PUBG Guide: Tips To Loot Items Using Motor Glider

Motor Glider is a cool flying vehicle in PUBG PC. Learn more about this vehicle, especially some tips and tricks to use it to loot items from your enemies.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG for short) features a wide array of vehicles, and Motor Glider is one of them helping you loot items effectively if you know how to use it wisely. Motor Glider in this battle royale game is known as the first flying vehicle on Erangel and Miramar maps. Some players have already used it to fly and loot items right in front of enemies. If you want to loot many items using this vehicle, you can learn some tips and tricks to do it in this PUBG Guide below.

More information about PUBG Motor Glider

What is Motor Glider?

Motor Glider in PUBG PC is a flying vehicle with two seats, allowing you and your teammate to sit on. One of you can control the vehicle while the other one provides covering fire. The Motor Glider can transport you and your teammate in the air then take you to the far side of the circle quickly.

How Motor Glider operates

  • As mentioned above, there are two seats for two people on a Motor Glider. One is for the pilot and the other one for the passenger. The one who doesn’t control the Motor Glider can shoot and use any weapons from the rear seat.
  • You can find Gliders around the map.
  • To take off, you have to reach the required speed (70km/h) then use the S key to fly it.
  • The proportion of fuel consumption of a Motor Glider is totally up to the engine’s speed.
  • No height limit you can get to! The sky is the limit! However, the engine will begin to decrease the power when you fly higher.

How to control Motor Glider

  • Use W/S to control the altitude and A/D to control the gliding level.
  • Hold the left Shift and the left Ctrl to adjust the throttle.
  • Hold Spacebar while on the ground to use brakes.

PUBG Motor Glider spawn locations

It’s important to know the locations of the glider spawn points in the PUBG game. At the moment, this vehicle can only be found on two PUBG maps: Erangel and Miramar. If you are close to one of the spots, you will have a chance to find them. If you are lucky, quickly get the gliders and use them to your advantage.

How to use your Motor Glider effectively to loot items from enemies

Below here is the video of a player looting a flare gun using his Motor Glider in the PUBG game. You can take a look at it!

PUBG Moto Glider
PUBG Moto Glider

Using the Motor Glider to loot a flare gun in PUBG PC

To be more specific, you can see that this player piloted his Glider very well and chased down the crate of his enemy who had shot up earlier. He got close and crashed into the crate to divert it away. After this crash, his glider was near the explosion ad eventually, he found a place to land nearby the item to quickly loot the crate with 3 smoke bombs.

Although this player could handle this quickly, it’s still a very dangerous trick when the glider could explode after the collision. However, if you get through this, you will get yourself good loot, and this can cause your enemy to be confused for not knowing where his item has moved.

Mechanism of operation of Glider in PUBG
Mechanism of operation of Glider in PUBG

To sum up, Motor Glider has become a very hot-searched vehicle in PUBG PC. It is the first flying vehicle that helps players reach the skies as well as loots items or gets to the enemy area in no time. You can take advantage of the Motor Glider after finding it on Erangel or Miramar map. PUBG Motor Glider promises to bring the good gaming experience to all players!

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