PUBG Mobile Weapons: Detailed Comparison Between AKM And M762

The list of weapons in PUBG Mobile has been updated through over time in order to make the players’ experience much better and make their arsenal choices more diverse. If you are a fan of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, who has been through various matches, from the classic mode to the arena mode, you must have had a good grasp of weapons and their characteristics. To master all matches, players have to know how to use weapons smartly in PUBG Mobile. There are two types of weapons picked by most of the players, including AKM and Beryl M762. Also, these two guns are the reasons for debates between players in the community when they have to decide which gun is stronger than the other!

As you know, PUBG Mobile weapons have their own different standard type of ammo. The same thing between AKM and M762 is that they share the same ammo type – 7.62mm which is known as one of the deadliest ammo types in the game. In spite of having the same type of ammo, AKM and M762 are still different in some points. With this PUBG Mobile guide on a comparison between these two guns, you will know more details about them as well as learn some PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to use AKM and M762 to your advantage in the matches.

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Differences between AKM and M762 in PUBG Mobile

As mentioned above, the similarity between these two guns is that they have the same type of ammo – 7.62mm. However, in terms of other aspects, including damage, recoil, attachments, and rate of fire, these two guns are different from each other. Let’s find out the differences between AKM and M762 in PUBG Mobile!

Differences between AKM and M762 in PUBG Mobile



When it comes to the level of damage, AKM has a significantly higher amount of damage than M762. When you use AKM, you can dish out 49 damage, but M762 only helps you deal 47 damage to opponents. However, both AKM and M762 allow your bullets to pierce through level-2 armor or even level-3 armor worn by opponents.


AKM has a higher recoil than M762, which makes AKM much more difficult to control when you are in a mid-ranged match. M762 has a better recoil that helps players find it easier to control the weapon. You should use M762 as your main weapon in the match if you are good at controlling its recoil.



When it comes to attachments of AKM and M762, there are several differences between these two PUBG Mobile weapons. AKM has three slots for attachments, including muzzle, magazine, and sight, while M762 provides four attachment slots, including muzzle, magazine, sight, and foregrip. The foregrip of AKM is considered as a better choice to control the recoil. And with the fourth attachment, M762 will become more stable. However, you don’t have to add the foregrip to M762 because its recoil is not high. But if you equip the foregrip to it, you will make it more stable and easier to use in the match.

Rate of fire


Speaking of the rate of fire, these two weapons – AKM and M762 own an accurate rate of fire in the single mode. PUBG Mobile AKM features a single-shot mode and auto-shoot mode, while M762 has three shooting modes: auto-shoot, single shot, and 3 single shots. The amount of damage on each bullet dished out by AKM is higher than M762, making it a better choice when it is equipped with a range. However, AKM does not have a faster rate of fire than M762. This is the reason that makes PUBG Mobile M762 a nice gun with the higher DPS.

Now, you have known all details and differences between AKM and M762 in PUBG Mobile. Seemingly, M762 is a better choice for your weapon in the game. But, AKM owns the absolute paralysis power and as soon as you become proficient in it, only Groza or Mk47 Mutant can deal with that power of AKM. AKM is a dangerous and strong weapon, but still, M762 is the better gun for you until you are good at using AKM.

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