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PUBG Mobile on PC Download

  1. General
  2. Special features in PUBG Mobile
  3. New features in PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 Halloween mode
    • Upgraded Erangel
    • Night weather effect
    • Night Vision Goggles
    • New weapons
      • QBU DMR
      • Beryl M762
      • Dancing grenades
    • New vehicles
      • Rony
      • Scooter
    • First-person view when driving
    • Other changes for Gameplay
    • Matchmaking improvement
    • Audience mode
    • Improved the game processing system
    • Crew Challenge
    • Other Systems
    • New Achievements
    • Improved The Character Action
    • Update Setting
    • Grenade Improvement
    • Other Changes
  4. New Features in PUBG Mobile 0.8.0
    • New Map: Sanhok
    • New weapons and vehicles for Sanhok
      • Flare Gun
      • QBZ Gun
      • UAZ Armored Car
      • Muscle Car
    • Customizable collection
    • Anti-fraud methods

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PUBG Mobile is a survival and shooting game released by Tencent with the English language on both Android and iOS devices. Aside from Tencent Gaming Buddy version that PUBG Mobile is playable on PC, you can also experience PUBG Mobile on your mobile device via the BlueStacks emulator coming with PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile


There are three familiar game modes brought to you by PUBG Mobile, including Solo, Duo, and Squad. The gameplay mechanic of this mobile version is still the same as its predecessor. All players will be taken on a plane then they have to pick an appropriate location to parachute down onto a vast island. They will start their adventures by searching for supplies, weapons, equipment, outfits, bandages, etc. and fight one another for a chance of becoming the last man standing. Each match in PUBG Mobile normally lasts roughly 25 – 30 minutes.

PUBG Mobile perfectly imitates Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on PC with everything, ranging from the main menu, characters, graphics, effects, sounds and so forth. The most interesting thing about PUBG Mobile is that it offers a free gaming experience! This means players can download it for free without spending a dime on it. Also, the mobile version doesn’t bring many laggy issues during the course of the game, which leaves a big impression on the gamers.


Special features in PUBG Mobile

  • Take part in a ruthless and brutal survival battle containing up to 100 players.
  • Three familiar game modes for you to join: Solo, Duo, and Squad.
  • Go search for weapons, grenades, ammunition and other necessary supplies for your ultimate survival.
  • Customize your character by choosing hairstyle, clothes, and shoes.
  • A wide range of weapons for you to use, such as rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades, etc.
  • Intelligent auto-picking feature
  • A small map displays the location of the rival’s gunfire.
  • A wide range of vehicles, from cars, scooters, airplanes to ships and canoes.

Download PUBG Mobile on PC at here

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New features in PUBG Mobile 0.9.0

Halloween mode

The lounges in all the maps are decorated in a creepy way to welcome Halloween 2018. Players are able to interact with each other using pumpkins and candles.

The defeated ones will end up dying with the hellfire effect – AKM will turn into the scarecrows.

Explosive grenades will turn up with the creepy ghost faces.

During the course of the Halloween event, players will have 50% of triggering the weather at night.

Halloween mode

Upgraded Erangel map

  • Added the night time for the map! Erangel map will change the daytime and night by itself randomly following every match in Classic Mode.
  • Added Night Vision Googles
  • Added houses and big constructions in some areas.
  • Added some hiding places around the rivers.
  • Added more trees in some big gaps.

Night weather effect

This is a feature that is much anticipated by most of the gamers. The night weather effect brings a thrilling feeling to this survival shooter game. With a little bit of real-time effects, when joining the game, you will see that it is daytime currently, but a few minutes later, the entire view becomes darker and the night comes.

Night weather effect

Night Vision Goggles

Since the night weather effect is added to the game, Tencent also provides the gamers with Night Vision Goggles – an awesome and essential accessory. Without it, you are almost unable to see and check your surroundings in the darkness. You may easily get ambushed by the rivals when they are hiding in bushes.

Night Vision Goggles

New weapons


  • QBU – a kind of gun inspired by the real sniper rifle of the Chinese army.
  • It will turn up in Sanhok map and it shoots 5.56mm bullet.
  • The magazine contains 10 bullets just like other DMR.
  • It has a lower damage but it can shoot faster
  • QBU is unable to attach Grip or Attachment to prevent the jerking. When using it, players must lay down to improve accuracy.

Beryl M762:

  • Beryl M762 is a kind of gun with a modernized design from the classic AK version.
  • M762 utilizes 7.62mm bullet just like AKM, but it doesn’t dish out as much damage as AK.
  • Because of its weaker firepower, it will be able to release the bullet at a faster speed.
  • Beryl M762 is naturally a kind of weapon belonging to the AR class, therefore, it has a standard magazine with 30 bullets and 40 bullets when attaching Extended Mag to it.

Dancing grenades:

Dancing grenade is an exclusive weapon featured in PUBG Mobile. It will cause the damaged players to dance in an uncontrollable way, and they aren’t able to stop in the affected area.

New vehicles


  • Rony Pickup Truck only appears in Sanhok.
  • Rony is a pickup truck. With the rear bumper, it is able to carry more players.
  • Rony has three colors, including green, white and dark blue.



  • The gamers can pick a scooter to better their movements.
  • Compared to the previous model, Scooter has a slower movement speed but it has the same stability.
  • Although the scooter is unable to move fast, the one sitting behind the rider is able to aim and shoot at enemies more accurately when coming across them on the roads.


First-person perspective when driving

Added the first-person perspective for the drivers and his companion (two separate perspectives). With FFP, you will have a more realistic feeling when driving not only a car but also a scooter.

First-person perspective when driving

More interestingly, the furniture and the image interface inside the car also underwent a significant change compared to its previous version. Whenever you drive it, you will be able to adjust the sound of the song that you play when driving.

Other changes for Gameplay

Added random music whenever driving! You can turn it on/off in the car setting.

Improved the sounds of two vehicles: UAZ and Buggy.

The accuracy of the bullet spray in the hips is decreased when the target is kneeling or crawling

The accuracy of the bullet spray in the hips is increased when the target is standing still.

The jerk of AKM in a straight and horizontal way is reduced.

Reduced the accuracy of the bullet spray in some accessories.

Light Grip will grow the stability of the weapon after being jerked.

The jerking effect when shooting becomes more realistic.

QBZ and QBU will have brand new ammo design accessories.

The bullet replacement effect in some weapons in the first-person and third-person perspectives was already improved.

UMP9, Vector, and SLR were equipped with the viewing angle with newer 4x lenses.

Added an action causing the character to stand up while the scooter is flying in the air.

Added the “brake button” for the 1 and 2 driving modes.

Edited the sound effects for Dacia.

Adjusted the car lights and now they look more realistic.

Matchmaking improvement

Added a system helping you find the teammates that speak the same languages as you.

The Matchmaking system has been improved in order to help the players find their teammates faster, also the waiting time will display more accurately.

Audience mode

Players are able to watch many other rivals fighting one another after dying.

In the audience mode in Room Mode, players can turn on the bullet searching system.

Improved the game processing system

Solved the lag issue when meeting a distant player or when opening the inventory.

Fixed crash game, slow login, dropped configuration, burry views and images, failed updates…

Crew Challenge

Team leaders can register their Crew for the new Crew Challenge. There are three main rounds, including Qualifying Round, Group Round, and the Finals. The teams will receive more prizes when entering the Group Round and the Finals. The winning team will receive a lot of prizes.

Added new currency – Challenge Coin – that will be given to the players after each Crew Challenge. You can spend the Challenge Coins on brand new items in the shop.

One Crew only contains 6 members. If the old team has more than 6 players, the number of the members still remains unchanged, but they can’t add more members to the team and are not allowed to join Crew Challenge.

Other Systems

Added Halloween wallpapers and background music to the main menu.

Added a feature allowing you to see the number of likes on your friends’ pages.

Added Personal Like System

Added the renaming card for Clan. Only the Clan Leader can buy and use it.

The system automatically announces the players who play the old version.

Display the old and new versions while downloading the updated file.

Transfer Guest Mode button into More section in the login screen.

Portable Closet can be utilized at Spawn Islands.

New Achievements

Eye for an eye: Kill one enemy that defeated you in the battle.

Take Me With You: Sit in a car with your enemy that is driving for at least 10 seconds.

Physical Trainer: Kneel down 10000 times, jump 10000 times and lay down 10000 times.

Chicken Veteran: Take 500/1000/2000/5000 Challenge Coin from Crew Challenge. Second Soldier: Take part in 10/20/30/40 Crew Challenge.

Bargain Master: Help your friend Bargain up to 1000/10000/30000/1000000UC in total.

Candy Master: Throw candy bomb/candy ball at 6 enemies accurately.

Improved The Character Action

Improved the heading rotation and the swivel angle.

Added an action of waving the left hand when the play falls down from a high position.

The upper body will become smoother when climbing.

Added more details when jumping out from an airplane, using a parachute and landing on the ground.

Update Setting

Added more features of changing between different scopes.

Added an option of increasing/decreasing the game brightness.

Added a feature of changing the sound effects, including High/Low.

Increased the number of limits that can pick up scopes.

Improved the suggestions for 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x scopes.

Added a button (customization button) of carrying out some actions, like reviving, stop throwing bombs, changing bullets and throwing bombs.

Grenade Improvement

Players are able to change between standing, kneeling and laying down, or throwing bombs at high/low positions when holding bombs.

Frag grenade dishes out more damage and causes tinnitus.

Molotov cocktail dishes out more damage and can be thrown through a wooden window. It can be triggered by another gun, and explosive bombs can also go through a wooden window.

Other Changes

The bullets will shoot through the water but deal less damage to the targets under the water.

Added an effect for the blood bar when the target is losing blood or pumping blood.

Added a new icon in the killing notification board.

8 directions on the compass are now easier to see.

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New Features in PUBG Mobile 0.8.0

New Map: Sanhok

PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 brings a nice tropical map called Sanhok. The map has a smaller area than other previous maps – Erangel and Miramar. Players will be dragged into multiple gunfights without ceasing and will experience lots of challenges.

New Map: Sanhok

The Sanhok map with a designed terrain based on the real locations in the tropical area.

New weapons and vehicles for Sanhok

Flare Gun

Players can point Flare Gun, aim and shoot up to the sky, after that, there will be a drop-off plane appearing for you if you are standing in a curved round, or the UAZ armored vehicle if you are outside of the curved round. Flare Gun is classified as the normal weapon and when it’s picked up, it will be placed into the pistol slot.

Flare Gun

Every Flare Gun is only equipped with one bullet, but the gamers can collect more than one if they are lucky. When using this weapon, make sure you aim the highest possible, if you aim down on the ground or too low, the weapon will become useless.

Súng QBZ

QBZ is an assault rifle and has a lower jerking rate than other normal rifles. When the magazine is upgraded to 40-bullet magazine, QBZ is completely able to become a real destroyer. In addition, it can work like a DMR when shooting from afar if you set it back to Semi Auto. About damage, QBZ has almost the same indicators as M4A1 or SCAR-L, but with lower jerking rate and a faster shooting speed.

Flare Gun

UAZ armored vehicle

UAZ armored vehicle has four seats and moves at a pretty fast speed.

Súng QBZ

Muscle Car

This is a four-seat car with two types, roofless one and roofed one.

Muscle Car

Customizable collection

Can adjust the number of the collectible items in settings.

Anti-fraud methods

Added the denouncing button in some places.

Improved the system of identifying the third-party programs with the cheating purpose.

The most awesome thing about PUBG Mobile is that it offers a free gaming experience, which is also a big chance for those who weren’t able to join PUBG on PC before. Let’s download and experience this Battle Royale survival shooter game

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