PUBG Mobile: Bad Types Of Teammates You Don’t Want To Have In Your Team

Not all the teammates are good. There are 5 bad types of teammates you will not want to play with when joining PUBG Mobile squad mode. Check it out!

PUBG Mobile: Bad Types Of Teammates You Don’t Want To Have In Your Team

PUBG Mobile squad mode is one of the best game modes for players to choose to play. Playing with your teammates can make your PUBG game experience much better when you don’t feel lonely because your squadmates are right beside you helping you kill enemies from other rival teams. However, there is still a chance for you to be on the team with bad teammates, which can ruin your experience. Most of the players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have at least teamed up with the bad teammates once. Instead of having a good time with your squadmates, they bring you bad memories. There are 5 bad types of teammates you want to avoid when playing PUBG Mobile. In this PUBG Mobile guide below, you will know which types of teammates you should not play with.

5 Bad types of teammates in PUBG Mobile you don’t want to play with

Teammate that doesn’t want to stay by your side

When it comes to the word “team”, it should be teammates sticking with each other during the course of the match. But, you will not understand why there are teammates that don’t want to stay by your side. When all the members in the team parachute down to the ground, the bad teammates are usually the ones who just want to find items and loot from other players, which makes them choose a different location to land. If they go alone like this, they will be defeated by another team. Even if they manage to return to your team, sometimes, they can go crazy and enter the battle without any strategies, causing your team to be defeated.Teammate that doesn’t want to stay by your side

Maybe you don’t find this type of teammate bad, but it will be frustrated to play with them. Most of the matches in PUBG Mobile you join, you will team up with this type.

Teammate that doesn’t give items to you when you need them

When you have just one healing bandage in your hand while you are about to be knocked out when you are outside of the safe zone but your teammate is running with you and they have full blood with enough healing items, how do you feel about that when they don’t share any items with you? It must be sad to think about that, right?

Some PUBG Mobile bad teammates will never want to give you attachments that your guns need, such as the 4x or the 8x scope. The reason they don’t want to share items with you is probably that they think they will find a better gun in the next building that needs those attachments.Teammate that doesn’t give items to you when you need them

Looting items from the defeated teammates is also the type of bad teammate in PUBG Mobile that your team may have when they think that 300 bullets are not enough for them to shoot. They just wait for you to be defeated then loot your items.

The selfishness should not be allowed to have in any team. If your team wants to have the victory royale at the end of the match, you guys should share items with each other when necessary and should protect each other from the enemy shots.

Teammate that doesn’t say anything during the match

The voice chat feature in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile can be adjusted. Talking to your teammates via voice chat can help you learn new strategies and use them to outplay the other teams. But, what if your teammates don’t bring up voice chat when you need to share things with them? This will make you feel uncomfortable.Teammate that doesn’t say anything during the match

Some teammates decide to turn off voice chat and mute their mic before the beginning of the match. This will make the whole team find it very hard to talk to each other. Therefore, you should turn the voice chat on when someone needs to talk to you. If other teammates don’t bring up voice chat to discuss the match with you, you should not play with them anymore. But, it will be a great experience when you can communicate with your teammates through voice chat.

Teammate that is chatty

It will be annoyed to hear voices everywhere when you bring up voice chat while you need concentration on the match. Different from the teammates that don’t say a word, the chatty type of teammate can be worse. Their voices can distract your focus on a target. You should think about muting your mic to avoid hearing their words while you need to concentrate on killing enemies around you.Teammate that is chatty

Teammate that finishes you

If you get killed by a teammate in your team, it must be the worst game experience for you. Having a hostile teammate like that in a team will not bring you any good advantages, and you will surely want to avoid this type of bad teammate when playing PUBG Mobile squad mode. If they are in your team, you may want to quit the game early before you get defeated by your teammates.

The development team of PUBG Mobile game has decreased some methods to stop players from killing their teammates. But, if they want to kill you, they will have some more ways to do that, like making you explode with their grenades, or driving a vehicle to kill you. Maybe the types of teammates mentioned above are not that evil when compared to this type. At least those types of teammates have the same goal as you, although you cannot accept what they did to you.Teammate that finishes you

For this type, their goal is just to want to kill their teammates and they don’t care about victory. Killing you as well as destroying your experience is their goal. They may want to loot your items when they are defeated. Sometimes, they will revive you then kill you to get your items. Make sure you report this type of teammate so they will not be able to join the game.

Now, you have known what types of teammates you should avoid in PUBG Mobile. It’s no good to play with them, so you’d better avoid them if you want to have a good experience.

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