It’s vital to read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy when you access free service on the Internet. This content is telling you data collects.

Since you want a spot for PUBG PC Free Download, is glad to be in service. However, this combat game is attracting an overwhelmingly large number of gamers, conducting a website that needs specific Terms of Use as well as Privacy Policy.

If you already finished reading the terms of use of, we would like you to go through this privacy policy carefully because of your own good and peaceful cooperation between us.

How does conduct Privacy Policy?

Starting with your first time using the service on this website, including downloading, reading, and registering the account, we will apply the policy.

The act will collect data and actions that impose absolute value on developing the website regarding content and activities.

Your profile will be under our watch initially and after you stop using the service for six months. It’s the mutual benefits that we manage your data besides you, and you contribute to the development of this community.

We need users to compromise voluntarily with our action of collecting your data. Therefore, you need to read the below information.

Register Account on PUBG Game
Register Account on PUBG Game

What data does the website collect?

What we collect will depend on the extension of your activities on the website, as below:

  • Through account registration, we gather what you declare to us, including email address, ID, Passwords, and claimed personal information.
  • When you download the PUBG game for PC and features related, we will collect your name, IDs. Social media account if connected and surrounding environments such as the network, Browser, and location.
  • When you are active on the website, to read information PUBG Download or else, your time on the website, your search and content you engaged will go to us.
  • During the gameplay, the record on your progress, results, account, schedule, and date will go to our system, too.
  • By that time, if you purchase game items and attend our survey, these content and information input are also collected to’s administration.
  • You might have a connection with the other parties, and also, we will collect that data.
  • If you attend PUBG events and get presents from them, the address and name you registered to receive posts are under our record.

We will not track information relating to users who are under 13 years old or the state’s law about children. We have no interest in sensitive information that has no impact on the gameplay or the website.

What do we use the data for?

As you see, we collect only information relating to users and the gameplay. Or in the other word, we are only interested in data that would help us to:

  • Develop the content of the website and user’s reaction to the website
  • Improve the service of the game, news, and delivery to users
  • Attract more users
  • Advertise our service as well as other services
  • Manage the activities within the gameplay and using the service
  • Communicate with users in the most responsive way
  • Provide you the service for free

How do we manage your data?

Information, including personal and gameplay relating to us through using services, will belong to the website administration only.

Our system is the only source to keep those data, and we also let no one with no responsibility and authority to access them.

We have passwords for an entry that only staff and authorized teams can access. The only case we expose your information is carrying out a request from governments.

How do you manage your data with us?

You always have the right to track information, records, and data about yourself that we collect. Since you have that idea, don’t hesitate to drop us an email. We are responsible for letting you know all we have in hand but only information relating to you.

Cookies and with

To provide faster and better service, we use cookies to approach the user’s device. It’s common to help the system recognize your device and then release the service better. Accepting the cookies means you allow the altogether flow of information on the website under your access.