PUBG Download For PC: Complete Features List and Sanhok Map on Mobile Version

It is easy to get the cool Pubg download for pc! Play PUBG Mobile on your computer, fight against multiple enemies, and get ready to conquer the top spot now!

PUBG download for PC but in PUBG mobile modes is available. With the help of emulators like Bluestacks, the Battle Royale will now be on the big screen.

PUBG download for PC in Mobile version

The emulated game will remain three standard modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad. Starting the fight, players need to go through the exact steps that they did with PUBG Mobile. However, some changes in the battleground are waiting for you. Hence, you had better prepare for this intense 30-minute battle.

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Unique features for mobile version PUBG download for PC

If you love the original gameplay, don’t worry, as the PUBG download for PC remains a fantastic mobile version. Players can opt for one of three modes: solo, duo, or squad before the game. Other customization in appearances and equipment must be done in advance, so the warriors enter the battle with preparation.

The collection of weapons and outfits won’t change in the new version, so make yourself home. During the gameplay, you should look for resources, watch out for every step by scrolling the minimap on screen.

Get prepared for the PUBG Mobile

It’s always better with PUBG on the bigger screen. However, don’t forget your final goal which is to become the last survivor. Ultimate PUBG mobile features in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game on PC present some diferences. Knowing those will help you prepare for the battle much better.

Updates for PUBG Mobile with 0.9.0 version

First of all, let’s go through fantastic features in the 0.9.0 PUBG mobile version. Let’s see how it changes when we play it on the PC.

New theme

The Halloween theme is now on air. You will see the festive signs all over the setting, from the background to weapons in use.

  • New lobby decoration with Halloween artifacts and players can celebrate the holiday here.
  • Dead players turn into scarecrows. The team uses hellfire as a specific death celebration.
  • Ghost-face smoke when grenades are activated
  • Weather activated on Halloween night.

The more significant change is in Erangel settings. New effects are on to help players experience more thrilling gameplays.

New visual effect

When the night comes, dark will invade the whole scene. Therefore, it’s natural that players will fight in the dark. People can catch a glimpse of their surroundings for a while before the light is out.

It will be a tough time for you, but many enemies could go to destruction if you can use the situation. It would be best if you prepared the night vision goggles in advance. These new tools can help you see things and avoid sudden attacks.

View from night vision goggles

More equipment

Welcome to the new PUBG gameplay with a brand-new weapon collection. If you haven’t found out your best firearm yet, let’s check this list out:
QBU DMR will appear in battles on Sanhok island. The gun can release 5.6mm bullets continuously in 10 rounds. It has got a killing speed that helps a lot to tackle the short-distance target.

Beryl M762 shares the design with classic AK. It releases 7.62mm bullets.
New grenades, instead of exploding the enemies, will make them dance non-stop.

Dancing grenades in use

Not only the weapons but vehicles change a lot in the new mobile version for PUBG on PC. Along with them, the system finally upgrades driving perspective to first-person so players can get a better view of battlefields.

  • Ronny Pickup truck possesses three different skins to opt for. It’s convenient for the team since you can load people at the back.
  • New Scooter runs more slowly so that your partner could aim better.
Ronny Pickup Truck

UI/UX changes in PUBG Download For PC

Besides significant changes you will see, the PUBG mobile 0.9.0 includes small fixes on the gameplay so that people can have a better experience.
Slight upgrades that can make significant changes, such as:

  • Music player during the game which can be manually turned off
  • More accurate aiming
  • The sound effect for Dacia
  • Better graphics for light
  • Changes in perspective while using some weapons.
  • Mode to enhance grip on the firearm
  • Faster matching with the help of search in a language
  • Extensive follow-up if people want to watch the game after getting killed
  • Room Mode to track the ammo better
  • Less lags and crashes on the games.
  • Bonus for engaging members
  • Members can get up to 6
  • More flexible body actions such as climbing, ejection from vehicles, falling, and switching hands.
  • More flexible scopes with customization
  • More postures when using grenades
  • Upgrades on Molotov cocktail’s destruction capacity
  • New motion effects such as bullet through water, blood bar, the icon on killboard and compass view
  • Besides, your profile receives better attention this time as you can see more of the surrounding PUBG world, such as:
  • View likes that other friends get
  • Send private likes
  • Display the former profile even the new one is loading up
  • Portable closet
  • And don’t forget PUBG mobile‘s achievements. These all are waiting for you to come and unlock them:
  • Bargain Master
  • Physical Trainer
  • Seasoned Soldier
  • An eye for an eye
  • Take Me With You
  • Chicken Veteran
  • Candy Master

Updates for PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 in PUBG download for PC

The coming of the Sanhok map has made a significant change on PUBG Mobile 0.8.0. This small island shows features to be the next hectic battleground for PUBG on PC. However, when the map comes into combat, there are slight changes:

  • Collect flare guns by crate sent from an airplane. To appeal to them, you need to shoot in the mid-air
  • 40-bullet shotgun QBZ97 is an exclusive weapon on this battlefield. The destruction is almost like SCAR-L and M4A1.
  • New vehicle UAZ to move the team more mobile
  • Muscle car with detachable roof and seats for more people
  • Customization on number of pickups
  • New cheating measure to keep the gameplay fair
The cheating measure

The Sanhok map battle will make a fresh experience on the PUBG game since it removes annoying features and wasted time on the original games. It triggers your mind to work much more productively.

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