PUBG: Is Sanhok a Suitable Map to Put in Tournaments?

Many people wonder whether Sanhok map of PUBG is appropriate for developers to put into tournaments or not. The problem they ask will be answered right here.

Some info about PUBG Sanhok Map

Some Info About PUBG Sanhok Map

Sanhok is an interactive maps in PUBG PC. It is smaller than the 8×8 Erangel and Miramar playfields with the 6×6 Vikendi. Having half the size of Erangel and Miramar, Sanhok offers crazy firefights.

Sanhok owns 4 types of weather: Clear, Sunrise, Rain, and Fog. Besides, PUBG Sanhok has many best start locations, for example, Camp Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, Ruins, Mongnai, and so on.

PUBG Sanhok Map Will Fit Tournaments?

PUBG Sanhok Map Will Fit Tournaments?

Although PUBG Corp has just placed the official map system in the competition from Phase 3, Sanhok makes gamers disappointed for several reasons. Obviously, PUBG Sanhok causes plenty of players to feel uncomfortable when joining.

It is the third battlefield added to the game with a modest size of 4×4. Sanhok is reviewed as a destination that creates fierce encounters the most.

Dropping Sanhok into rounds by PUBG Corp is to generate many more matches like that or boost up the combat’s speed. Unfortunately, it does not achieve the goal as developers expect.

The fact of how PUBG Sanhok is suited to team-based skirmishes

The tiny island that Sanhok of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is set will be the explanation. If we compare its space to Erangel and Miramar, you will find that confronts will happen much sooner.

Therefore, the tactic of selected teams will get harder to carry out. Even, it is completely impossible to deploy.

Numerous sides can be eliminated from the starting stage. Additionally, many opinions show that Sanhok will be more suitable for Solo or Duo battles instead of Squad.

Actually, there have been some professional engagements that took place in PUBG Sanhok and everything is not very good. Aside from forcing to fight too soon, there are troubles to vehicles. They seem to be useless because the clash often occurs in the close range.

The sound they emit will attract the enemy’s attention. The noise will generate some difficulties when you are trying to run into the circle, especially there are obstacles on the track.

Which strategies will be fitting PUBG Sanhok?

Together with recent PUBG guides, you can supplement your list a few tips below.

  • Avoid cliffs when driving or they will block your movement while heading to the goal zone!
  • The ideal number of factions taking part in Sanhok is 10, according to Ibiza – a skilled member of Team Liquid.

You can apply these tricks to PUBG download game on Sanhok map the format of the tournament must be changed. Whilst other persons believe Sanhok is more interesting than Erangel and Miramar, players and experts do not think so. In the next time, there will be proper adjustments so Sanhok will be better for competition. Stay tuned to catch the latest news!

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