Brief News about PUBG PC Sanhok Map Has Been Already Up for Combat Officially

PUBG PC gamers now have a chance to experience a competitive map called Sanhok with rough terrains and more hiding places. Learn more about PUBG Sanhok Map now!

PUBG fans can celebrate from now on since the PUBG PC Sanhok map now appears in the official plan for combat.

The development team has worked hard to enhance players’ experience with the game by adding new features, designing new items, and releasing new maps. For PUBG PC updates and patch notes, the new plan is a big deal that needs testing before putting into combat. PUBG Sanhok Map, after four trials, has come into battle.

It will be good news to gamers since this feature was the most favorite PUBG PC map last year. Among available battlefields in PUBG, this map is competitive due to the size and terrains.

PUBG Sanhok map for PC

PUBG PC Sanhok Map features

Players should comprehend the PUBG Sanhok map guide before starting the combat. We will explain the necessary by going through tactic features.
Small spot

PUBG PC: Sanhok map must be the smallest one in the map collection. The area is around 16 square kilometers, which consists of three separate zones. That means not only on land, but the players have to move along the water and maybe combat there.

The small area and bushy landscape make Sanhok tough to combat and plan. Complicate transportation networks from the mainland to the river with bridges and hills even create a matrix if players want to plan anything.

Sanhok Mini Map

Faster travel time

Because of the light population density and small area, it doesn’t take much time to wait. PUBG PC development team also made it shorter to enter the Bluezone. However, this amount of time changes upon the number of survivors on the island.

Exclusive weapon

Entering the new battle game, you can seek the complete firearm on the island – QBZ97. This destructive weapon can store up to 30 to 40 bullets, which will help you tackle the enemies shortly. However, using this one draw limitation to fire SCAR-L.

Putting PUBG PC Sanhok Map into the combat

When the map is put on the combat, it will be the hotspot. Specific features about the area make it both deadly but tactical. If a match happens here, shooting and plotting must be quick since you don’t have much time to travel around and places to hide. However, let’s take that as a tempting challenge.

A camp in Sanhok map

The live version in combat will be slightly different from the Esports version. Despite it, don’t worry too much since your performance will be as planned. Don’t forget to check out the PUBG Sanhok map guide to pick up some tips and facts about the new map to play better.

The appearance of a limited battlefield can make the game fast and furious. It eliminates all potential procrastination in the normal gameplay and conducts a productive fight.

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