PUBG Dev Letter: BP Ecosystem Improvement

Open the new letter sent by PUBG Development Team about BP Ecosystem Improvement and check out every detail that they want to share with you or fans right now!

Dev Letter: PUBG BP Ecosystem Improvement

It is the letter by Jeongjin Kook, a part of the PUBG development team working on the BP ecosystem. He wanted to spend a little time to talk about BP and the next plans for its. Until now, there are lots of people rewarded at the end of each round with a specific amount of BP which is known as Battlegrounds Points. BP is regarded as the default currency of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. They the score that you can choose to buy crates or limited release stuff from the store. Along with the development of the game that you love, developers also tried to evolve the content and give out fixes reserved for fundamental bugs, the number of BPs in the economy increased, as they were not often adding other methods for survivors to experience them.

They knew that BP is a necessary item in PUBG PC Download. Actually, it can represent the period of time that you have already used in their product. Therefore, they thought of some ways to grant prizes to you for the time that you put into.

Now, they’d like to introduce to you forthcoming programs for BP and a couple of the new pieces that you can add to your cart.

How to get BP in PUBG PC

“BP = Reward for playtime + kills + damage inflicted + rank”

First of all, you can test the basics of BP. The PUBG development team has solved BP acquisition balance last September so collecting BP will become more appropriate to the main aim – survival. The modified mechanism will be useful for characters to have BP corresponding to the games that they have engaged, regardless of which mode or map they were in. Here is the graph related to the average BP for each account trend (PC platform).

As what you see above, there was still a considerable quantity of BP gathering over time without being utilized. It was obvious that players should be given more choices to payout BP so that the currency would restore its reducing value.

Another direction to upgrade PUBG BP

The dev. team of PUBG PC hoped that the moment that you spent BP would be more valuable. Hence, they expected BP to be able to acquire interesting goods not existing before on every platform. The objective of them will be to offer something that all persons can operate towards, from smaller things such as outfits to bigger but cheaper ones. As well, they can honor your capability with that much BP remaining around. The initial sets have popped up with the June patch for PC. There is no schedule to discard them from the shop. Further, you can receive numerous tips to deploy BP as your preference. For instance, the team prepared to edit fragments of the Survivor Pass missions more frequent at the cost of BP.

They will not stop and they will experiment on extra solutions that can allow you to optimize the saved BP. After BP gets more effectual, they will research how to diversify channels they own in which PC and Console users can obtain BP beyond only gaining it as gameplay remunerates in the long-term.

Remember to keep track of the upcoming PUBG Patch Notes to catch up with every effort and result of the developer!

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