PUBG Raises Funds To Support Australia With A Limited-Edition Frying Pan Skin

PUBG is raising funds to aid Australia so it can recover from the bush fires. The team determined to launch a limited edition in-games frying pan to do that.

The PUBG Limited-Edition Frying Pan Skin Available To Assist Australia

The team behind Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has decided to produce a limited edition in-games frying pan. It is used to raise funds for Australia, a country famous for wild animals.

For years, Australia has been devastated by bushfires. Especially, the recent one is known by everybody from around the world. It started in September 2019. While the New South Wales Fire Agency has confirmed the fires controlled, the influence that they caused to the people and wildlife is very immeasurable. As estimated, there are about 33 persons and 1 billion creatures killed in that incident, with many more affected.

Reasons that PUBG determined to support Australia

PUBG Corporation is raising funds to support that place through the limited-time sale of the Australia Fire Relief – Pan skin. In fact, whilst we feel relieved to see the fires handled, there is also another significant amount of damage left after that. Surely you will not be able to bear in front of the image of a Koala trying to approach a tree while he was suffering from burns and his home was on fire.

The skin that we are talking about will consist of the original art by community artist @swatercolour. The PUBG Limited-Edition Frying Pan Skin’s price is at $2.99. 100% of the profits from each sale will be utilized to help Australia.

When will be the Australia Fire Relief – Pan available on PUBG PC and Console?

Australia Fire Relief – Pan
Australia Fire Relief – Pan

It is the PUBG Australia Fire Relief – Pan release date will appear on PC and Console:

  • PC: 19th February – 18th March – $2.99
  • Console: 3rd March – 2nd April – 300 G-Coin

After the sale is finished, the team will send all of the money via a lump sum donation to a selected charity. Remember to follow the  latest PUBG news here!

For those who buy PUBG Australia Fire Relief – Pan Skin, the team wishes to thank you for your contribution to that effort. The pan will not belong to you only. But, it will encourage you so you can research the disaster relief methods and donate more directly to a charity of your choice. According to the result at present, it can take Australia and its environment some time to restore from the disaster.

PUBG Raises Funds To Support Australia With A Limited
PUBG Raises Funds To Support Australia With A Limited

Developers of  PUBG PC are really thankful to be in a position that they can show you some ways to give the other Australian people a hand. They are also grateful to have fans like you who are willing to grant to such a good cause.

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