PUBG Lite New Patch Note Released on August 8, 2019

New PUBG Lite PC Patch Note is out on August 8, 2019. Players should quickly check this patch out for more details about the latest updates in PUBG Lite game. This latest PUBG patch note features brand new contents, details about the new PUBG Lite season, and many other wonderful things.

New contents in PUBG Lite patch note

4vs4 Match

  • How to play 4VS4 MATCH
  • First, you must select “4VS4 MATCH (BETA)” tab that is on the menu at the top of the lobby screen.
  • The changed menu will appear
  • You are able to modify the settings by just clicking the setting wheel.
    • You can only join FPP in PUBG Lite 4VS4 MATCH
    • Different from the Battle Royale mode, the loot crate of the users will not be spawned after death.
  • You can create the parties in the same manner as in the PUBG Lite Public Match.
    • You can make parties that have 1, 2 or 3 players but matched with other players in a random way.
  • By clicking the “START” button displayed on the bottom left corner of the lobby, the game can be commenced.
  • Game Rules
    • What to do to win the battle
      • The team that reaches 30 kills first will win the match.
      • If the match duration is over 10 minutes before either team gets to 30 kills, the team that has the higher kill counts will win.
      • If two teams have a similar number of kill counts at the conclusion of the battle, the result for the match will be a tie.
  • Commencing a Match
    • When the match is commenced, all players have to wait for 30 seconds.
    • Throughout the waiting time, an invisible wall will obstruct the entrance. During this time, nobody is allowed to go outside.
    • Once the waiting time finishes, that invisible wall will fade away, and the battle officially starts.
  • What you should do to get weapons
    • You are given some things, such as Lv 1 backpack, Lv1 armored vest, Lv1 helmet, a grenade
    • As soon as the match commences, you will see all weapons and attachments on racks right in front of you, and they are positioned in every party.
      • Any weapon can be selected, excluding for the pistol, crossbow, or weapons in the care package.
      • Once a weapon has been chosen, players are now able to collect attachments and ammo positioned on the left and right before the game is started.
4vs4 Match
4vs4 Match

PUBG Lite 4vs4 Gameplay


If your health is 0, you will instantly die without getting destroyed by someone else.

Different from the Battle Royale mode, the loot crate of the player will not appear after death.


The player will be resurrected 5 seconds after death

Items after resurrection

The weapon and attachments that you had before getting destroyed will be the same after revival.

The suitable amount of ammo suited to the weapon of the player will be given.

There will be 250 bullets for 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm, and .45 ACP Ammo

There will be 90 bullets for 12 Gauge

After your resurrection, the basic gears will be given again. Nevertheless, even if you get destroyed while getting a grenade, you will not get this item

You are unable to be damaged by other enemies because you will be invulnerable for 7 seconds.

The players who are in the invulnerable state will shine a bright light.

Physically injuring your team

You cannot injure yourself or your teammates regardless of any situations.

Health regeneration

You will automatically regenerate your health 7 seconds after straying from the fight.

After 7 seconds, your health will regenerate 1-% each second and will be up to 75% finally.

You are able to get health items from the vending machines that are on both sides of the middle of the map.

Combat message and the screen of the player

On PUBG Lite 4vs4 match, you will see the kill messages and mode messages being shown for specific circumstances.

Dashboard: The remaining playtime and kill scores are displayed.

Kill message: Show the kill messages explaining the combat situation.

Real-time total kill message: Shows the existing kill counts similar to the Battle Royale mode.

Progression status

If you create a lot of kills in a row, you will proceed to a higher tier.

If you create 2, 4, 6 kills in a row, you will be taken to a new tier, and it will be shown. No extra effect can be found in the progression status.

KDA Status: the KILL/DEATH/ASSIST scores of players will be displayed.

Mode Message: The mode message will be shown to all members of the match, including the first kill, the last kill, and the 6 successive kills.

Map: Bodie

Size: 150 X 60 (M)

Map: Bodie
Map: Bodie
Map: Bodie

Game result

The screen of the game result

When the match finishes, you will see the result screen

Players will see the final kill, death, and assist record on the screen. MVP badge is shown right beside the MVP’s ID.

MVP is made based on the KDA stats regardless of the winning team.

The reward is based on the result of the game

You will get the rewards based on the result, and you can check out those rewards below here:

Winning team: 60 BP

Losing team: 30 BP

Kill point: 5 BP per kill

Draw point: 60 BPAdditional MVP point: 30 BP

About PUBG Lite New Season

The new PUBG Lite season will officially commence with the beginning of the Open Beta service of PUBG Lite.

Below here is the schedule of the PUBG Lite new season:

  • Season period: From August 8th to October 10th (prior to the patch update)
  • Season end: October 3rd
  • Reward period: From October 3rd to October 10th (prior to the patch update)

There will be one week for the players to get all the season rewards. If you cannot redeem the rewards throughout the said time, you will not have a chance to get the rewards at all.

Two big content updates in PUBG Lite new season:

  • First: It’s about the new Survival Point System in which players playing PUBG Lite more will be made up with more rewards. The winners will also get more rewards, like System Rewards and Title Rewards.
  • Second: There is the new LITE PASS system featured in this update. This system is where players can earn more XP by finishing all the missions. Also, with the addition of the new LITE PASS: Premium System, players can get level up passes instantly and more unique items.

Below here are the details of these content updates:

  • New Survival Point System (Survival Point, “SP”)
  • The first season of the new PUBG Lite Survival Point System will officially commence on August 8th.
  • If one player does not join PUBG Lite game after the starting of the Season 1, that one will be untitled in the game. If they join at least once, they will begin above 1 SP.

MMR for matchmaking is completely different from the title system. Even if the Survival Point System comes to a conclusion, there will be no reset for the MMR.


For the ones that make an attempt to play PUBG Lite frequently, they will gradually gain better titles.

The Specialist title with other titles that are lower than Specialist (Beginner, Novice, Experienced, and Skilled) will be split into 5 tiers (V, IV, III, II, I).

With some higher titles such as Expert, Survivor, and Lone Survivor, they will not be divided into more tiers. The SPs rewarded to those titles will be based on the skills and time investment of players, like higher ranks and kill counts.

The SP that you gain in every mode: solo, duo, and squad will share the same value. The efficiency in terms of SP gaining in every mode has just been modified to stop players from being focused on one specific mode.

  • Lone Survivor Title was added to PUBG Lite
Lone Survivor Title
  • How to obtain the Lone Survivor title
  • The Lone Survivor title is the last title and it is only for the top 1,000 players titled who gained the Survivor.
  • This title is very special because it needs players to put their effort into remaining it until the conclusion of Season 1
  • Some enhancements have been created on the leaderboard for the people that have the Lone Survivor title.
  • There will be an update for the Lone Survivor player status on the leaderboard for every 2 hours.

If one player that has the Lone Survivor title does not engage in PUBG Lite for a week, that one will be eliminated from the leaderboard.

Lone Survivor
  • Survival Point System rewards
Lone Survivor
Survival Point System rewards
  • There will be two discrepant rewards provided:
    • This is a reward system that is made for players who made an effort to achieve the titles.
    • The rewards given to players are based on the highest titles obtained by players regardless of the game modes (solo/duo/squad) they joined or the perspectives (TPP/FPP) they played.
    • Players are able to claim their rewards from October 2nd until the end of Season 1 which is October 10th.
    • The reward system is made and given to the players based on the highest titles they have achieved no matter what mode (solo/duo/squad) or perspective (TPP/FPP) they joined.
  • Added a new Pass System (LITE PASS: Free, LITE PASS: Premium and missions)

When the new Season 1 for Pass and Mission is started, the PUBG Lite development team has done their best to attach a lot of rewards, and they will carry on for 8 weeks known as “PUBG LITE SEASON1”

  • New Pass System – LITE PASS: PREMIUM
    • Players are able to join the PREMIUM pass immediately once they buy it from the store.
    • The period of time for purchase: UTC 2019.08.08 ~ 2019.09.30
    • Players will be able to join more missions and earn more rewards.
    • The levels of a player will not experience a reset if they purchase this LITE PASS. Even after buying the pass, they are still able to get the items that were formerly achieved.
  • All new MISSIONS in PUBG Lite update
    • Daily Mission: You will have 3 sets of missions daily.
      • Feel free to switch the missions 3 times a day if you want. If you are unable to finish the changed mission, the missions will be eliminated.
    • Weekly Mission: 10 missions will be given to you every week (Free 4 / Premium: 6)
      • You can totally switch the mission 5 times a week. If you are not able to finish the changed one, then the missions will be eliminated.
    • Challenge Mission: 5 missions for 3 discrepant kinds of weapons are given to players.
    • Attached Beginner Mission to PUBG Lite

New Items

  • Collector’s Crate: This is the type of crate that contains exclusive outfits for players.
    • Period: From August 8th to August 29th
    • Price: 1EA – 60LC / 10EA – 540LC
New Items
New Items
  • Special Crate: This is the type of crate that stores weapon and vehicle skins.
    • Period: From August 8th to August 29th
    • Price: 1EA – 60LC / 10EA – 540LC
weapon and vehicle skins
weapon and vehicle skins
  • Limited Sales: LAMB T-shirt
    • LAMB T-shirt will be released with two colors: gray and red for a limited period of time.
    • Period: From August 8th to August 14th
    • Price: 30LC
  • Single items
    • By buying single items separately, you will be able to instantly buy the permanent items.
    • Wild Gunman Leather Jacket: 600 LC
    • Wild Gunman Bell-Bottoms: 400 LC
    • Wild Gunman Shoes: 250 LC
    • Master of the Land Parachute: 200 LC
    • Wild Desert Glasses (Punk): 250 LC
    • There are other monetized items, including:
    • Premium Pass: 400 LC
    • Premium Pass Plus (Premium PASS + 25LV up Ticket): 1,100 LC
    • 1LV UP Ticket: 60 LC
    • 5LV UP Ticket: 300 LC
    • 20LV UP Ticket: 1,200 LC
    • 30LV UP Ticket: 1,530 LC
    • 50LV UP Ticket: 2,400 LC
    • 2x BP Booster(1Day): 60 LC
    • Nickname change: 330 LC


  • Network/Client Optimization
    • Optimizing Network
      • Made an optimization to the in-game vehicle and parachute control.
      • The match-making system (server performance) was strongly improved. Players in every area will now be matched based on their optimization level.
        • This is the zone affected by every player’s network environment. Therefore, if you cannot see the change, please be sympathetic.
    • Optimizing Client
      • “Light Off” option was attached to the lower option.
      • Players that have the standard of the on-board graphics card of 30-40 FPS can get 50-60 FPS after they pick the lower option.
      • Feel free to click Light ON/OFF button in Settings.
      • You are recommended to optimize in accordance with your own PC environment needs.
    • Balance adjustment – the spawn rate of the flare gun was increased.
      • Since the players are so excited to use the flare gun, the spawn rate of this item has just been increased.
    • L-COIN was released and added to PUBG LITE
      • This is a brand new currency within LITE.

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