PUBG Xbox: Update #7 Patch Notes

Discover one of the most recent PUBG Update Xbox # 7 coming to the Live Servers! It brings back a new weapon, other changes together with bug fixes and many more!

PUBG Update Xbox One #7 Live!

It is available for all to play your survival game better with the most recent PUBG Update Xbox! It is a big collection of changes, additions and more. Maintenance Schedule:

The plan to maintain PUBG

  • PDT: May 27 10PM – May 28 2AM
  • CEST: May 28 7AM – 11AM

Now, we will dig deeper into details.



According to the PUBG Xbox One Patch Notes, it is a new SMG. It is used with 9mm ammunition. It is exclusive in Vikendi. It will take the place of Vector. It will cause more damage. But, it owns the lower firing rate and DPS. It has a higher magazine capacity than Vector. It will begin at 30 rounds and 40 rounds in an extended magazine. Features of an MP5K in PUBG will include:

  • It’s simple to manage recoil!
  • It can be equipped with various magazines, muzzle attachments, grips, laser sight, and scopes.
  • The base damage value of 33
  • Only appears on Vikendi

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

It is the second important part of the current Pubg Xbox One Patch Notes.

  • Dress to Kill – Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card is finally gettable on Console!
  • To obtain rewards, you should complete the objective.
  • It’s not difficult to know the price and the info about the DLC packages!

Survival Title System Season 2

Survival Title System Season 2

We will head to the third section in the selected newest PUBG Update Xbox One.

Survival Title System is releasing Season 2 along with a few differences from the previous title.


Aside from the explanation about Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card or the gun MP5K, you are able to explore plenty of essential pieces for your PUBG Xbox One next update. They will be reserved for the balance of your weapons and the gameplay.

Weapon balance

  • M16A4: Since the seventh PUBG Xbox Update Patch Notes is launched, its fighting capability over the long distance is enhanced. The earliest recoil will be lessened if shooting with the burst mode. Before the damage is set, the range will be increased. Furthermore, the Canted Sights and the Tactical Stock can go with. The Tactical Stock can reduce the recoil restore time, animation kick and weapon sway. It boosts up ADS speed and hip fire accuracy, too.
  • Vector: Vector is checked again to deploy 9mm ammo. Its magazine capacity has been expanded to 19 bullets by default and 33 with an extended mag. Meanwhile, the muzzle velocity is adjusted to 380m/s.
  • UMP45: The UMP9 in PUBG download free Xbox One can fire 45ACP ammo. UMP9 is now the UMP45. Its magazine capacity rises up to 25 and 35 with an extended mag. The gunfire sound is more realistic. The muzzle velocity reaches 300m/s.
  • MK47 Mutant: The Tactical Stock can be controlled with an MK47 Mutant at once.
  • Attachments balance: If you choose Pistols, the sight’s size will be lowered while SMG and Pistol accessories will be connected and handled on weapon kinds. Bullets Loops (for Shotguns, Win94 and Kar98k) will be merged into Ammo Loops. Holo Sights can fit Pistols.
  • Hit area damage multiplier improvements: After the new PUBG Xbox Update, the SMG limb with the SR body shot damage will be increased and the base damage of AWM is cut.

Gameplay balance

  • The overall aim sway is reduced when being fired.
  • First-aid kits will heal for 2 seconds.
  • Vehicles can cover you from grenades.

Item spawn balance

There are numerous changes for the Item spawn balance in the existing PUBG Update Xbox One.

  • Loot on Erangel: The rate is improved (for ARs, DMRs, SMGs, SRs, and Handguns, etc.). Several primary weapon classes pop up more.
  • Crosshair UI development for Canted Sight and Scopes: There will be a crosshair operating a Canted Sight so you can search for the appropriate scope easier. With the major scope, you can look for the standard crosshair (x shape) when you take the Canted Sight.

Movement rustling sound

Weapons: They are not similar when you hold weapons in hands or carry them on your back. However, you cannot distinguish the noise of weapon types. Note that sidearms, melee weapons, and throwables will not generate any sound.

Sound level balance: There are also a few modifications to make the sound level in PUBG Xbox full game release more stable.


It is one of the most crucial portions of PUBG latest update!

  • The lobby background and BGM are reworked.
  • Enter the system menu UI with the Start button
  • Designed again emotes customization UI
  • Embark on the journey at 12: 00, four of the emotes arranged counter-clockwise you formerly chosen will not be provided.
  • Access the Emotes Tab from the Customization Menu and you can edit emotes


Do not skip the performance! It has been tweaked in the newest PUBG Update Xbox One!

  • Upgraded the level streaming and loading pace of near buildings with internal objects
  • Made the best of the material data structure
  • Exploit the level LOD data

Bug Fixes

With the most recent PUBG Update Xbox, you will not encounter issues below anymore. They are:

  • The inaccurate footsteps’ sound on a steel floor in Sanhok
  • Being stuck on the ceiling when jumping over something in Sanhok
  • The vines over the wires in Camp Bravo stopped bullets in Sanhok
  • It was possible to catch sight of the past walls by misapplying emotes
  • It was straightforward to open or shut doors while there was a car in front of them
  • It was easy to glimpse through a thin wall when somebody leaned against
  • Two Molotov Cocktails damaged a survivor in PUBG while the one throwing the first would be confirmed with the kill
  • The smoke from a grenade explosion delineated those who were inside
  • It was impossible to lean when standing on a crossbow
  • Not taking damage when getting off a moving vehicle while using a poor network connectivity
  • Hands moved wrongly when changing the firing mode on the Bizon
  • The inventory UI in PUBG did not show in the right way when placing specific attachments on the QBZ
  • The bug in which an object blocked Care Packages from landing will be discarded after our PUBG Xbox Update Patch Notes.
  • Players in PUBG for free Xbox One could not revive after the game client was shut or crashed
  • An item spawned in various regions
  • Hitting hotkeys to mute or switch audio channels caused heavy FPS drops
  • The automatic mini-map zoom would not be turned on when you were in the airplane or parachuting
  • Selecting LB or RB when watching could swap two characters
  • The canted sight expanded ADS speed of scopes
  • Attaching a magazine on the Beryl could point out the erroneous magazine model
  • Choosing between the main sight and the canted one could alter the reticle brightness
  • The camera moved up and down when heading into a house
  • The character model shook if going to prone
  • The one who drove through a window with a motorcycle and the glass did not break
  • The reload animation would run two times if you interacted with the firing key many times whilst loading again the Kar98k
  • The care package stabbed someone when he or she was on the landing position
  • Items were stuck on the floor and you could not pick them up

Known troubles

If you have ever faced the problems related to teammate’s icons and health bar in download PUBG for Xbox One, which did not pop up, remember to inform the developer.

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