PUBG Update #26 – Patch Notes Test Server Update 26

Update #26 - Patch Notes Test Server Update 26 adds new vehicles to PUBG pc game. Also, it is easy for you to find and use upgraded Flare Guns and other items.

Update #26 – Patch Notes 

It is an interesting release for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG PC game. Experience the new update and get ready to take control of two new transport means, the Zima and Snowbike. Furthermore, you will have the chance to check out Flare Guns which have been made better. They have been already added to public fierce encounters.

Hi survivors,

As mentioned above, Update #26 for PUBG pc download game will present with vehicles for Vikendi, which have not existed before. It will upgrade the cool Replay Editor functionality. Besides, the long awaited return of Flare Guns will cause matches to get more exciting. These weapons will appear on every playground and they are the rare loot that you are advised to search for.

From now on, PUBG game will contain numerous smaller system and UI updates. They will be abundant assistance for Steam with Discord and offer plenty of bug fixes.

Do not forget to follow details hidden in Update #26 here!


  • Zima is a unique and new Vikendi car in PUBG steam.
  • It will occupy the place of UAZs on the Vikendi map of PUBG steam game. Although the 4×4 Zima does not own an excellent control on snowy plains, it is really simple for you to drive it if it is compared to the other trucks.
  • Whilst the Zima is pretty slow, it still has high durability, resulting in being appropriate for combat.


  • Like Zima, it is a distinctive vehicle in the map Vikendi of PUBG pc download free.
  • Snowbike is regarded as a replacement of motorbikes on Vikendi. If Snowbike is considered lacking in durableness, it is good at generating fast pace and giving you a great ability to maneuver it.

Flare Gun

  • It is a fantastic gear which is added to PUBG pc game to make your journey much more amusing.
    • Flare Guns are seen in public battles. They are uncommon. If you are lucky, you can gather one of them. But, remember to shoot directly into the mid-air after the first blue area has shut to call in a particular care package.
    • When you fire inside the safe zone of PUBG pc, you will be able to receive a special health kit with a lot of objects or an armored UAZ if you act up out of the protected spot.
  • From every feedback that you sent through the tests, the dev team has built several changes in order to enhance the gameplay experience of players in PUBG mobile pc game with that tool.
    • In PUBG game, Flare Guns are usually chosen in the initial stage. They will grant a big advantage with less risk. Hence, they will only provide the health pack when being utilized after the earliest blue region phase.
    • A notification will be visible on the UI in case a person nearby summon extremely valuable care set with the Flare Gun. Moreover, there will be an icon which points you the exact dropping location on the ground.
      • Calling for a steel-plated UAZ when playing PUBG mobile download pc will not inform a message on the UI, or be displayed on the playfield.
    • The Flare Gun spawn rates in PUBG game will not have any similarity on each territory. Please let the developer know your comments and how the Flare Gun can make the mid-game more amazing!

Survivor Pass: Vikendi

  • Vikendi is the 4th map that is in the works for PUBG pc. It is a 6×6 island on the Adriatic Sea.
    • According to Survivor Pass, Vikendi will end on 26 Feb at 18:00 PST.
  • The sale of level-up equipment (5Lv, 20Lv, 50Lv) will stop.
  • There will be a grace period to dominate any unowned prizes when the Survivor Pass concludes, until 12th Mar 18:00 PST.

Hop into the Survivor Pass menu and you can explore the result screen with your progress from Survivor Pass: Vikendi.

  • Item rewards and quests fulfilled in the Survivor Pass will be obtained during the grace period. Choose the “Claim All” button on that screen to collect relevant ones.
  • The coupon store also expires when the grace period breaks off. Try to launch them before then!
  • Pay attention to rewards gained in the corresponding tab.
  • Scan done objectives in the missions tab.


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