PUBG Mobile BOT And How To Recognize Them

To learn about BOT in PUBG Mobile game and how to distinguish them with the real players in a match, you should check out the latest guide on our site right now!

We will show you the definition of PUBG Mobile BOT and the fastest ways to spot them in-game with the guide below.

What is BOT in PUBG Mobile?

What is BOT in PUBG Mobile?

If you play PUBG Mobile game free download, you will know that they appear a lot. However, they are not useless. BOTs will be used to balance amateur matches. In fact, they will help new players get familiar with the mechanics of PUBG Mobile. Aside from that, BOT is able to lure those who are cheating so these targets can be trapped and punished. They are the function and characteristics of PUBG Mobile BOT.

BOT is known as AI (artificial intelligence). They are pre-programmed and the computer will control their action. Their skills may be sometimes weaker or stronger than yours, based on the setup level of developers.

Different from human joiners, they will not have any teams to play with and they can shoot at everybody that they find in PUBG Mobile. Whenever you engage in PUBG Mobile the game obtainable on iOS and Android devices, you will have the chance to meet BOTs amongst 100 survivors.

How to recognize BOTs in PUBG Mobile game

Here is the list of how to realize BOTs in PUBG Mobile at first glance.

  1. BOT will not jump or hide

No matter what you do for BOT, they will never jump. Even, they will not defend themselves when they are shot or hit. BOT always behaves strangely. Furthermore, they often move continuously and you can’t understand why they go like that.

  1. BOT can be killed in a wink BOT can be killed in a wink 

If you are a real challenger in PUBG Mobile Download, you usually have to leave the present position immediately to seek a hiding place, cover, or restore your HP after you take damage. Moreover, you can ambush the enemy afterward. Nevertheless, BOT will not act like you. They will approach when they are attacked. Select a pan or a knife or a simple tool to remove them! They love to roam around houses that you are hiding inside.

  1. Easy to be induced by gunfire

In PUBG Mobile a survival game released after PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, BOT frequently goes to the location in which gunfire sounds. To be aware of the presence of a BOT, you’d better create a random number of shots and wait for it to come near you. They will instantly discern which direction you are shooting, heading towards gunfire then.

  1. Wear distinctive costumes and carry powerful gearWear distinctive costumes and carry powerful gear

BOT PUBG Mobile commonly has unique clothing and good loot weapons. After defeating them, it is feasible to determine if they are BOT or not by looking at the name.

Other ways to perceive BOT PUBG Mobile with the eyes

Together with the main guides to recognize PUBG Mobile BOT, you can try out minor tricks.

  • Dissimilar to you, they will not drop on top of a building. They avoid entering those structures to loot items as human players.
  • BOT PUBG Mobile Artificial Intelligence characters are mostly seen in Military Base, School, or around Airdrops. Maybe, they are programmed to go there.
  • If you take over Top 30 or climb up to a higher rank, it is not straightforward to encounter BOTs.

What is BOT PUBG Mobile” and “how to realize BOT in PUBG Mobile?” are exciting questions. It is not difficult to answer. To increase your points, you can search for these special robots. Knock them down and your EXP will be boosted. Currently, PUBG Mobile has a series of events to celebrate Ramadan with many extremely attractive free gifts. Are you ready to join that playfield with multiple competitors and obtain all rewards? Have fun!

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