Download PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0 For New Contents

PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0 is finally available to download. This update features a companion pet, reworked chat as well as a new Zombie mode.

Tencent is ready to release to another PUBG update in the beta channel after launching new elements for the players to experience, such as After experience new elements, such as G36C rifle, Tukshai vehicle, dynamic weather system, PUBG Mobile Beta v0.11.5, as well as Royale Pass Season 6 update. Are you excited about PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0 update featuring amazing new contents, like new companion “pet” system, a new “Darkest Night” Zombie mode, alterations designed to the “Survive Till Dawn” Zombie mode, including a new RPG weapon, liquid nitrogen grenade, jungle-style double magazines, and new zombies? You should be ready for all of this and never stop keeping yourself updated with PUBG game!

PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0

Below here are all the official changes featured in this update:

  • New Feature: MugenSpace / Infinity:
    • Substitutes Event mode
    • Survive Till Dawn is currently under Expansions for now
    • More new modes will be attached in the forthcoming time.
    • New Infinity Mode: Darkest Night
      • You must survive for one night while battling against zombies.
      • All the teams staying alive at down will triumph.
  • New Feature: Companion System:
    • You can bring a companion with you into battle.
    • They cannot be seen by the enemies, so you don’t have to worry about any risks exposed.
    • You will obtain Companion EXP by taking them into battle with you, increase their levels to unlock Companion emotes.
  • Survive Till Dawn Improvements:
    • Stun Grenades now also have an effect on zombies
    • Liquid Nitrogen Grenades were included in PUBG Mobile in order to immobilize enemies and make them move at a slower speed.
    • Attached jumping zombies and zombie dogs to the game.
    • Some zombies are now able to climb over low walls or even onto the roof.
    • Included RPG-7 and Jungle Style Magazines
    • Flamethrowers are now able to dish out more damage.
    • Already adjusted M134 handling
    • Zombies now move at a slower speed after they have been hit by firearms.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug in which hair was shown incorrectly when attaching certain headgear.
    • Fixed a bug about Season 6 Pants making graphics glitch in certain footgear.
    • Fixed a bug in which doors were shown incorrectly.
    • Fixed a bug in which players can get stuck in several buildings in certain places.



The companion system is likely to be the most outstanding feature in this update. To be more specific, the companions are the pets that will go with you into the battle. At the moment, you can only get access to Eagle/Kite and use them as a companion in PUBG Mobile. The companion has up to 7 levels, each of them needs 10,000 XP to upgrade as well as to unlock further animations. It would be impossible to find XP mechanics of the Companions, however, because this is a Beta, you can approach a “food crate” option to level up your pet easily. In the battle, when you are prone, your companion will fly away. Luckily, other enemies outside of your team will not be able to spot your companion, and therefore, it does not have an effect on the gameplay. The animatronics are currently so jittery and full of bugs. By detaching it, you will be able to disable the companion feature, in case there is a bird sitting on your shoulder distracting while you are focusing on shooting AK47 bullets at virtual foes.

Zombie Mode Changes

Some more weapons and characters were already added to Resident Evil: Survive Till Dawn zombie mode in PUBG Mobile. You can now get access to a cool weapon – a rocket launcher in the shape of the RPG-7. Seemingly, the weapon becomes more overpowered in damage, it comes with 6 rockets and iron sights. However, because RPG-7 is so limited to the Zombie modes, it will not have an effect on the gameplay in the standard modes.

Besides RPG-7, players can use other new weapons, such as an explosive crossbow that helps shoot arrows exploding on impact, a liquid nitrogen mine that can be thrown to slow the targets within a certain scope of mine, as well as a new jungle mag attachment. This jungle mag attachment is similar to a double extended magazine loading in 60 bullets rather than the standard 30 mag. You can add it to the ARs, but do not attach it to DMRs or the S12K. Some players have reported that they could only find it in elite zombie drops.

After you have destroyed a lot of zombies in the other zombie mode and reached level 5 for the zombie modes, you can unlock the new zombie mode called “Darkest Night”/”Survive until the Rescue Arrives”. The new mode takes you to a random spot on the Erangel map. You must battle against other players and zombies for your survival until the extraction crews appear.  It is impossible to exit the building at night due to poisonous gas that will reduce your health.

Other alterations

It is so possible to customize the Red Dot, Holo Sight, 2X, and 3X zoom reticles with various colors and shapes. More options will probably be available for other zoom levels when this great feature becomes Stable. In addition to this, you can pick your favorite color when you customize the hip-fire crosshair.

You are also able to watch over your friends from the lobby itself, you can use an option for disabling this feature if you want.

When you observe the enemies (once you have been killed by them), you can send them friend requests if you want.

The lobby image now includes in the inventory panel, hinting that further lobby themes/images will probably be attached as part of extra, purchasable crate content.

The Quick Chat panel is experiencing a rework that can make it much easier to order commands as well as hide a great part of the display. Besides, the Portable Closet is also going through the same rework.

When the doors are opened by the players, the animation now utilizes the hands of the character for pushing the doors open, rather than opening them through sheer willpower in a magical way.

Download PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0

Simply click the link below if you want to download the latest Beta for PUBG Android and iOS devices:

Download PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0

You can install the Beta version with the stable release. You can expect to experience bugs and issues since this is a beta version. But, thanks to the Report button in the top-right during matches, you can press it to report the issues. Or, you can click the ^ button in the bottom-right corner of the main menu then choose Report.

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