Announcing The List of Winners Joining PUBG PS4 Vikendi Stun Contest

PUBG PS4 Vikendi Stunt Contest finally comes to its end. Let’s find out a full list of winners of this contest and watch their amazing stunts via recorded videos.

Dear all PUBG lovers,

As you know, PUBG for PlayStation 4 is also very popular just like PUBG PC. Do you still remember the invitation from the PUBG dev team to all PS4 users about joining the wintry, snow-themed map Vikendi and record the perfect stunt? This invitation was a few months ago, and there were plenty of people sending numerous impressive feats with amazing stunts, such as motorcycle flipping off a snow-covered hill, or even cars jumping off of various rough mountains of Vikendi map. And now, the most long-awaited day is coming when the list of winners of PUBG Vikendi Stun Contest will be announced today. You will learn all the winners, and more importantly, the grand prize – a custom PUBG PlayStation 4 Pro will be unboxed.

The winners of PUBG Vikendi Stunt Contest











That’s all for the list of winners! The PUBG PS4 development team wants to send many thanks to all players who joined this contest and is willing to send their huge congrats to all grand prize winners.

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