PUBG Lite Patch Note Update: Adding A New Weapon, Vehicles and More

In PUBG Lite latest update, you can check out a brand new weapon, new vehicles for Miramar map, new BP reward display system, and many other bug fixes.

Based on your feedback, PUBG Lite is now significantly upgraded with brand new contents, more system development, and a huge number of improvements. All of these elements will be packed in this latest patch that you can totally check out below. This is going to be one of the best PUBG Lite updates that you cannot miss!

New contents in PUBG Lite

New weapon added – SLR

SLR is a brand new DMR-type weapon that was added to PUBG Lite. This weapon uses the 7.62MM ammo, which can dish out severe damage, and also, it has a very fast shooting speed. It can show a super powerful performance in mid to long range battles. By using this new weapon, you can easily get the hang of mid to long range battles.


Added new vehicles: MIRADO (only for Miramar)

You will have a chance to find the brand new vehicle called Mirado that is exclusive to Miramar map only. Mirado has two types, including convertible and non-convertible, and they are all released in this update. By using this fast vehicle, you will be able to traverse anywhere that you like while you can easily enjoy the ride with high speed. However, Mirado will move at a slow speed when it is on hilly landscapes. So if you want to enjoy the new ride at high speed, you must go find flat landscapes for that.


New System in PUBG Lite: BP Reward Display

With this new update, the BP you get from the game will be exhibited when you get through each phase. Therefore, passing more phases will bring you more BP, then you can go purchase more awesome items.

BP Reward Display

Other updates

A. Adjusted the balance of attachments

Both pistol and SMG attachment were gathered together under the same category, also, the bullet loops for shotguns, like Win94 and Kar98k were merged into one attachment. Now, looting items will be done in a more convenient way after grouping and merging those attachments.

B. Release empty magazines after weapon reloads

Some changes have been made! The empty magazines will now drop to the ground once the weapons reload. With this way, the gunplay animation will become more realistic.


C. Addressed the problem about the unclear sound of other player’s footstep

The footstep volume was increased after hearing some of your feedback. Most of the feedback was about the sounds of the footsteps of other players being too soft. The volume was finally modified to a new level which would be suitable for the balance of the game to bring a smoother and nicer sound play to all people.

D. Added a new feature to the system menu in PUBG Lite, allowing players to report their teammates

There were so many requests from plenty of fans playing PUBG Lite, and after receiving them, the team made a decision on adding a new report function to the former patch. Also, this patch was updated with the new system that players can utilize for reporting other players through the system menu. It’s easy to report the teammates via the system menu now.

Team Management

E. Items can be dragged even if the inventory is open for a faster item looting speed

If you want to get items faster, drag when looting them so you can easily get them. With the upgraded system, you will be able to loot faster.



Addressed the problem about the item being spawned in the air

Interaction Key

Made an optimization to the interaction key to make sure the object in the cross hair is the initial thing to react when pressing key F.


Addressed the problem about the sound of players’ footsteps is too soft.

Observer’s mode

Already addressed the issue of the observer that is not capable of seeing the player using the dynamic zoom


Addressed so that the screenshot (F12) is able to be taken on the result screen.

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