PUBG Featured Apps Spotlight: BattleMentor

PUBG Featured Apps Spotlight: BattleMentor will show you stats for PC and console players on two current mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Hope you enjoyed!

Featured Apps Spotlight: BattleMentor


Actually, BattleMentor will provide stats for PC and console players in PUBG on both Android and iOS.

BattleMentor is an application which is created by one of the PUBG API community developers. They pick the official PUBG API that is a free service. You can dig deeper here, or check every community’s featured application by accessing Featured Apps. Come to BattleMentor you can get stats for PC and console characters on those mobile platforms.


Just tap on the top-left menu icon to run it and select the platform with the season you want. Do not forget to interact with the top of the app to find a player in PUBG! The menu will show you the option between “Stats” (season stats), “Matches”, and “Compare”. Select “Stats” to have the season stats for game modes. It is simple to switch on or off FPP and TPP with a single tap!


Tap on the mode to view a comparison related to the present and the last seasons. The chart will consist of your scores, rounds, kills, K/D, average damage, and wins in PUBG.


If you’d like to know about players, you can choose “Compare” in the menu. The same info for comparing seasons in PUBG will appear and you can see the difference or similarity of any two persons on a platform. “Compare” also allows you to join enter the in-game name for every people and you can visit corresponding charts.



Discover Matches with BattleMentor

Single out “Matches” to open a list of the own current matches in PUBG, with your rank, kills, damage, map, and much more.

Discover Matches with BattleMentor

Opt for a battle to test events that you engaged in PUBG. Events will contain the time you dealt damage or destroyed somebody and vice versa. Each of them will offer when it happened and the damage done with the weapon that you wielded.

Discover Matches with BattleMentor

BattleMentor can display the location the event occurred. Tap on an event and you can search for involved players’ areas.


To collect more secrets about the other competitors in PUBG, you can tap the table above “Events”. It will reveal a full list of everybody’s kills, assists, dBNOs, damage, and rank. You can tap on any of them to check their events.


Upcoming Features for BattleMentor

The creator of BattleMentor says that there will be a lot of items that you may want to look forward to. The future keeps lifetime stats, weapon statistics, and much more charts. You can expect to see squad analytics in the next update. it is useful to learn about the best marksman or survivalist on your team. There will be a feature that can be utilized to track tournaments.


BattleMentor and other featured applications control the official PUBG API to cluster PUBG post-match game data. They are made by the PUBG community. If you’re excited about building your application by using this free service, you can join the Developer Portal now.

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