PUBG LITE PATCH NOTE: 12 December 2019

The cool PUBG LITE Patch Note 12 December 2019 released will bring back a long list of items added, bugs fixed, and needs that have been modernized. They are developed to offer a better match for every survivor, help them stay alive as expected, and conquer the top spot sooner. Are you ready to open the collection and explore it? Every detail will be displayed in brief but full. Hope you enjoyed!

PUBG LITE Patch Notes 12th December 2019 and content

Similar to previous PUBG Patch Notes, it takes you some minutes to check the whole release. Don’t worry! It is just presented with a couple of major points.

Key updates in PUBG LITE Patch Note: 12 December

Here is the summary of sections that belong to the main enhancements, according to the latest PUBG Lite news.

PUBG LITE Season Pass as of Patch 12 Dec

  • Period: The new PUBG LITE Season Pass will happen between UTC Dec 12th, 2019 and Feb 6th, 2020.
  • In-store until Dec 12th, 2019 – Feb 3rd, 2020
  • It’s possible to level up the Season Pass until Dec 12th, 2019 and Feb 6th, 2020. It will stop if the Pass’s duration ends.

Special Promotion

  • LITE PASS PREMIUM PLUS is discounted by 71% and LITE PASS PREMIUM is 50%.
  • The promotion for PUBG Lite download game will occur from Dec 12th, 2019 to Dec 19th, 2019.

Rules of the missions

Rules of the missions
  • To Daily Mission, you are given 2 new challenges. You can swap up to 1 per day. These will be reset every day.
  • To Weekly Mission, it has 3 free and 3 paid. They will not be set again. They won’t be removed but accumulated so you can discard them from the preceding weeks.
  • The XP asked will be lowered considerably so players can unlock levels faster.

Added TTP to the classic PUBG Lite Arcade Mode (4vs4 and Free For All)

The appearance of the new PUBG Lite update will call for the TPP for the Arcade mode. 4v4 and Free For All matches are ready for you to discover.

  • It’s uncomplicated to join TPP in BODIE & PERIVERKA map!
  • Further, you can deploy the Arcade mode in TPP in Custom Match.



It’s simple for you or any character to attach the Red Dot or Hologram!

Extra faces after PUBG Lite Patch Note Dec 12th

Extra faces after PUBG Lite Patch Note Dec

Aside from the old faces, you have been provided other ones to choose from. Each of them goes with various skin tones and hairstyles.

Christmas decorations in the lobby and starting island in the newest PUBG Lite Patch Note

Christmas Decorations in the Lobby and Starting Island
Christmas Decorations in the Lobby and Starting Island

The lobby’s concept in PUBG Lite Download for PC has been modified to celebrate the coming event. So, each map will have a Christmas tree and you cannot see them when you determine to jump and parachute.

PUBG Lite updated features for people with color blindness and color-deficiency

Features for Players with Color Blindness and Color-Deficiency
  • The color of the scope with reticle is changed.
  • The color of the blood effect, smoke from supply crate and red/blue zone is also adjusted.

PUBG Lite costume slot system

Changed Costume Slot System

Based on the fact of PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 December, it is considered those who are wearing both shirts and pants if they put on a costume set.

If you choose pants or shoes when using a set, it will be deleted.

Store updates in PUBG Lite Patch Note December 12th

It is the second entry in PUBG Lite Patch 12 December. It only contains a few improvements.

  • Happy Holiday Crate: UTC December 12th, 2019 – January 9th, 2020
  • Price: 60 L-Coins/4 Chicken Medals
  • Price x 10: 540 LC/ 40 Chicken Medals

Store Layout

Improved Store Layout

Store Layout in PUBG Lite App Download has been recently polished.

  • You can preview everything in Crates.
  • It’s straightforward to select the payment currency when purchasing those boxes with L-Coins or Chicken Medals. Especially, you can buy 10 crates with Chicken Medals (open 10 times = 40 Chicken Medals).
  • BP Crates changed to Wanderer Crate from Soldier’s Crate
  • You can add 10 at the same time.
  • PUBG Season Passes and Single Objects can be acquired from ITEMS.

PUBG Lite Patch Note 12th Dec: Voice Card

Voice Card

The voice card of PUBG Lite PC game download can be used in radio messages.

  • You can test it in Duo and Squad modes.
  • To display and hear, remember to strike F3.
  • You can control the message of a member in the Team settings.

Optimized PUBG Lite the game

Download PUBG Lite and prepare for digging deeper into optimizations related to:

  • The frame drop rate for zoom-in and zoom-out of the scope
  • The partial frame drop rate when moving around building-dense towns

Bug fixes resolved in PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 December

It comprises some fixes and advancement for PUBG Lite a free-to-play adaptation of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

  • Discarded the issue where detecting collisions would not run in certain zones near the eastern cliff on Miramar map
  • Solved the problem in which players could not escape the aim mode when they dropped the weapon
  • Fixed the survivor’s position that couldn’t be spotted correctly due to the poor network
  • Tweaked the sound of Smoke Grenades

It’s easier to play your favorite game with PUBG Lite Patch Note: 12 December 2019! Although it is popular, it should be still improved every day. Therefore, you can leave your comments to contribute to developing your match. Feedback sent to developers will allow you to obtain a smoother adventure.

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