PUBG Survivor Pass: Vikendi Ending Schedule

Are you ready for the end of Survivor Pass: Vikendi in PUBG? Let’s check out a detailed schedule for the end of this event right now!

Survivor Pass: Vikendi is getting closer to its conclusion in PUBG game. Prior to wrapping up, the PUBG team wants to release the rest schedule that is relevant to the current pass. If you are joining Survivor Pass: Vikendi, you should check out the schedule for the conclusions, which is shown in details below.

Schedule for the conclusions of Survivor Pass: Vikendi in PUBG

  • Sale of Survivor Pass: Vikendi comes to its conclusion on:
    • March 28, 12AM PDT / 8AM CET
  • Sale of Level Up Tickets finishes on:
    • April 2, 12AM PDT / 8AM CET
  • Survivor Pass: Vikendi finishes on:
    • April 2, 12AM PDT / 8AM CET
  • Survivor Pass grace period will commence claiming the rewards or items that have not been claimed from the coupon shop yet.
    • Survivor Pass grace period finishes on April 9, 12 AM PDT /8 AM CET

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