PUBG Update #26 – Patch Notes Test Server Update 26 (Cont.)

PUBG Update #26 - Patch Notes Test Server Update 26 (Cont.) will introduce the remaining part with many useful sections to make PUBG game performance stronger.

We will come to the initial section of the PUBG Update #26 – Patch Notes Test Server Update 26 (part 2) with a cool tournament.

Survivor Title System Beta Season 2

  • Although Season 2 for PUBG pc was arranged not to continue in Feb, it lasted to Mar 19, 2019, PST to allow players to have more chances to hit milestones and dig season rewards.
    • You can deploy your skills to earn worthy awards within that season stage.
  • The Beta Season 2’s gifts are exhibited on the Season -> Overview page. Click Season Rewards!
  • Seasonal rewards will belong to you, depending on the Survivor Title at the end of the season.
    • Beta Season 2 presents will be given to competitors who captured the title of Novice or higher.
      • Players in PUBG steam game can conquer many distinct bonuses and all, based on their highest title.
    • Rewards will fit in the start of a season which will be declared at a later day.
      • Rewards delivery will be finalized for 24 hours of the new season beginning.
      • If you cannot claim anything after the last second, you should contact Customer Support. Click here
    • If somebody is detected to have gotten a Survivor Tile by cheating, he will be restricted and what he has achieved wrongly will be removed.

Aside from information about Survivor Title System Beta Season 2, you do not forget to learn more about the gameplay of PUBG.


  • Another experimental mechanism has been added to PUBG mobile pc  It will help the developer to test the solution reserved for a bug about the rate of fire changing built on FPS. It is not attached to live servers in the following update because they want to track down players’ feedback so they can ensure that everything they produce will not have any effect on users’ gaming experience.
    • It will be modernized to the test server during Feb 19th – 26th PST.
    • In addition, the way will not be improved with the live server update on Feb 26th PST.
    • The team of PUBG pc is willing to scavenge ideas and embark on data analysis in the testing period due to they expect to carry out towards using the advance to live servers in the future.
  • Have better reflective effects for the lens of scopes of survivors in PUBG game
    • Get some additional visual lens to scopes which are potent to block everybody from seeing the empty in the scope in specific conditions, refining the look and realism
  • Tires in PUBG pc download free game will be eliminated instantly if their vehicle blows up.
  • Altered circumstances to lay flat, to fend off lying on your stomach on the rough terrain
    • While going prone and heading into a place where you or anyone should not be able to face down, you will automatically move to a crouched position.

Next, you can study another exciting part in the current PUBG update.


  • Polished the preview feature in the store of PUBG pc game
    • If choosing that section, head with eyes, masks, and the outerwear items will not auto gear up so they can make the view of the object clearer.
    • When you display pieces, the camera will zoom.
    • Crate and Set previews can transfer with the most lately favorite things at the upper right corner.
    • In Set item preview, players will pick up everything from the chosen pack.
    • Weapons or gear skins in the fun-addicting the awesome PUBG ps4 game can be viewed by themselves without any character by hitting the view detail switch to the right-hand side of the preview page.
    • Furthermore, the Emotes Preview for PUBG ps4 players will launch emotes when selecting Preview. Those can be restarted with the Play button at the left top corner of the playfield. It cannot be controlled when the Emote Preview is being operated.
  • The Key Guide page in PUBG pc download game, which offers default key bindings on the loading window will disappear when you determined to edit their key bindings.
  • Added Rich Presence for Steam and Discord clients so everybody in PUBG can invite friends to discover your full info
    • It is easy to probe Game State Status, Mode, and Match Time Elapsed! For instance, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS – Playing, War Mode, 00:20 elapsed.

Even though the following chapters are small, they also take an important role in PUBG game, consisting of Replay, Performance, Skins & Items, with Custom Match.


  • Upgraded the Replay Editor features
    • Added multi-key frame set save feature to PUBG steam game, it will turn on multiple edits in a single replay file
    • Added Delete All so as to get rid of every keyframe in multi keyframe
    • Added complete stuff like color correction, free camera lean angle, the comprehensive setting for depth of field, and more
    • Enhanced the Replay Editor so both of the post-correction with the depth of field settings can be used in an instant
    • Boosted the performance of the player and object display in the Replay Editor tool
  • The UI of Replay Editor will run smoother
  • The Replay version is advanced and replays recorded prior to your PUBG Update cannot work anymore


  • Made the best of character animations in PUBG pc download free game to tweak the performance
  • Developed the game loading speed by making the most effective use of the player loading process
  • Bumped up FPS by rising up the in-game foliage rendering activity
  • Increased a lot the hit criteria for Molotov if counting up your damage
  • Refined some elements of the HUD UI, that were lowering performance

Skins & Items

  • Added a Guerrilla Bizon skin to PUBG mobile pc game
  • Added a countdown timer to display the time remaining that you can buy East Erangel Police Crates before they are delivered to random crates on March 26 PST

Custom match

  • Improved System: The result screen of a match in PUBG mobile pc game will be pulled apart of the session.
  • If a custom encounter ends, you can watch again the outcome for 10 minutes. The coming one will take place within 1 minute then.
  • Vikendi is active in Esports Mode custom battles.
  • The number of vehicles in PUBG Esports mode is multiplied.
  • Reformed the observer system animation when you travel into the safe location

Here is one of the most crucial sections in PUBG Update # 26. It is divided into two entries.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug where houses in PUBG mobile download pc game would render late when free falling on the Vikendi map
  • Fixed a bug with a few buildings could not be found at confirmed distanced on Vikendi
  • Fixed a problem in which blocked Dacia speed from being decreased whilst driving on snow
  • Fixed some terrain or structures that were connected to bugs on maps, Erangel and Miramar


  • Fixed trouble that the earliest blue zone settings of Erangel were being picked to other playgrounds in custom matches of PUBG pc download game
  • Fixed a bug when Vikendi’s blue area settings were being attached to Erangel in customizable battles
  • Fixed where the season reward text was showing in the wrong method
  • Fixed the bug when in very uncommon cases, you or anybody were going through walls
  • Fixed an issue that hands could not perform accurately when gloves and jackets had been worn
  • Fixed the Molotov’s flame sound which could be caught over a 1km radius
  • Fixed the reticle brightness being set again when you activated scopes or gathering dropped guns
  • Fixed dead bodies that caused footstep noise in PUBG pc game
  • Fixed what made grenades damage players through floors in buildings
  • Fixed the still existing number of rounds in a magazine that could be shown wrongly when they were loaded one more time
  • Fixed circumstances that would support you to change your position when gliding in the air by moving around the cramped site while going prone
  • Fixed the muzzle of an SMG in PUBG game which could be cut off in the inventory with 3D character render switched on
  • Fixed the bug of stopped swapping helmets, vests with weapons when your own store was filled
  • Fixed the name of two same skins
  • Fixed the S686 that would be occasionally shot 3 times in a row because of the weak network connectivity
  • Fixed competitors charging with punches instead of releasing throwables when somebody got lag
  • Fixed loading screen image when it was cropped on 21:9 monitors
  • Fixed the Yes/No button in the team invite pop-up screen that could not engage in a couple of situations
  • Fixed the loading screen image sometimes being utilized in the lobby
  • Fixed moving to the mode option page instead of the session list when visiting or quitting a custom match period
  • Fixed the minimap of PUBG steam game which was not appropriately zoomed in when touching the N key during the death cam
  • Fixed the observer mode in PUBG that displayed players in a landing animation inaccurately
  • Fixed the parachute icon issue when you were checking a map in the mode above
  • Fixed the care package item list that did not pop up in the Vikendi cave
  • Fixed the character animation which did not implement rightly while you were propelling the body through water
  • Fixed a user and his shadow which could not point out swimming animations in PUBG FPP mode
  • Fixed the bug that could not trigger weapons when drawing out the safety pin of a grenade
  • Fixed a smoke grenade’s fuse starts to explode when hitting the ground instead of when the pin was interacted with
  • Fixed the throwables in the PUBG ps4 game, which were seen after being launched and choosing another weapon
  • Fixed the interaction highlight and button that being obvious for devastated motors and scooters
  • Fixed a strange character animation being searched when taking a Flare Gun in PUBG game
  • Fixed animation when it was being exposed backward if you were equipped with weapons and walking to the rear
  • Fixed indoor raining effects
  • Fixed the prone key which running as “toggle” when it was established to “hold”
  • Fixed the stuck care package in an unusual move when it was jammed from dropping

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