Surfaces like sand, mud, grass, dirt will slow you down or your car’s friction will be decreased by 10% if it moves on the rocky one.
  • Remade Buggy and Mirado sounds, visual effect, aiming, the FPP camera view
  • Vehicles can automatically accelerate when you double-click on RT (Xbox)/R2 (PS4).
  • Have a new locking system for BRDM-2, Car Audio controlled by hitting Right key (D-Pad)

PUBG Healing and Boosts

  • You can utilize then whilst moving throughout PUBG maps. Strike X (Xbox)/Square (PS4) or run/jump key to cancel.
  • Bandages can be used until your health reaches 75% or when bandages run out.
  • First Aid Kits will not heal damage after the healing begins.
  • Med Kits and Adrenaline Syringes can stack.

PUBG Visual Effects

  • Adjusted the look of Molotov Cocktail, gear and vehicle shaders, Frag Grenade explosion and muzzle flash

Vehicle Engine

  • Press Left key (D-Pad). If it turns off when driving, you can select RT (Xbox)/R2 (PS4) to move or Left key (D-Pad) to switch it on.

Throwables’ friction in PUBG

  • After the existence of PUBG Console Update 4.2, it is changed. You can guess its rolling movement. Smoke grenades’ friction gets better. The friction of stun and frag grenades grows smaller.

Visibility of the reticles against bright backgrounds

  • In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, specifically in Vikendi snowfields, it is increased.

Erangel Blue Zone

  • The safe area in the early stage will shrink in size.
  • The Blue Zone’s waiting time in early and mid-game is lowered.
  • The movement speed of the Blue Zone in the mid and late periods is lessened.
  • The Blue Zone’s waiting time in the final phase dropped down.

Turntables are put into PUBG Erangel.

Turntables are put into PUBG Erangel.
  • You can scavenge them on Erangel and toggle them with X (Xbox)/Square (PS4). You can be detected. Be careful!

Reformed PUBG Radio Message system

  • Decide on Radio Message and Quick Marker by heading to Settings – Gameplay – Radio Message

Rate of Fire advancement based on FPS

  • It is amended. The number of bullets that you fire will not change.

The world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Since PUBG Console Season 4 is kicked off, the environment is reconstructed. The volume of Vikendi’s ambient wind sound is tuned down.


The plane map UI will arrange the size when you zoom.

For Weapon Mastery UI, icons and fragments of the layout are developed.

  • The Last Match Report notification will not be seen if you do not acquire any Weapon Mastery XP in the ultimate round.
  • Polished the time bonus values

Menu background and character rendering

  • Effects can fit the lobby background.


  • Helmet and vest health with the backpack’s capacity in PUBG for PC is more explained.
  • Weapon firing mode is displayed by icons.
  • Took away a few HUD and UI components while awaiting
  • The game version’s number, server identifier, and other info will be shown under the mini-map.

Emote UI

  • The wheel’s size is decreased. It is placed on the right side.
  • Removed the screen blurring effect around the wheel UI
  • The total emote wheel’s slots are 8.

Performance in PUBG

  • Easy to load the map in PUBG PC
  • Solved hitching and stuttering
  • Made the best use of calculation of character movement outside the zone
  • Renovated loading and rendering speed of buildings on Erangel (Live server)

Custom Match (Xbox, Live server)

  • The creator can spectate custom matches

Skins and Items in PUBG (Live Server)

They are an interesting chapter in PUBG Console Update.

Survivor Pass 4

  • Premium Pass
  • Level Up coupons
  • Survivor Pass 4 coupon shop items

Aftermath Pack

  • Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH
  • 5 Levels
  • Punk Destruction skin set (4 pieces)
  • Punk Spaulder Leather Jacket (Red)
  • Metallic Punk Jeans (Silver)
  • Collar Bone Jet Fighter – Helmet (Level 1)
  • Metallic Boots (Silver)
Aftermath Pack

Supply Pack: Season 4

  • 1,600 G-coin
  • Cheerleasder Skin set (4 pieces)
  • Shako Cheerleader Hat
  • Cheerleader Sweater
  • Cheerleader Skirt
  • Cheerleader Sneakers
Supply Pack: Season 4

BP Shoes x 6

Rabbit Season Set

For the BattleStat weapon skin, the number of persons knocked down will be recorded. Hold Left (D-Pad) to view! The tag [BATTLESTAT] is in front of the stuff’s name.

Rabbit Season Set

Popular issues

With controller preset A and B, the radio messages will be only triggered when you double click R-Stick (XBOX)/R3 (PS4) (PTS). Fortunately, it was resolved after live maintenance on August 27.

Bug Fixes

Note that it is one of the longest entries in PUBG Console Update that you are digging deeper into. It comprises dozens of troubles causing the gamers to feel uncomfortable. They revolve around bugs such as:

  • The game was crashed with Charms (Live server)
  • Map boundary collision prevented the parachute from working
  • Smoke grenades floated in the air
  • The teammate UI would not pop up properly in Platoon Mode custom matches (Xbox)
  • Care Packages dropped out of the playable territory
  • Survivors were damaged when they were a vehicle in the water
  • The R1895 animation was visible on another gun in FPP
  • The Extended Quickdraw magazine did not increase the reloading time for the Tommy Gun & Vector
  • Vehicles in PUBG PC hit the one behind the wall
  • The reload animation could not complete when you reloaded fully if other armed equipment was falling The sound emitted from other people was realized while observing and switching teammate
  • Players got in BRDM-2 at a higher speed without being injured
  • Empty shells were ignored when loading again the AWM and M24
  • The reloading noise from Scorpion and Deagle was louder than other handguns
  • The graphics in building on PUBG Vikendi
  • The wall collision was skipped in some point in Hacienda del Patron on Miramar and in Paradise Resort on PUBG Sanhok
  • You moved into the ground when landing if the network environment was poor
  • The footsteps could not be spotted when heading backward against the corners of items
  • Throwables whilst the network was poor
  • Throwables in PUBG for PC rolled longer on the slope
  • The Aqua rail’s speed in reverse
  • A continuous audible collision happened when a vehicle was leaning against the terrain
  • Using the First aid kit, adrenaline syringe, energy drink would not be heard by spectators
  • Vehicles in PUBG the well-liked game online jittered and descended a slope if they parked on an angled position
  • The weapon scope zoom was set one more time after performing
  • Character animations were set when wielding an emote when affected by a Molotov
  • The weapon dropping sound could be just heard by the one letting it fall
  • A faintly cross-shaped line
  • The BRDM-2 became submerged when shooting a flare gun on the water
  • The boost gauge could continue to show after the PUBG UI was off
  • A marker location was edited on the compass when the map or inventory was opened many times
  • Showed the name incorrectly when watching someone in a disconnected state
  • Raindrops could go through vehicle’s roofs
  • Footsteps in PUBG can be recognized from dead joiners
  • The controller guide text came into view if spectating after dying in a squad match

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