PUBG Mobile: The Best Guide To Achieve The Highest K/D In Team Deathmatch Mode

Top guide to hit the best K/D and conquer PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch Mode in the shortest time is available for all to explore! Start your new adventure now!

PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch is one of the most difficult and beloved modes in the game and even in the famous FPS games. While developers are working hard to improve features and attract more players, not everybody will have enough time to play casual games. It is the major reason that Arcade and TDM Modes appear.

Some items should be introduced before collecting the top K/D in PUBG Mobile TDM

Actually, you’d better learn about the cool PUBG Mobile guides below if you want to dig deeper into the main part.

About Warehouse Map of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Warehouse is not as large as other maps. It has a terrain that is almost symmetrical.

Each team will spawn and revive on a side of the playfield, in a building. There is a decent amount of ammo and weapons scattered across the area so you can loot and gear up for your character. Not only that, you will be given an immune period of time after you have just respawned. Therefore, you can avoid being camped.

About Warehouse Map of PUBG Mobile

There are plenty of containers and trains as in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. You can hide behind or climb up to those places. Especially, you and everyone can see an M249 put in the center of the battlefield. It is often selected to bait the enemy.

General rules and gameplay in PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch

PUBG Mobile TDM is considered a simple game mode. To become the winner, you need to finish off the foes first. Two teams of 4 people will fight against each other. If you gather 40 kills before them, you will win the match.

Although it sounds easy to understand what you have to do in Team Deathmatch, you are recommended to plan carefully or you can be eliminated soon. Do not act carelessly or your death will come quickly!

General rules and gameplay in PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch

Weapons with the gear of survivors in PUBG Mobile TDM

They are crucial tools for the player to carry out the best guide to achieve the highest K/D in PUBG Mobile TDM. Inside the mode, you can choose whichever you love.

There are numerous rifles on the side of the hut. It’s simple to pick some small machine guns on the opposite. Attachments for these will be found on the table such as magazines, grips, and scopes. They contribute to how to play TDM in PUBG game effectively.

About armor, every joiner will begin with it and the helmet at Level 2. They will protect your body and head. They make you confident to release a headshot with the matching weapon.

How to get the K/D you expect in PUBG Mobile TDM and win

They are the most useful PUBG Mobile TDM tips and tricks that you can apply.

  1. Pay attention to every movement of you and noises around

The Team Deathmatch Mode’s pace is fast and it can cause you to feel confused if you are a newbie. So, you don’t attempt to rush into the zone where you can be ambushed. Additionally, don’t camp in the same position for too long or you can be seen.

Try to listen to all sounds in the environment, especially areas nearby! Footsteps or the noise, while someone is reloading their guns, can be signals that you can catch from where you are staying. Besides, you are advised to move slowly at that moment. You can approach the prey and play down him successfully.

If you have already escaped a deadly encounter in PUBG Mobile Download and you could not kill the rival, it’s best to immediately head to another safer region.

Pay attention to every movement of you and noises around

Be careful of fleeing! Whilst you are running away, you can crash into a dangerous attack. Go to the nearest edge and turn around at a slow speed. Don’t reload if unnecessary or you can face somebody whenever!

According to PUBG Mobile: Top 5 Most Expected Features in 2020, the new TDM map will bring back many more interesting situations. Do not forget to perfect skills from now on!

  1. Back down properly

HP of you or of any teammate in PUBG Mobile will restore gradually when you get rid of the conflict. You can come back to the match with full health if you survive. When you are successful in regaining HP in a safe place, you will have more chances to win.

Back down properly

  1. Customize weapons

To get the top K/D in PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch, do not ignore weapons fitting your style! 4X is not necessary when the map is not big. You can opt for 2x to replace it. Red Dot is compatible with guns having the high recoil, for example, AK47.

Customize weapons

  1. Loot M249

M249 is one of the most powerful PUBG Mobile weapons. When you own that gun, you can wipe out multiple targets at a time.

Loot M249

To rob an M249 before the challenger, sprint forward, camp, and shoot them. When all of them are waiting to respawn, you can get close to M249and pick it up. Remember to retreat and plan for the next skirmish!

How to achieve the highest K/D in PUBG Mobile TDM will lead you to the final victory that you wish for sure. Do you have any tips or tricks to share with people here? Please leave your comments! Good luck!

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