The Basics of PUBG Mobile Livik’s Monster Truck

Monster Truck is a new exclusive vehicle for PUBG Mobile Livik map. Find out the pros and cons of it and the areas with a high spawn rate of this vehicle.

In PUBG Mobile 0.19.0, a new vehicle has been introduced to a brand new Livik beta map, and it’s called Monster Truck. This is a map-exclusive vehicle that aims to help players better their movements when moving from place to place on PUBG Mobile Livik.

With the arrival of Monster Truck in PUBG Mobile, players can easily climb mountains and move on uneven surfaces easily. Since the title is all about survival, the mobility of players plays an important role in matches. You have to learn how to drive vehicles to get into the safe zone before taking damage from the Blue Zone. Due to the small size of Livik – only 2km x 2km, together with diverse terrain, players will find it harder to drive vehicles around those areas. But, with Monster Truck, they can travel easily! Now, you need to find out some basic information about PUBG Mobile Monster Truck on the Livik map!

Is Monster Truck a good vehicle to use in PUBG Mobile Livik?

Players can travel to areas on PUBG Mobile Livik map more quickly when driving a Monster Truck

PUBG Mobile vehicles are diverse, with some purposes to use. The aim of releasing monster trucks to PUBG Mobile Livik is to give the game more mobility and help players move safely as well as quickly through terrain on the new map. But, players can utilize ramps to jump if they want. Monster Truck is a vehicle with a unique appearance when it features big tires to help get through obstacles along the way easily. Thanks to this, players will not have a high chance to damage this vehicle when driving it to other areas.

However, Monster Truck has some disadvantages too. It is quite big, and it has many sound cues and can be outstanding on the terrain due to its outside appearance. Due to this, other players can easily catch sight of you driving a Monster Truck, which puts you in danger! There is a high chance for you to face lots of gun battles when you drive this vehicle.

Monster Truck is a unique vehicle created for PUBG Mobile Livik map only

In general, Monster Truck is a good choice for players who want to travel fast or reach a long distance or get into the safe zone quickly. You should give this vehicle a try if you are playing matches on PUBG Mobile Livik. However, you are recommended not to drive the Monster Truck when you are in the final zones and the last stage of the game because when you drive it, your position is exposed to other enemies, which causes you to be shot by them easily!

Where to find Monster Trucks in PUBG Mobile?

Monster Trucks spawn randomly throughout matches in PUBG Mobile Livik. If you are lucky, you can catch sight of a monster truck while you are heading to a specific location and you can use it to move faster if you want. There are several places where the spawn rate of Monster Truck is higher:

  • Location 1: Power Plant
  • Location 2: Aqueduct
  • Location 3: Crab Grass

That’s all you need to know about PUBG Mobile Monster Truck! If you are interested in this new vehicle released to the game through PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update, you can try driving it to better your movement speed. Go to the recommended places above where you may have a high chance to spot a Monster Truck!

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