PUBG Mobile: 8 Types Of Hacks That Are Commonly Used By Cheaters

There are 8 common hacks you usually encounter in PUBG Mobile. Find out what they are and make sure you report all cheaters so they can be banned from the game.

Some gamers decide to hack their way through the battlegrounds to become the first-ranked player in PUBG Mobile, which is totally unfair. It’s time to learn 8 common types of hacks that the cheaters use to get an edge over you in matches. When it comes to PUBG Mobile hacks, you should know that they are diverse and different, which is not easy to have a grasp of. You will want to report the cheater that causes you to be irritated using their own hacks.  This is a kind of experience that you have at least once in the game.

It is important to know the types of hacks that cheaters use to outplay other gamers in battles. Besides other common PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, now you should learn about some types of hacks and plan some tactics with strategies to deal with them as well as take chances to report them to the game publisher. Find out 8 common hacks in PUBG Mobile now!

8 common hacks in PUBG Mobile that you should know

1. PUBG Mobile Wall Hack

Wall hack has become one of the most popular types of hacks in PUBG Mobile game. Implementing this hack is easy, but spotting it is hard. This wall hack gives cheaters advantages that only the skilled players have. The hack allows cheaters to track the movement of other gamers and quickly shoot them when they appear. The PUBG Mobile wall hack will make you feel like this is a competition between a TPP player and an FPP player.

PUBG Mobile Wall Hack

When using this hack, cheaters can kill their enemies over walls and obstacles. But this hack also comes with a risk which is that their accounts will be locked if the publisher detects they are using a hack to get an edge over other players.

2. PUBG Mobile Speed Hack

Cheaters become the king of speed when using PUBG Mobile Speed Hack. They can move at a very fast speed and other players will not see them. Using the speed hack on vehicles is not much important. It’s not comfortable to use this type of hack either because of its nature. There’s no way you can do to deal with people using the speed hack. But, the good thing is that this type can be easily outplayed by some common methods. People using the speed hack may commit suicide if they cannot control the speed and may end up colliding with a wall or a building.

PUBG Mobile Speed Hack

Reporting the cheaters using speed hack in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile version is easy as you can see them move at an extremely fast speed.

3. PUBG Mobile Aimbot Hack

Aimbot hack is no longer a strange hack in PUBG Mobile. When a cheater uses this hack, they can put their crosshair on the head of their rival then quickly launch their shot with 100% accuracy. If a certain Aimbot software is applied, the cheaters can aim at their rivals from afar and give them a headshot immediately. It will be difficult for you to win over an opponent that uses the PUBG Mobile Aimbot hack.

PUBG Mobile Aimbot Hack

But, there is still a method to defeat an aimbot cheater. You should secretly get behind them and take this chance to beat them. However, in reality, some cheaters will utilize other hacks like ESP hack to get an edge over you.

4. PUBG Mobile ESP Hack

ESP Hack (stands for Extra Sensory Perception) is considered to be a radar hack in PUBG Mobile. You can regard it as an upgraded edition of the basic wall hack that was mentioned above. By using this hack, it will be easy for the cheaters to see the positions of other players.

PUBG Mobile ESP Hack

PUBG Mobile ESP Hack also provides cheaters with important information that they want to know about other players in the match, such as an amount of blood, equipment, distance, name, and more.

Cheaters also get many options in the game from this ESP Hack in PUBG Mobile. 

5. PUBG Mobile High Jump Hack

Jump Hack in PUBG Mobile is also a common hack. When someone uses this hack, you can see them very obviously. It’s not hard to detect it. Cheaters are able to jump high to dodge bullets or get to areas that no one can expect. You can use this high jump hack on vehicles as well. If there is a car jumping from place to place, you should know that that driver is a cheater. The cheaters cannot get out of the situation being detected by other players when using this hack.

PUBG Mobile High Jump Hack

6. PUBG Mobile Flying Vehicles Hack

Flying-vehicles hack can be a unique hack in PUBG Mobile game. It’s different from the high jump hack mentioned above. With this hack, cheaters can hover their car in midair and never fall to the ground unless they want to. Obviously, this hack is easy to be detected and you can report the cheaters using this hack easily.

PUBG Mobile Flying Vehicles Hack

7. PUBG Mobile Underwater Hack

This Underwater Hack type in PUBG Mobile works under the water. This means you can apply this hack when you are underwater. It allows you to do whatever you want, such as shooting enemies, using healing items, and more.

PUBG Mobile Underwater Hack

8. PUBG Mobile No Recoil Hack

No Recoil Hack in PUBG Mobile is applied for some weapons, such as AKM, MK14, etc. If somebody shoots you with those guns from a far distance that is more than 200m, you should know that they are using No  Recoil Hack, especially their guns have some attachments, such as the X6 viewfinder because this hack type does not provide guns with any recoil.

PUBG Mobile No Recoil Hack

How do you feel about those hacks in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game? Are you frustrated to learn that cheaters use those hacks to outplay you or are you excited about trying them to get an edge over other players? Your choice! However, PUBG Mobile should be a fair game and has no cheaters. If cheaters appear and use many hacks, the balance of the game will be lost, causing lots of gamers to feel depressed.

Now, you have had a good grasp of PUBG Mobile 8 famous hacks, you should plan some strategies to deal with the cheaters or at least report them all to have their accounts locked.

Besides this PUBG Mobile hack guide, don’t forget to check out other PUBG Mobile guides on specific subjects, like weapons, gameplay, survival tips and more. More importantly, if you have not got the game yet, quickly download PUBG Mobile for free and play it on your mobile device now!

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