The Return Of PUBG Vikendi Map Shows Less Snow But Better Updates

PUBG Vikendi map is known as a famous snowy map that finally returns to the game with more interesting updates but less snowy. Check it out!

The development team of the PUBG game has put their effort into upgrading the PUBG Vikendi mapwith some hot fixes in order to bring the game back to its top rank. Gamers should explore all hot fixes for the Vikendi map that aim to better their game experience. As you know, PUBG maps are so diverse with different textures and characteristics, and the Vikendi map is no exception. It has been known as a snow-covered map ever since the release. Nevertheless, the map was eliminated from the game a long time ago to make way for PUBG Karakin map which is known as a desert map in PUBG Season 6. For those who love to play on the snowy map, now they can experience it again because Vikendi is finally brought back to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game for good, with new changes and cool updates.

Welcome back to PUBG Vikendi map

The return of PUBG Vikendi map this time has been long-awaited by most of the gamers, especially the fans of the snow-covered map. Vikendi map has been upgraded to a better map when it received some hotfixes from the developers. This video below covers all the latest PUBG Vikendi map updates that you should check out now!

The most outstanding point that can be seen from the trailer above is that the lessened amount of snow on the Vikendi map, but the colors are becoming much brighter. With the addition of new areas to explore, players will get more excited when playing on the PUBG Vikendi map.

PUBG Vikendi map

Dinopark is the first place that was changed in this Vikendi update. The name of the place has been renamed into Dinoland with a bigger size and more colors. When you come to Dinoland, you will see more amusement parks or giant wheels.

PUBG Mobile Dinopark

There was a change in terms of form for the Monasteries on Mount Kreznic and Tovar. You can finally experience a brand new rail system on the PUBG Vikendi map. It has been considered to be one of the most unique means of transport in the game that forces players to move following its way, not theirs. You will also join more gunfights from the train.

Stay on the lookout whenever the hooter is emitted in the PUBG game. Other players are probably aiming at you with their guns

There was also a big announcement on PUBG Vikendi, which is that no areas will be replaced in the game, just only new features added and terrain upgraded. Vikendi map in PUBG PC game has reached its utmost upgrade. Gamers should stay tuned and wait for more things to be available after the map has been fully completed and released.

PlayerIGN is known as a reliable PUBG news hunter and according to what he has learned, he assumed that the PUBG Update 6.3 would include Vikendi map with a brand new look.

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