PUBG Update 6.1 – Patch Notes

PUBG Update 6.1 – Patch Notes

PUBG Update 6.1 has a lot of elements that you have never seen before such as the Karakin map, another vehicle, and many more. Why don’t you keep reading to check out all of the details of the update right here?

PUBG Season 6: Reveal

PUBG Season 6 is available. The following trailer will show you something that has been disclosed.

It will give you some crucial bug fixes (02/04/2020) for:

  • An issue when the Medieval Helmet skin was hidden when equipped with female players
  • A problem that many survivors couldn’t prone in shallow waters
  • Visual trouble with plenty of pants skins
  • Where a few face or hair icon sizes were not compatible in the lobby

Season 6 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has come and you can experience the favorite survival match on an island with various modifications not existing before.


“Higher tension, faster pace: Welcome to Karakin.”

PUBG Update 6.1 - New Map Karakin
PUBG Update 6.1 – New Map Karakin

Karakin contributes a piece to the collection of present playable PUBG maps. It is a 2×2 km island off the coast of Northern Africa. With the arid, rocky environment and a wide-open terrain, it promises to bring back unforgettable moments inside challenging encounters.

Karakin can contain 64 people at a time.

Because of its small size, it can create fast and dangerous engagements in PUBG PC without difficulty. You may want to own long-distance rifles while staying in the mountains or joining tactical urban conflict and claustrophobic underground fights.

Remember that the map’s layout will be reset every match!

The port of Hadiga Nemo
The port of Hadiga Nemo
Smaller buildings like this can easily be destroyed by explosives
Smaller buildings like this can easily be destroyed by explosives
Karakin is similar yet very different from Miramar
Karakin is similar yet very different from Miramar
These claustrophobic tunnels can be a total battlegrounds
These claustrophobic tunnels can be a total battlegrounds

Black Zone (PUBG Karakin Only)

PUBG's latest map is nearly entirely destructable
PUBG’s latest map is nearly entirely destructable

That Black Zone is only obtainable in PUBG Karakin. Are you ready to level every structure? It is produced to force everybody to leave safe buildings.

  • It’s feasible to face random difficulties! Towns with compounds cannot be damaged. Everything in between can be demolished completely.
  • The mix of settlements and ruins reserved for Karakin in the current PUBG Patch Notes will grow in real-time during the adventure. So, you should not cover yourself there until the end. When you hear the siren, please evacuate as soon as possible!

PUBG New Throwable: Sticky Bomb (Karakin Only)

PUBG also going to add new item and this time it's C4 and it is a sticky Bomb and only for Karakin Map
PUBG also going to add new item and this time it’s C4 and it is a sticky Bomb and only for Karakin Map

Developers of PUBG Corp. are showing Breach Points that can be flattened with Sticky Bombs. It will affect the siege playstyle. In which, the target will be some specific walls and floors.

Breach Points can be destoyed with sticky bombs in Karakin.
Breach Points can be destoyed with sticky bombs in Karakin.

It is one of the interesting PUBG features. It displays more tools for campers so they can obtain more sight lines/windows. For Squads going on the offensive, they have more choices for storming houses – “Do we blast in through the back of the building, or through the roof- maybe both?”. For Explorers, they can search for mysteries around areas with a spare Sticky Bomb or two.

To make PUBG gameplay much more exciting, the Bullet Penetration is added so you can shoot through the weakest walls in Karakin. It’s useful to find the foes through that drywall, regroup or play solo, and prepare for the next headshots!

PUBG Karakin Loot Increase – 23rd January

A hotfix to improve and rebalance Loot on the newest BATTLEGROUNDS has been activated, based on your feedback within the Testing Phase and the initial launch of Karakin.

You will be guaranteed to drop in and loot up quickly around. You can teammates can pick up more when roaming.

Specifically, the PUBG Steam‘s development team enhanced the above-ground spawn rate of healing and boosting items with scopes. The number of total SR/DMR muzzle attachments is set again because of the increased spawn rate of those weapons. The ratio of melee equipment, canted sights, and magazine attachments is reduced. Further, Sawed-off is cleared off Karakin. It will be freer to delve deeper into Karakin easily. Therefore, please keep the feedback coming!

New Vehicle: Motor Glider

“Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

New Vehicle: Motor Glider
New Vehicle: Motor Glider

PUBG Motor Glider is available on Live Servers (added on Jan 15th) and on Erangel with Miramar. 10 Motor Gliders will be scattered across the playfield per game, across 40 potential positions.

Each Motor Glider will have 2 seats, one for the pilot and one for a passenger who can fire or deploy any weapon. It’s simple to test PUBG Guide: Tips To Loot Items Using Motor Glider!

  • Take off by gaining enough 65km/h and fly up with the S key. If you hit 70km/h, it will automatically take off.
  • Motor Glider’s fuel consumption rate depends on the engine’s speed.
  • Motor Glider will be spawned without gas. Try to fuel up before accelerating!
  • While there’s no maximum altitude that you can reach, the engine will begin weaker when you fly higher.

Controls for PUBG Motor Glider:

W/S keys to go up or down, A/D to roll, Left Shift and Left Ctrl to throttle, press down Spacebar when it is on the ground to handbrake

PUBG Survivor Pass: Shakedown

PUBG Survivor Pass: Shakedown
PUBG Survivor Pass: Shakedown

Engage in PUBG Survivor Pass: Shakedown and do not ignore community missions whether you buy Premium Pass or not. Enter the Community Accomplishment Gauge together, attempt to claim skin rewards, and uncover every secret of Karakin by look for collectibles on the path!

When you unlock the special Cardboard Boxes, you can loot one of the 3 different objects.

The stuff collected will be shown on the Gauge as follows:

  • Disc piece: Counts as 1 point toward Community Missions Goal
  • Broken disc: Counts as 2 points
  • Old DVD: Counts as 3 points

Access the Community Mission tab, you can view your achievement score and XP.

Season Mission of PUBG Survivor Pass: Shakedown

After the PUBG Update 6.1 release date is announced, three tracks of Season Missions are also presented. Each of them will pop up monthly in January, February, and March. They are locked and indicate the time left before they are unleashed.

Progression Missions

You can obtain lots of XPs when you finish those Progression Missions.

  • Tracks 1, 2 will possess a set of 8 challenges with various difficulty levels.
  • Track 3 will offer 10 missions for people with the Premium Pass.

Milestones are stopped if a set goal is fulfilled, related to daily, weekly, and challenge missions.

Challenge Mission

They ask you to utilize designated weapons: Skorpion (Handgun), Win94 (SR), QBZ (AR), AKM (AR), QBU (DMR).

Get Level-up items for the Next Season

It’s achievable to receive level-up items for the next PUBG Season 7 as a premium pass mission reward! They are non-marketable and work when Season 7 runs. They are 5 Levels coupon x2 and 1 Level coupon x5.

Survival Title System in PUBG 6.1

Survival Title System in PUBG 6.1
Survival Title System in PUBG 6.1
Survival Title System in PUBG 6.1
Survival Title System in PUBG 6.1

Rewards for PUBG Survivor Title System Season 5 will be given at the start of Season 6.

SP will be changed, with your performance in Season 5 counting towards the beginning SP in the next one.

Modified Gameplay in PUBG Update6.1

PUBG Gameplay is improved, especially the firing mode.

There will be an option added to the gameplay settings so you can generate a second firing mode preference for AR and SMG weapons that have 3 FMs (Single, Burst, Auto).

Matchmaking in PUBG PC game

Matchmaking in PUBG PC game
Matchmaking in PUBG PC game

After PUBG Patch Notes 6.1, the Vikendi map will be discarded from public matches for a while. Aside from that, Karakin will replace it.

Map Selection in PUBG

There are several options: AS, KR/JP, SEA, EU, RU. Although Vikendi is taken its place, you can still play it in Custom Matches.

Featured PUBG Map & Random Map


  • Featured Map: Karakin
  • Random Map: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok

The Featured Map can be switched off and Karakin added to the Random Map pool if characters experience bugs with long matchmaking times.

PUBG Random Maps

  • Karakin
  • There is an equal chance to drop onto each map.

PUBG 6.1 Mastery System

PUBG ID will appear on the end of the match screen and while watching players.

  • Known Issue: Character model will not be found on PUBG ID.


The PASS button will pop up in the main menu of PUBG Online. It’s straightforward to look at the Survivor Pass by clicking it.

Replay System after PUBG 6.1

The replay system has been upgraded in PUBG Update 6.1. Replay files from old updates are not accessible for use.

Sound – an important part of PUBG game

The gun handling sounds have been made better, including reload and weapons switching sound effects.

Sound segmentation revolved around the mechanical properties weapons during aiming/scoping

In the Aiming/Scoping section of PUBG or PUBG Lite Download, the degree of trembling sounds that is involved in weapon attachments details is dissimilar, depending on the kind of the equipment.

Sounds are separated into 2 types, Handgun and non-handgun.

PUBG Vaulting Sounds Improvement

Detailed expressions on objects are polished during vaulting.

Vikendi: Decreased the volume of wind sound effect in the moonlight.

Performance of PUBG after 6.1

It is an essential segment of PUBG 6.1 Release.

  • World Origin Shift

Boosted up the use of the world location calculating process to cut down the hitching

  • Skins & Items in PUBG PC

These are items added to the Store after Update #6.1 hits live servers: 5 Golden Dragon skins, 4 Golden Phoenix skins, and 9 Seollal skins.

Bug Fixes since the PUBG Update

There are numerous fixes for many cases that players experienced when playing PUBG.

  • Gameplay

The camera view that was not put correctly when changing the seat to the driver’s during ADS

M249 iron sight was performed wrongly

The hold option for prone was not running rightly

The upper body was arranged inappropriately after throwing when sitting on the backseat of a motorbike on FPP

  • UI/UX

Your overhead UI was not connected to the model

The wrong UI could be revealed after hitting certain keys

The helmet on Customize was observable on your head on PUBG ID

  • Custom Match

The weapon crosshair was visible overlapped whilst going to another round in the PUBG PC War Mode while you were using a weapon

The Red Dot Sight was not comprised in the War Mode support spawn kit

  • Sound

The ambient noise was louder than expected in particular weather conditions on Vikendi

  • Skins & Items

The Tommy Gun skin texture and the lower body were obvious incorrectly

PUBG Update 6.1 – Patch Notes is a big release. We have pointed out the features that it has. Every adjustment will influence how you play PUBG a popular multiplayer survival game for sure. Therefore, you do not forget to up to date all of the breaking news on our website. Have fun!

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