PUBG PC: Releasing Update #30 Patch Notes

What does the latest PUBG PC update #30 patch notes bring to you? Check it out for all new features, contents, modifications, bug fixes and more.

PUBG Update 30 is already out bringing you a wide range of new features, new contents, and so many awesome additions. In this latest PUBG Patch Notes, you will get access to more purchasable items at the cost of BP. The BP system will become much more upgraded and bring you more chances to earn this currency in the game with PUBG Survival Supply missions until the subsequent PUBG Survivor Pass.

What can make you wait for this PUBG update? Definitely, it’s all about a new variety of PUBG weapons with items landing on the Battlegrounds, including the .45 caliber hand cannon that is the Deagle, the assault vehicle called the BRDM-2, together with explosive Gas Cans with a brand new way to utilize.

About PUBG gameplay, the game itself is receiving a major new feature with the introduction of ledge grab, making players able to make their way through the Battlegrounds as well as making them think about dimensions in a strategic way.

About the teamwork in PUBG PC, working with teammates worldwide is also advancing with the release of radio messages, short burst text communications for recognizing items much better, defining objectives and working with allies.

With PUBG Patch notes below that has just been released, you will easily learn more details on new items, new contents, such as Weapon Mastery, XP bonus events, default pro-settings for some custom matches, etc.

Mid-Update Hotfixes


  • Fixed the problem that made players inside the BRDM-2 absorb damage when smashing into destructible objects
  • Fixed the problem in which the pan hitbox was placed higher than planned.
  • Wiped out visually updated Erangel Ghillie Suit for the time being, and it will be attached to PUBG PC again when the Erangel Visual Remaster reaches the live servers.
  • Repaired visual problem with High Waisted Shorts folding over some shirt skins.

Added a new vehicle: BRDM-2 to PUBG PC via the latest update 30

For those who have felt froggy for a match, they will now have an opportunity to summon an armor-plated amphibious assault BRDM-2 by simply utilizing the Flare Gun.

  • Feel free to summon BRDM-2 as a special Care Package by just employing the Flare Gun on all PUBG maps and it is used as an alternative to the armored UAZ.
  • When you drive it on waters or rough terrain, this awesome vehicle grows your selections to steer firefights and the Battlegrounds themselves.
  • Characteristics
    • The total amount of HP of BRDM-2 is 2500, and the health of this vehicle is twice as much as UAZ, while its huge size, it’s impossible for the sturdy wheels to take damage.
    • Thanks to the strong bulletproof vehicle like this, when driving it, you are able to decrease incoming damage, like ammo based assaults, deadly grenades, as well as red zone damage.
    • BRDM-2 is a nice amphibious mean of the vehicle that is able to keep ground traveling on water, however, you are not able to fire while on board
    • The capacity of the vehicle can contain up to 4 players on board. The top water speed of the vehicle is 22km/h while the top speed on the road once boosted is up to 102km/h.

Added new weapon: Deagle to PUBG PC

Deagle to PUBG PC
  • The Deagle is regarded as a handgun which dishes out the most powerful pistol damage with great muzzle velocity and this weapon will appear on all PUBG Maps.
  • Deagle is able to dish out 62 damage per shot and take red-dot and holographic sights, multiple magazines, as well as a laser sight, enhancing hip fire accuracy.
  • Due to greater than average pistol damage and muzzle velocity, it gets much more difficult to direct recoil.
  • Deagle contains a single fire mode type using .45 ACP ammo and the standard magazine suits 7 rounds, with an extended magazine, it can be expanded to 10.

New PUBG Gameplay Update

Ledge Grab

Ledge Grab


  • Ledge grab enables you to go with new paths by climbing up the corner of roofs, fences, and many other impediments that are 2.5 meters in height, and you can take a leap from building to building, or even container to container easily.
  • Since you are able to reach places that were unreachable before, you should show off your amazing gameplay with nice strategies on reaching places that can surprise your enemies.

How to use the ledge grab in PUBG PC

  • The ledge grab is triggered by either jumping or vaulting (using space bar), after that, you must keep pressing the space bar at the right timing in midair then you can move to the targeted area.
  • The ledge grab can be canceled even if it’s already triggered. You will fall down to the ground by using the similar way of canceling the vault/climbing.

Below here is what PUBG Development team said to you:

You are still unable to hang on the railings or slide down them yet, even with this initial iteration of ledge grab. Nevertheless, the ledge grab will be upgraded twice in total, even including this update too. The PUBG dev team will never stop researching and working in order to activate the features that have just been mentioned from the other update in the forthcoming time.

The whole PUBG dev team speculates that there will be the same adoption period for ledge grab as they had with the first release of vaulting. They are making an effort to identify any enhancements or alterations that must be carried out throughout the early phases of the release of the feature.

Make sure you give the new ledge grab a try and don’t forget to send your feedback to the development team so they will be able to upgrade and better the feature more than that, and this is the highest priority to them.

The PUBG Dev team will keep doing their best to make sure the feature is as steady and effective as possible. Your interest and feedback are always welcome!

Gas Can enhancement

Gas Can enhancement


  • Strategic elements were attached to the Gas Can which is known as an item that had several advantages for looting.
  • Once Gas Can explodes, it will inflict a huge amount of damage to all people that are in a radius around its area.
  • Once the Gas Can is exploded, it will dish out damage in a radius around it, and people standing close by will even take much more damage from it.
  • You have to remember that you can make yourself and your allies get injured if you stay too close to that explosion.

How to use the Gas Can

  • You should release a Gas Can on the ground, and use bullets or throwables to get it damaged, by doing so, it will blow up and dish out damage to people close by.
  • Every Gas Can is now separated in the inventory when you have more than one to decrease confusion, as releasing many Gas Cans will not deal more damage.
    • Take a look at the image below:
 Gas Can

Radio Message

Radio Message

It will not be easy to create team-based strategy via close communication between team members if you play with people from various areas in random Duo or Squad battles or with players who are not able to voice chat. To fix this issue, the text-based Radio Messages is now introduced to all of you, helping you talk to your team and communicate with your team members faster and more easily for perfect strategic gameplay.

  • To open the Radio Message Wheel UI, just hold the mouse wheel or use key F3.
    • You will see 8 kinds of messages provided-selected messages on the left screen, and your teammates will see them too.
    • You can utilize Ping and Enemy Spotted in multiple situations. They can be utilized faster with individual key bindings.
      • Ping: Use the mouse wheel scroll or use key F3.
      • Enemy Spotted: Click the mouse wheel twice, or press key F3 twice.
    • Pings have a lot of different interactions.
      • Choose Ping near a certain item, then you will be able to share the name with the area of the pinged item with your allies easily.
      • Ping is also used on Care Packages or death crates for sharing their location.
      • If you want to share the direction with your allies, simply ping the desired direction you will move toward.
      • With all the features mentioned above, they will position a marker on the map automatically and they will become very handy when you use them with the Tactical Map Marker.
  • With Enemy Spotted, you can easily share the location of a foe you have seen.
    • You can use the Enemy Spotted at the area of the foe to mark it on the map then easily send it to your allies.
    • Messages become different by distance:
      • Close Range: less than 50M
      • Medium Range: less than 200M
      • Long Range: 200M or more
      • For instance: ENEMY SPOTTED! Long Range 300′
    • With Ping and Enemy Spotted, the messages will be directly sent to your teammates within 500M.
  • Need Ammo functions dynamically, with the message indicating the kind of ammo that your weapon is using.
    • For instance: If you choose Need Ammo while you are holding an M416 in your hand, here’s the message sent to your allies “I NEED 5.56mm.”
  • Go to the Team Management menu to mute the Radio Messages from allies individually
Team Management
  • Attached kill distance to center-screen kill messages.
  • You will see the distance between you and the foe you killed, together with the standard kill message in the center of the screen.
    • Only when you kill foes from over 100 m away, then kill distance will be displayed.
      • Also, you can only see it if the enemy is destroyed by yourself.
    • DBNO kill message is still the same and will not display kill distance.

Updated Survival Supply System in PUBG PC

Updated Survival Supply System in PUBG PC

New PUBG BP items were already added to the PUBG PC. They all have great looking and will help you know more about specific PUBG Weapons. To help you get more BP to collect the new items, a limited time “Survival Supply System” was added prior to the next PUBG Survivor Pass. With this system, you will have daily and weekly tasks to carry out, finish and earn more BP for yourself. Make sure you check out brand new items that are purchasable with the BP you have obtained in the store.

The Survival Supply System will be available after June 26th, 2019 until live server maintenance carrying out on July 24th, 2019.

  • This is the free system.
  • Different from the former Supply System, there are no level and rewards for you when you finish daily/weekly missions.
  • By clicking the banner shown on the left of the lobby, you can see your missions, which is the same as the Survivor Pass.
  • Rewards
    • When you accomplish your missions, you will earn yourself from 200 BP to 1,500 BP.
  • Missions
    • Daily Missions will experience a daily update at 02:00 UTC, and weekly missions at the same time on each Wednesday
    • In PUBG PC, you are able to check the real-time mission progress.
    • For Daily Missions: Do your best to finish up to 3 missions daily.
      • You can change the missions 3 times each day for free.
    • For Weekly Missions: Do your best to finish 3 missions every week.
      • You are able to change the missions 3 times every week for free.
    • The missions that are expired will eliminate.
    • By clicking the Survival Supply System banner, you will claim your earned reward, and be sure to click the Claim button in the mission tab.
  • Ending date
    • The PUBG Survival Supply System on PC will come to its conclusion as soon as the live server maintenance begins on July 23rd, 2019 (PDT).
    • All rewards need to be claimed before this date because unclaimed rewards will go away.

New Skins & Items in PUBG PC

As soon as this PUBG PC patch note comes to the live server, you can easily check out brand new PUBG skins. This also contains new skins that are purchasable with BP. All you have to do is to play PUBG game on PC as much as you can for more BP then get yourself brand new skins.

  • Attached 2 GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic items
  • Attached 2 GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic items
  • Attached 2 MET Asia Series: PUBG Classic items
  • Attached 10 Summer Season items
  • Attached 10 Twitch Broadcaster Royale items
  • Attached 2 BattleStat Skins items
  • Attached items that are purchasable directly with BP.
    • 2 BattleStat Skins
    • 6 shoes

New Feature: Weapon Mastery

  • Weapon Zoom
    • Now, you are able to zoom in/out when you look at your PUBG weapons in the Mastery tab. You will have a better view of your difficult-earned charms that were added to your preferred weapon.
    • Emblem animations
New Feature: Weapon Mastery
  • For every 10 level you increase, you will see a brand new tier emblem animation that displays your tier progression.
  • Added new weapon called Deagle to the Mastery tab.
    • You must earn enough XP and unlock amazing charms for this latest PUBG weapon – the Deagle.
  • Upgraded the Last Match popup UI
    • The weapon icon that was shown in the Last Match popup now becomes different for every player. You will see the icons of the top 3 weapons that have the highest score in the last battle in the popup message.
    • The shown weapon icons adhere to the weapon sorting order that was used for the Last Match page.
  • PUBG charm equip/unequip feature
    • You are able to attach or detach charms in PUBG PC easily, just like what you do to the weapon skins.
    • When you put on other players’ skins, hit keys Alt+Shift+LMB to detach them, and hit keys Alt+LMB to attach your skins and charm.
  • [Test Server] Bonus weapon XP rewards test
    • A new feature is being examined on the Test Server until Midnight June 22 (KST) that enables the PUBG Dev team to give bonus Mastery XP to players.
      • Thanks to this feature, some weapons can earn more XPs throughout a certain period of time.
      • You are able to gain 3 times more XP with SMGs, SRs, and Handguns for 3 days.
    • This feature will not work on the Live Server in June.
      • As soon as the testing comes to its end and the feature becomes steady, this system will be probably applied to the live servers in the forthcoming time.
      • Make sure you stay tuned and stick with PUBG PC for more future announcements.


  • Brightness options are now available to use for every map.
    • You can change the brightness options on each map. You will have more selections for exclusive visual characteristics of every map.
      • With this new option, you can easily modify the brightness for every map at your will.
      • In addition, feel free to use the current option to alter the brightness of all maps together.
  • Readability upgraded for parachute UI
  • To have greater and nicer readability, the dev team has made the text outline of the parachute altitude and speed thicker.
  • Store UI enhancement
    • Featured page
      • Attached featured page to the new Summer items.
    • Upgraded purchase button responsiveness
      • Already made the clickable area of the purchase button much bigger, helping you click it more easily.
        • You will not get confused when having to click accurately to activate a purchase.
  • Upgraded Survivor Pass in-game mission list UI
    • The mission list UI in PUBG PC game has been much upgraded to recognize finished missions clearly from and in-progress/unfinished missions.


  • Buildings at short distance are now able to load 30 to 40% much more quickly via optimization of level streaming (rendering).
    • Already made optimization to the material data structure.
    • Optimized streaming (rendering) priority via calculating the players’ movement route and distributing resource priority appropriately.
    • Made an optimization to furniture rendering speed.
    • Made an optimization to level LOD data.
  • Decreased delays that could happen when crates are being opened from the Store.

Custom Match

Custom Match
  • Attached 2019 Global Rule Preset to Custom Match Esports Mode.
    • Attached 2019 Global Esports Rule preset to PUBG Esports Mode Custom Matches
      • Now, feel free to pick “2019 Global Rule Settings” Preset on the Create screen for Esports Mode
    • When you choose every map, blue zone settings and item spawn rate for every map are used automatically.
      • About blue zone settings, the identical blue zone setting is used for all PUBG maps.
      • Some PUBG maps, including Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi will now share the same item spawn rate. Erangel will have a discrepant item spawn rate because of the recent rebalance.
        • You can find item spawn rate values of the Global Esports ruleset under the rule tab once hitting Match Setting button after making a Custom Match session.
  • Custom Game options will enable two options to select after one player is destroyed: ‘Spectate’ or ‘Observer’.
    • Spectate: A downed player is still in the team via spectating.
      • By using key F5 in Spectate mode, you are able to change to Observer mode, but you are unable to come back to the Spectate mode from Observer mode.
    • Observer: Pick Observer after death to stay in the Custom Match as an Observer just like before.
    • The Custom Match creator is able to activate or deactivate the feature above via the ‘Observer’ option set
  • Player List – sort by distance is a new feature added to PUBG PC
    • Thanks to this added feature, now you are able to sort the player list by distance to the observer.
      • For instance: If there is one or more than one member of a squad that is near the observer, that team will be seen at the top list.
    • You can pick this in the player list under DISTANCE and the team order is updated roughly every 10 seconds.
  • Included new gun – Deagle to PUBG PC
    • Now you can check and see Deagle in the Custom Match Setting Spawn tab
  • Cut down the number of players needed to begin Custom Match
    • The minimum number of players needed to begin a Custom Match is now 4 rather than 8 like before.


  • Already upgraded the replay system in PUBG PC game. Replay files from older updates are out of work.


In celebration of the forthcoming GLL Grand Slam and MET Asia Series, which is a section of the PUBG Global Esports “PUBG Classic” series, special billboards and graffiti have been included.

  • GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic
    • Tournament date: July 19th – July 21st, 2019
    • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic
  • MET Asia Series: PUBG Classic
    • Tournament date: July 26th – July 28th, 2019
    • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
MET Asia Series: PUBG Classic

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem in which the reload sound kept playing when a weapon was being detached while reloading.
  • Fixed a problem in which the audible reload range of the AWM was strongly decreased in comparison to other SRs.
  • Fixed a problem of the limbs of the character overlapping when the R45 and AKM in specific cases were being reloaded.
  • Fixed a problem about a male hairstyle that did not fit the thumbnail.
  • Fixed an error about the automatic shooting mode option that did not use throughout War Mode battles.
  • Fixed a problem that made the shooting sound lower than expected when staying near a Motorbike or Snowmobile.
  • Fixed a problem in which weapon charms equipped to a Tommy Gun would overlap an equipped Extended Mag.
  • Fixed a problem in which several UI elements could fade away for the time being when spectating a player in a replay or in spectator mode.
  • Addressed a problem in which the spectators could not see the vehicle deaths created by other vehicles in the killfeed.
  • Solved an issue in which the speedometer in the dashboard of some vehicles did not work accurately.
  • Fixed a problem with “Inventory Character Render” activated which could limit mouse movement and make the cursor vanish.
  • Fixed a problem in which the throwable UI overlapped when changing between specific throwable items.
  • Solved a problem in which releasing blank shotgun shells didn’t emit any sounds when reloading the S686.
  • Solved a problem in which Care Packages could fall down in unexpected areas on PUBG Vikendi.
  • Fixed a problem in which the MK47 Mutant appeared when the spawn rate was 0 in Custom Matches.
  • Fixed a problem in which players that were DBNP while ADSing, came back to the ADS state after being resurrected.
  • Solved an error that could have an influence on players who went through poor network connectivity making them go into the falling animation when releasing from the plane.
  • Fixed a problem in observer mode, where the player list would immobilize when the player kept pressing a hotkey.
  • Solved a problem in which players did not get a kill if their DBNO foe was downed by self-inflicted or environmental damage, like grenade or fall damage.
  • Fixed a problem that stopped players from tracking down other players with the in-game friends list.
  • Fixed a problem in which players that were DBNO throughout the first vault animation, would finish the animation while in DBNO state.
  • Fixed a problem in which players could not connect to battles when opening the system menu.
  • Solved a problem in which tracking a player from the statistics screen does not function as expected.
  • Fixed a problem where players could go and fire through windows without making them break.

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