PUBG Lite Patch Notes: Major Updates For PUBG Lite System And New Bug Fixes

PUBG Lite Open Beta service could officially start on August 8 without any problems. With this PUBG LPC Lite Patch Notes update rolling out on August 22nd, lots of players’ requests will be collected and reflected ever since the launch of the Open Beta. The feedback of players has become something very crucial for the development of PUBG Lite in particular and PUBG games in general. Thanks to their feedback, more PUBG Lite patch notes are coming out these days in order to better the gameplay to bring a more satisfactory experience to all players. Now, let’s dive into an awesome PUBG Lite Patch Notes Update released on August 22nd!

What’s new in PUBG Lite Patch Notes Update August 22?

New update for PUBG Lite System

FPP mode

  • There was an auto alteration in the driving perspective, making it turn from FPP to TPP. Nevertheless, after the players’ feedback, the developers decided to keep this feature, which means players will now still experience the FPP perspective while driving. FPP will be now carried when players are driving in FPP mode.
New update for PUBG Lite System

Gas Can explosion system

Gas Can is a new destructive item that can be used to destroy your enemies. You can simply use just only one Gas Can to destroy them. However, you have to be careful when you are around it because it can make you explode too.

Gas Can explosion system
Features of Gas Can
  • Gas Can used to be a consumable item. Now, it features some strategic factors making it a destructive weapon.
  • Once Gas Can goes off, players will receive damage if they are in the radius of the explosion
  • The amount of damage taken will vary depending on the distance from the radius of the explosion.
  • Do not stand close to the explosion because both you and your allies will probably take damage.
How to Use
  • Use your bullets or any throwables to inflict damage on a Gas Can on the ground. It will explode and dish out damage to other players nearby.
  • When you have more than one Gas Can, you can place them individually in the inventory. By doing so, you will not get confused. Don’t try to release many Gas Cans as it will not help multiply the damage.
Example PUBG Lite Patch Notes

A new Account Leveling System is also introduced in this PUBG Patch

From every gameplay, players will earn themselves an amount of EXP. Then, they can increase their account level using this EXP. Different from the Survivor Points, the level of player will not experience a reset.

  • Account Leveling System is a brand new out-game system
    • Players will gain separate EXPs after every gameplay and they can use EXPs to grow their account levels.
    • The date will not be formatted.
    • After each level, players will earn themselves a lot of rewards.
new Account Leveling System
new Account Leveling System

You will find it interesting and fun to experience this Account Leveling System as it will help you become a much better player through over time. Also, you will gain extra rewards after each gameplay.

Optimization Progress

Optimization Progress

In the former Dev Letter, you may have known that the optimization will not be an on-time update, but it will be updated unceasingly.

  • Sound Optimization
    • The sounds for running, walking, and sprinting were all optimized.
    • The balance for the sound difference between floors was already modified.

Other Updates

Do you still remember the 4vs4 match added in the PUBG Patch on August 8? Now, this awesome game mode will also receive more updates to make sure that players will have an interesting 4vs4 match experience.

Epic updates for PUBG 4vs4 match

  • Added the Scoreboard to the game. Now, if you want to open the 4vs4 match scoreboard, you simply press the F6 key.
  • You can switch key setting in Setting > Control > Combat > Show ScoreBoard (Only 4vs4)
  • There will be an update for the board feature to make sure that players are able to view KDA (kill/death/assist) of players that are in the game session even throughout the gameplay. Once this feature has been activated, it will be so easy for you to view the MVP points of other contenders and of course, you will be able to see the real-time KDA.
Epic Updates for PUBG 4vs4 match
Epic Updates for PUBG 4vs4 match
  • The skills of users will be the deciding element of match-making, which will be based on the MMR segmentation. In this patch, the match-making will be permitted with detailed segmentation of MMR

Bug Fixes

  • Made a solution to a problem in which if players switch the Extended Mag with the Extended Quickdraw Mag with 40 bullets, you only have 30 bullets left.
  • Fixed a bug in which the mission in PUBG game was not indicated as players are controlling the blue Dacia vehicle.
  • Fixed a problem in which a side of some rock objects was pierced in Miramar.
  • Already addressed a bug in which the camera is still attached on the plane even when the player already jumps off of the plane.
  • Addressed a bug when the player takes a leap in the same spot after spawning and driving the Buggy, they are moved to another area.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which players could catch sight of the radio message marker on the glass window.
  • Addressed a bug in which the mouse pointer did not appear after a player has pressed ESC key when the radio message UI is shown.
  • Address an error of the offset camera in FPP mode.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which the weapons don’t look as big as usual in FPP mode.
  • Made a solution to an issue in which players were not able to see over some objects.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which the Lobster Set could be seen on the screen throughout FPP mode.
  • Addressed the animation code.
  • Fixed the problem in which the scope in ADS mode is changed to one side when the players are sitting on the boat or aquarail.

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