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Find out all the significant changes in a new update for PUBG Xbox One Version! You will learn more about the bug fixes, gameplay adjustments, optimizations, etc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has already made its debut on Xbox One platform and now a brand new update for this version is already released, which brings some major changes to the players. The update consists of some important updates, such as bug fixes, Game DVR support, and the elimination of a beginning area for the players.

PUBG game is now equipped with some pre-match beginning locations. But before this, there was a problem when up to 100 players were dropped into the similar zone, causing the performance of the game to drop on the server with the client sides. Now, you won’t be able to see the weapons when you are at the beginning locations because all of them have been eliminated.

The damage that was taken from some objects like trees, rough terrains, and rocks was decreased, which is another important change in this update. In addition, you will now see the colors of your squad member more easily now. You will be able to employ the right stick for spinning your character at the customization menu.

Bug fixes is one of the significant changes featured in this update. You will explore many bugs that were already fixed in order to enhance the gaming performance. The water sound effects were busted, and now they sound much better. In addition, a problem making several objects float in the air was also resolved. Below here is the full patch notes released for PUBG Xbox One!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds XBOX One

Patch Notes


  • Already released lots of pre-match beginning locations so as to optimize the server and game client performance.
  • No more weapons can be seen on the beginning island before the beginning of the match.
  • Support game DVR for the auto recording of the gameplay high points. Go to the Options/Settings menu to enable this feature.
  • After listening to the feedback of the players about the in-game vehicles, the developer decided to reduce the damage soaked from some objects, such as trees, rocks, rough terrains.
  • The water and red-zone bombing now have better sound effects.
  • The player’s MMR now has an effect on the party matchmaking
  • The long-range blood VFX was already altered back to the original colors.


  • The visibility of squad member colors was much more enhanced, including yellow, orange, blue and green.
  • You will be able to utilize the right thumbstick if you want to rotate your character throughout the customization process.
  • While trying to change the appearance of your character, you can hold the D-Pad in order to change between the menus.
  • You can preview when you modify the appearance or make a new character.


  • The design of energy drink was improved and updated already.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted the water sound effects
  • The Red Zone vanishing away instantly after beginning was repaired.
  • Repaired the random character teleportation following the first landing.
  • Already solved a problem when you couldn’t get into some doors even though they appeared open.
  • The recovery and boost items could be used when you were underwater, now this issue was fixed.
  • The character animations when you change from jump-prone to standing were altered.
  • The unexpected character death resulted in falling while moving was repaired.
  • Some zones of fencing in which the particular sides weren’t able to be pierced by bullets were altered.
  • Already resolved the buildings that didn’t have enough stairs.
  • A bug making the objects keep floating in the air was fixed.
  • Some zones of terrain made the characters get trapped were already resolved.
  • Solved a problem that stopped the team members from being showed after being accepted by an invite.
  • The revive was sometimes canceled accidentally, and now it was fixed.
  • The hand animations when you reload or shooting the Kar98 in a prone position were already fixed.
  • The problem that restricted the highest parachuting speed in FFP mode was solved.
  • The character animations when you transfer from prone to hop into a vehicle were fixed.

Optimization / Stability

  • Made some optimizations for the landscapes, textures and some constructions all over the island in order to bring the players a better gaming performance.
  • A crash happened when HDR was enabled, and now it was fixed.
  • Repaired a frozen character problem when you reconnected after a crash.
  • A  crash happened when you tried to open your inventory, but now it was solved.
  • A crash also happened when the spectated player utilized a scope, and this was fixed.

Location fixes

  • Some fonts were added to the game, such as Russian, Japanese and Chinese (simplified/traditional).
  • For Japanese, the Katakana font was altered, also, some incorrect word orders throughout the object interactions were adjusted too.
  • For Portuguese, the showing of height meter when you parachute was repaired.

Known Issues

  • Key X should be used now for cutting the parachute cable instead of key B.
  • Keys X, Y and B can perform their complete functions when you view the map. But you should remember that this will make you leave the plane or a vehicle while you are in motion. You are highly advised to utilize the map button to get back to gameplay until this is completely fixed.


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