Vending Machines in PUBG Mobile

The recent PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0 has already provided players a lot of functions not existing before. They are the Miramar 2.0 map, Cheer Park, and vending machines. Which benefits can vending machines bring back? If you want to learn much more about the vending machine in PUBG Mobile game, please keep reading the following information!

What is Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile?

Vending Machine

Vending Machine is one of the most significant features in PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0. It will contain a few useful items to restore your health. To dig deeper into the machine, you’d better continue. Remember to download PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0 on your devices and install it first!

Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile is identical to the one in reality. In combat, every survivor will be allowed to choose from and purchase something in order to regain HP, for example, energy drinks.

Keep in mind that PUBG Mobile Vending Machine will work for a short time. In other words, they will be just activated for a couple of specific times. If a Vending Machine depletes, you can leave and look for another.

Notes for Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile

Notes for Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile

Vending Machine will be only obtainable on Miramar 2.0 and they are located across destinations on the map. Since they are not fixed in one place, searching for their products or energy drinks in the same position is not a possible solution.

If you are able to receive 8 energy drink units in one purchase on the Vending Machine, a Jackpot will be unlocked. Further, Vending Machine will display a notice on the screen when runs out of drinks.

Because Vending Machine is distributed at random in PUBG Mobile Download, you can see them on MAD MIRAMAR unexpectedly. However, quickly finding areas including those machines will become more important in case you have been attacked. If you don’t recover promptly, you will be eliminated soon. Keep calm and follow the list below! If you have ever checked PUBG Mobile news, you can get more. So, they are:

Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile

  • The Pecado arena
  • El Ajahar
  • Buildings near Pecado
  • San Martin restaurant
  • The Los Leones city

Although Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile will not play an over-necessary role in the game, you will have to use it in some specific circumstances, especially when you have taken damage. Vending machines in PUBG Mobile, a version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, can save your life and help you get stronger. If you have found out any better location, please leave a comment!

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