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PUBG Download For PC


PUBG Mobile is a real survival shooting game released by Tencent, with the English version for both platforms Android and iOS. You can explore PUBG Mobile on your computer or desktop via Bluestacks aside from Tencent Gaming Buddy which can be played on PC.

PUBG Download For PC

PUBG Mobile has three familiar modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad. Players will be moved to an island. They can choose the appropriate place to parachute from the airplane. The playfield is enormous. However, you should gear up yourself before you fight. You are recommended to search for weapons, supplies, armor, helmet, and other useful items which support you to become the last standing man. Each match will occur within 25 or 30 minutes.

PUBG Mobile perfectly reproduces the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game on PC, from the main menu to graphics. Not only that, PUBG Mobile is completely free and without lag.

Download PUBG PC at here

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Unique Features in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile contains plenty of fantastic items.

  • Join an intense survival combat with hundreds of competitors
  • Three modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad
  • You have to look for guns, ammo, and other objects if you want to be the ultimate survivor.
  • Customize your character with the hairstyle, clothes, and other accessories
  • Various weapons like grenades, shotguns, sniper rifles, and more
  • Automatically collect resources
  • The minimap showing the location where emitting the noise of your enemies when they shoot
  • Many different vehicles, for example, cars, bikes, choppers, boats, and so on.

New Features in PUBG Mobile 0.9.0

You will have the time to check out particular secrets in PUBG Mobile with 0.9.0 version.

Halloween theme

Halloween theme

  • The lobby at maps is decorated horribly to welcome Halloween 2018, gamers can interact with each other by using available artifacts.
  • The fallen players will be killed with the hellfire effect – AMK will turn into scarecrows.
  • Explosive grenades will create the scary ghost face.
  • During Halloween event, you will get 50% activating the weather at night.

Upgrade the Erangel

It is the first and primary playable map of BATTLEGROUNDS.

  • Added the night time, the playfield will auto change at random, according to each round in Classic Mode
  • Equipped Night Vision Goggles
  • Added more houses, buildings, and constructions in a few areas
  • Added several hiding spots near the river
  • You can see more trees in some large spaces

Night time effect

Night time effect

It is the news that is expected by a lot of people because it makes the challenge much more exciting, with a little real-time, you will see everything clearly at the start and the map will get darker after a couple of minutes

Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles

It is a helpful tool in PUBG Mobile game so you should wear to test items in shadows and detect your rivals. You can evade their surprise attack or hunt them first.

New Weapons

Play PUBG Mobile you can have fun with the gear below:


It is inspired by QBU of the army. It will appear in Sanhok and fires 5.56mm bullets. QBU DMR has 10 rounds in its default mode. The shooting speed and the flying pace of the ammo are very fast.

You cannot attach to resist recoil.

Beryl M762

It has a modern design based on the classic AK.

Beryl M762 uses 7.62mm bullets.

Dancing grenades

They are quite special. They make the victim dance unceasingly.

New Vehicles

There are two types that have popped up in PUBG Mobile game. They are:

Rony Pickup Truck

Rony Pickup Truck

It is only exclusive to the Sanhok map. You can load other people behind. It has three skins.



It has the lower speed than the previous model. However, your friend can aim more accurate.

First-person perspective when driving

First-person perspective when driving

  • Added that feature to drivers and their partners in PUBG Mobile game, people who control bikes can also test it
  • More interestingly, the furniture in cars has been upgraded significantly. You can adjust the audio.

Gameplay changes

  • Added random music to PUBG Mobile game that you are able to turn on or off
  • Improved the sound of UAZ and Buggy
  • The accuracy of spraying ammo at the side will be reduced when the target is crouching or crawling.
  • The recoil of AKM is decreased.
  • Lessened the accuracy of spray ammo of a few accessories
  • Light Grip will increase the stability of the weapon.
  • The kickback effect in PUBG Mobile will get more realistic.
  • QBZ & QBU will have the new attachment ammo design.
  • Replacing effect at some weapons in the first and third-person perspective has been upgraded.
  • UMP9, Vector, and SLR have had the aiming corner with the newer x4 lenses.
  • You can stand up while the plane crosses.
  • Added the Pedal button for mode 1 & 2
  • Fixed the sound effect for Dacia
  • The car lights are more sensible.


  • Added the system looking for allies having the same language
  • You can find teammates faster.

Audience mode

  • You can watch more after you are eliminated.
  • It is possible to track the ammo path with Room Mode.

Processing system

  • Solve lag issues when you are not near or you are opening the inventory
  • Fix crashes, bugs when you cannot log in quickly, and so on

Crew challenge

  • The team leader in PUBG Mobile game can register to join. There are three rounds. You can win lots of gifts if you engage in the group or finals.
  • Added another currency: Challenge Coin
  • A crew will have up to 6 members.

Other systems

  • You can view the number of Likes on your friend’s page.
  • Added the private Like
  • Added the Clan tag
  • Have an auto inform system for those who play the old version
  • Display the new or former release while downloading the update file
  • Moved Guest Mode button to the More section in the Login screen
  • Portable Closet can be used in Spawn Island

New achievements

If you’d like to unlock these achievements when playing PUBG Mobile, do not forget to meet all demands.

  • Eye for an eye
  • Take Me With You
  • Physical Trainer
  • Chicken Veteran
  • Seasoned Soldier
  • Bargain Master
  • Candy Master


  • Improved the head rotation and corner rotation effects
  • Added moving the left hand when you fall from a high position
  • Your upper body part can climb easier.
  • Added more details when you eject from the aircraft, parachute, and land


  • You can switch between scopes.
  • And, increase or decrease the brightness
  • It is simple to change the low or high sound effects
  • You can pick up more scopes.
  • Suggested to upgrade scopes 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x
  • Added a button to resurrect, drop, replace bullets, or throw bombs


  • Players in PUBG Mobile can choose to stand, kneel, lie down, or launch bombs high or low
  • Frag grenades can deal additional damage and cause tinnitus.
  • Meanwhile, Molotov cocktail ones make your target take more wounds. They can be thrown into houses. You are allowed to trigger them from other guns.
  • Stun grenades can surprise the prey a wider range.

Other differences

  • The bullet can travel through the water.
  • Added effects for the blood bar when the enemy loses or pumps
  • Added an icon to the killboard
  • It is easy to observe eight directions on the compass.

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New features in PUBG Mobile 0.8.0

It is a delightful version for PUBG Mobile that you should know.

The Sanhok map

The Sanhok map

In PUBG Mobile game, it is smaller than Erangel and Miramar. You are forced to fight constantly. Its terrain is based on real locations of the tropical area.

Weapons and vehicles for Sanhok

  • Flare Gun: If you fire the bullet into the mid-air, you can see a plane afterward. It will supply crates. You can gather Flare Gun and much more ammo if you are lucky.
  • QBZ: It is an assault rifle with the lower recoil. But, it will be a true killer after it is upgraded to 40 rounds. Not only that, it can work like a DMR when it comes to Semi-Auto mode. Its damage is similar to M4A1 or SCAR-L.
  • UAZ: Your squad can choose it to move as it is pretty fast.
  • Muscle Car: It is a four-seater car. There are two types. One of them has a folding or detachable roof.

Customizable pick-ups

  • You can modify the quantity in settings

Anti-cheating measures

  • Updated recognition
  • Added Report buttons

Anti-cheating measures
Currently, PUBG Mobile is free. Seize that opportunity to participate in the match and enjoy. Besides, you can have fun with PUBG Mobile if you have not ever played PUBG on PC before.

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