PUBG Mobile Lite Android 0.10.0

PUBG Mobile Lite Android 0.10.0 is available to download. Install it now on your mobile phone device powered by Android for another great experience.

Are you ready for PUBG Mobile Lite Android 0.10.0 which is a small version of PUBG game by Tencent? The game is suitable for Android mobile devices with fewer resources so as to let all gamers enjoy this famous Battle Royale game. 

Battle Royale game is such a famous game genre all over the world for now. The rage for this genre begun with the launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (commonly known as PUBG for short) and kept going on with the advancement of PUBG Mobile which is totally suitable for most of the mobile devices, especially Android devices.

Due to the size and graphics of the game, PUBG Mobile still takes up a huge capacity for download on several phones, which is nearly impossible for the users with low-end phones to play. For this reason, Tencent has developed a lighter version called PUBG Mobile Lite to ensure that anyone is able to enjoy the game even though they are using the low-end phones.

Is the lite version of PUBG Mobile different from the full version?

The answer is yes! There are several differences between these two versions of PUBG Mobile:

  • The download and installation size is decreased to about 30MB.
  • Easily runs on mobile devices with just 1GB of RAWM.
  • Already dropped the size of the map to stop the phone from overloading.
  • Compatible with a lot of devices as it can run on Android 4.0.3 and above.
  • There is also a reduction in the number of rivals, which is from 99 to 39.
  • There are many options for lower graphical quality, removing HD, HDR, and UltraHD.
  • Fewer weapon possibilities because the third slot is eliminated.

 Aside from that, another great thing about PUBG Mobile Lite version is that players are totally able to enjoy the full experience of playing without spending a dime on it or on a new high-end phone.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite Android 0.10.0

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