Pubg Mobile Halloweeks

Are you ready for PUBG Mobile Halloweeks? Halloween is coming, and if you are playing PUBG Mobile now, then don’t skip a chance to join this creepy event! There are lots of features brought to you by this Halloweeks event. Explore it now!


Halloween Vehicle Upgrade

Halloween Vehicle Upgrade

You can join Halloween events to obtain Trick Coupon Scraps and merge them in order to play the Halloween Lucky Draw. You can utilize the candies from the Lucky Draw for obtaining the Halloween vehicle skins.

Halloween Weapon: Hellfire – AKM

Halloween Weapon: Hellfire – AKM
Finish off all enemies with this awesome Halloween Weapon –Hellfire – AKM. You will change those opponents into scarecrows and bats

Note: You will achieve this weapon through in-game HALLOWEEKS events

Halloween Outfits

Halloween Outfits

  • Mummy Set
  • Skeleton Set
  • Count Set

Which one are you scared of?

Note: You will achieve the outfits through in-game HALLOWEEKS events

All-new Night Mode

Night Mode has just been attached to Erangel. The matches will now begin in daylight and then it will move into the night before it gets bright again. You should make good use of the Night Vision Goggles to hunt down the enemies in the middle of the night.

New tournament system

All Crew Leaders are now totally able to register their crews to conquer the Crew Challenge. You should lead your team carefully and fight your way to the finals for obtaining Challenge Coins and honor.

Grand Adward

Scorching – Kar98K

Grand Award

Tournament Schedule

Qualifying Round -> Group Round -> Finals

The tournament will begin with the Qualifying Round, then it will move into the Group Round and then the Finals. All the rounds on every server are separate.

Registration Requirements

All players are forced to register as Crew that has from 4-6 members. The Crew Leader is the only one who can submit the registration. There are 4 players that will be chosen for every match. You are unable to change the overall list throughout the tournament period.

Modes & Map

Modes: FPP and TPP

Map: Erangel

Server: Crews can register for a single mode on a single server. Crews are not permitted to register on multiple servers or modes. Registration is also final and it can’t be changed.

Qualifying Round

The Qualifying Round prolongs for 2 weeks. The Crews will be matched at specific times throughout the week and they can engage in up to 12 matches. Results are computed on the best 8 matches, also the top 100 Crews will move forward.

Detail schedule:

Detail Schedule

Share for deals

You can try convincing your friends to bargain and lower the price on your wanted item, and probably you will have a chance to obtain it for free.

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