What Can You Expect From PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0?

New features and improvements in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 are waiting for you! Get the latest update of the lite version to have a new experience.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 is ready to be on your phones. For all the users of the lite version of PUBG Mobile game, this is a great chance for them to explore brand new stuff added to the title through the latest 0.19.0 update. Together with other versions, the lite version also knows how to make itself better to keep more gamers entertained even though they are using low-end devices. Without further ado, it’s time to dive into this brand new look and see what it is offering!

What PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 brings you?

Two new vehicles – Autorickshaw and Mirado

Vehicles in PUBG Mobile are diverse, and now with the lite version, gamers also have a chance to try the two new vehicles – Autorickshaw and Mirado. In the latest update, these two vehicles have appeared through the spawn island and they are now ready to take gamers to other areas. You can drive these vehicles to get to other places faster.

Get ready to play Zombie Mode: Survival Till Dawn in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0!

Zombie mode is one of the best modes in PUBG games. In PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 update, gamers now can enjoy this mode for a scary experience. Zombie Mode: Survival Till Dawn lets you compete against zombies and your goal is to defeat the zombie team as well as survive until dawn to get the victory. In this mode, you also have a chance to experience Liquid Nitrogen Mine – a useful item that helps you freeze the zombies for a short time if you make them step on it.

Which elements were upgraded?

A new Lobby

The lobby in PUBG Mobile Lite now has a better look in the latest update. A new lobby gives you a new experience! The positions of sections in the lobby were shifted, so you should explore the lobby to feel the changes before you enter a match.

PUBG Mobile Lite new lobby
PUBG Mobile Lite new lobby

Varenga map

Varenga in PUBG Mobile Lite game has received an upgrade to serve better gameplay to all players. Similar to Erangel, Varenga is the main map in the lite version. After the upgrade, players will not experience any bugs or glitches.

What was eliminated in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0?

Payload Mode and TDM Ruins are no longer available to play in the latest update 0.19.0. This means players cannot play these modes anymore. Instead, they can now try experiencing some new elements added to the gameplay. This is how you refresh your experience with PUBG Mobile Lite.

That’s all for PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 update! If you are currently a lite user, you should try the new version with lots of upgrades and additions for a new experience. Make sure you check your device’s memory capacity before you download the game. Your device needs to have at least 650 MB left to install the 0.19.0 update.

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