PUBG Releases Update #29 Patch Notes On The Test Server

With the latest PUBG PC Update #29 Patch Notes, PUBG gameplay will become much better thanks to new contents, some alterations as well as many great bug fixes.

Dear all PUBG gamers,

All of you should check out another update for PUBG today! Let’s say hi to PUBG Update PC #29 which is now live on the Test Server for more awesome additions and game balances. This latest PUBG update promises not to let you down when it features tactical map markets to make the communication between squad and duo teams much better, not only that, the update also contains some great kit options in Custom Matches and Camp Jackal as a playable in War Mode: Conquest. Keeping the aspects of Vikendi rebalanced is the biggest concentration of the PUBG dev team in this patch. After gathering some feedback of players on the first stage of Vikendi rebalancing, the spawn rates were adjusted to help players equip better for long range matches.

Besides the information on the PUBG updates, together with the closure of Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card, more details on how long you ought to gather XP and rewards will be given out. Make sure you check it out for the last few weeks and try to accomplish as many missions as possible.

The PUBG dev team will present to you all new UI improvements as well as overall Quality of Life improvements across PUBG PC game. With the PUBG Update #29 below, you will learn all crucial details on the alterations and additions.

Mid-Update Bug fixes


  • Addressed a problem about killfeed messages popping up wrongly when a certain player is downed by frag grenades in some conditions.
  • Addressed a problem in which players seem to be floating above the ground even while they are sprinting.
  • Addressed a problem where characters who stayed near the water do not take damage from frag grenades blowing up in the shallow water near them.

The closure of Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card in PUBG PC

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card meets its conclusion

  • Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card will come to its conclusion on June 5th, when live servers get into the stage of maintenance.
    • You will have a period of time until June 26th to take all of your earn rewards as well as buy items from the coupon shop. The Grace Period part below will tell you more information about this.
    • You can only buy Premium Pass and Level Up Tickets until live server maintenance on June 5th.
  • You can check out the time remaining for the Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card in the game for two weeks before its ending date.
    • When you buy Survivor Pass Premium, you will be displayed the pass end date to verify if you want to buy the pass or not.

Results Summary

  • As soon as the PUBG Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card concludes, all of your achievements and clear information about your obtained rewards, achieved levels as well as the mission status will be shown on the results page.
  • Additional information:
    • From the Mission tab, your achievement completion percentage for every kind of mission can be checked easily. These types are Daily, Weekly, Beginner, and Premium.
    • With the Rewards tab, you can easily check the total amount of rewards you have obtained.

Grace Period

  • Grace period will be given out to all players for claiming rewards and XP as soon as the Survivor Pass PUBG PC comes to an end, from June 5 until June 26, before the Live Server maintenance.
  • Throughout the course of the Grace Period, you are unable to use the Level-Up tickets but they will still stay in your inventory and you can use them later during the forthcoming passes.
  • You can claim your XP after finishing missions by utilizing the Claim All button until June 26 (before Live Server Maintenance).
  • Make sure you remember to visit the Coupon Shop until June 26 (until Live Server maintenance).
    • Remaining coupons will become invalid once the Coupon Shot is closed.

Some changes for PUBG PC Gameplay

Vikendi 2nd Rebalance

Vikendi 2nd Rebalance

With the release of this PUBG PC latest update, Vikendi was tweaked to become more balanced with advanced long guns as well as the addition of the MK47 Mutant for an additional burst of firepower. Now, with better cover, you will find it much easier to survive all those snipers, also, you can use the extra 4-wheel drive vehicles which are much better than snowbikes.

  • Blue zone alterations
  • For supporting a more variety of PUBG gameplay experiences on Vikendi map, the first safe zone will be situated in more different areas from now, also, the waiting time between blue zone phases has been somewhat decreased.
    • Phase 1 safe zone will now pop up in more diverse locations.
    • The waiting time between early and late blue zone phases has been reduced.
    • The general match duration later one was decreased by 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Vehicle spawn rate alteration
    • Already made a change to the vehicle spawn rate to assist the new blue zone settings.
      • Made a development for four-wheel drive vehicle spawn ratio relating to Snowbikes and Snowmobiles.
  • Item spawn rate alteration
  • The weapon spawn rates have been adjusted to make medium and long-range engagements easier. In addition to this, some tweaks for the available attachments were also given out to bring players more options.
    • Modifications to item spawns on Vikendi:
      • AR spawns grown by 1.4x
      • DMR spawns grown by 2x
      • SR spawns grown by 7x
    • SMG, Shotgun, Pistol Crossbow and spawns have been somewhat reduced.
    • Attachment spawns have been somewhat developed.
    • Already grown high powered scope spawns somewhat.
  • Cave balance alteration
  • Because the Secret Cave is not a secret anymore, the loot within it was altered to make it more balanced to other places of Vikendi, which also helps enhance the gameplay experience while still providing players with good loot.
    • You will not see Care Packages anymore in the cave.
      • But high-quality non-crate loot will still pop up in this area.
    • The variety of items appearing in the cave was grown.
  • Item pool modifications
    • Released MK47 Mutant, Halfgrip, Thumbgrip and Laser Sight.
    • Removed Win94 and R45
  • Developed the Moonlight weather condition percentage.

General Gameplay

  • You are unable to throw grenades through wire mesh anymore.

Tactical Map Markers

Tactical Map Markers
  • Tactical Map Markers are finally released in PUBG PC with 6 various marker types for varied situations, like Attack, Danger, Defend, Loot, Regroup, Vehicle.
    • If you want to use the markers, you have to open the world map, right click on it to expose the Tactical Map Marker wheel, and then you get to the icon you wish and release.
    • Every single player is allowed to place one Tactical Map Marker or Standard Marker at a time.
    • You will see Tactical Map Markers on the world map, minimap, and also, you will spot the compass in a similar way to the current map markers.

Throwables Crosshair Improvement

Throwables Crosshair Improvement
  • New crosshair was released in the game already when you use throwables to recognize the use of overarm or underarm throwing stance.

Minimap improvements

Minimap improvements
  • Teammates that are outside of your immediate minimap zone can now display their icon and status at the corner of the minimap. By doing this, you can easily spot the direction and status of your teammates.

Parachuting UI Improvements

Parachuting UI Improvements
  • Already made an improvement to the parachute UI! It will now become more visible and will be split into two gauges. One is for the existing speed while the other one is for a detailed altitude gauge.
  • Improved teammate status UI
    • Already attached an icon in order to display when the teammates are freefalling from the plane.
    • The status icons of the teammates throughout the stage of parachuting down the ground were only formerly displayed on the map only, but now, you can see them at the bottom left of the screen alongside the other teammate UI.

Flare Gun UI Improvement

Flare Gun UI Improvement
  • Tweaked the Flare Gun crosshair to show as a circle when players aim at the right position to effectively call in a Special Care Package or Armored UAZ.
  • Modified the Flare Gun status UI shown after calling in a Special Care Package or Armor UAZ.
    • No more green flashing light in the game! It is now wiped out right after the drop leaves the plane.
    • Formerly, it would continue to exist until the drop had touched the ground for 30 seconds.

Custom Match

Added Spawn Kit Selection Option

A variety of Spawn Kit options for Custom Matches was already added to PUBG PC in order to bring more awesome customization options to players.

  • Spawn Kit selection option was also added to War Mode, War Mode: Conquest as well as Normal Mode in Custom Matches.
    • When the Platoon team mode is used, you can get access to an option added to every platoon then play it using a discrepant kit.
  • Spawn Kit Selection options
    • War Mode, War mode: Conquest
      • Original Kits
        • AR, Shotguns, SMG, Western, Overpower, Handguns
      • Utility Kits
        • War Mode Kits: There are 4 kits containing every item based on every concept.
          • Assault: M416, R1895, Lvl 1 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, Bandages
          • Medic: UMP, Sawed-off, Lvl 3 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, First Aid Kit, Medkit, Painkiller, Adrenaline Syringe, Critical Response Kit
          • Support: S12K, Scorpion, Lvl 2 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, Grenade, Bandages, Mechanic’s Toolbox
          • Scout: Kar98K, P18C, Lvl 1 Helmet & Vest, Ghillie Suit, Ammo, Bandages
    • Battle Royale
      • Standard Kits
        • Handguns, Shotguns
      • Utility Kits
        • Battle Kit: Crossbow
        • Survival Kit: Adrenaline Syringe, Pan
        • Armor Kit: Lvl 1 Helmet & Vest
        • Support Kit: Critical Response Kit, Mechanic’s Toolbox

New Custom Match Spawn Kit Items

The Critical Response Kit and Mechanic’s Toolbox are being attached to PUBG PC only exclusively for use via Spawn Kits in Custom Matches. You cannot find these items in standard matches.

  • Critical Response Kit and Mechanic’s Toolbox were also attached to newly added kits, only exclusive to Custom Matches.
    • Critical Response Kit – If you have this kit and bring the lives back to your teammates as always, you can easily get them up faster than using the traditional reviving without the Kit.
    • Mechanic’s Toolbox – This toolbox is used in a vehicle to fix some amount of vehicle health.

Added Camp Jackal map to War Mode: Conquest

  • You are now able to choose Camp Jackal (Training Mode Map) for War Mode: Conquest in Custom Matches.

Observer Feature Improvements

  • Player List UI Improvements
    • The icons are now attached to Kick and Report buttons.
      • X icon means Kick while Caution icon means Report.
      • You are now able to view the Report button in the player list when you watch match replays.
  • Damage UI Improvement
Observer Feature Improvements
  • The font of damage indicators while observing was enhanced.


Store Item Preview UI Improvement

  • When you preview an item set consisting of various items, you will see that the preview is split into three categories for a better item view, including Character, Weapon, and Parachute.
    • You choose a specific item from the set for previewing a secluded zoomed in the edition of the image.
  • You can feel free to equip or unequip all set items while you are previewing them.

UI Improvement to Prevent Potential Unfair Advantage while Spectating

  • In case houses and other objects on the map are not loaded when you observe the teammates, the extra UI will now cover the screen in order to stop seeing players that wouldn’t otherwise be seen.
    • As soon as loading is finished, the additional UI will be wiped out.

Lobby UI Improvement

  • The appearance of icons looking blurred in 4K resolution was greatly enhanced.
  • The third-party account linking button shown in the top right corner of lobby was wiped out.


  • All FACEIT Global Summit signs and banners were wiped out from Vikendi and Sanhok.

Replay System

  • Already updated the replay system version! You cannot play the current replays that were recorded before this update anymore.

Bug Fixes


  • Addressed an issue in which players could suck extra damage or end up dying when trying to land at specific areas.
  • You are not able to throw grenades through wire mesh anymore.
  • Solved a problem where the screen would shake when ADS and leaning against a wall or the edge of the objects.
  • Fixed a problem in which the game mode would occasionally alter when a team is created.
  • Fixed a problem in which bullets could traverse through a wall when the player shoots in specific conditions.
  • Addressed an issue in which the list of players would exhibit uncommonly when a custom match is chosen in the replays list.
  • Solved an issue about a vehicle slipping more than intended while driving.
  • Solved a problem in which the safe zone circle UI would not show accurately under specific situations.
  • Solved an issue making the patch notes close when a player clicks an empty zone of the notes.
  • Already solved an issue that stopped healing items from being utilized when a player held a weapon and carried out an emote.
  • Addressed the problem that let some unintended weapon types be utilized from the back seat of an Aquarail.
  • Solved an issue in which pistols regardless of equipping or unequipping still played the sound twice.
  • Addressed an issue making the animation while cooking a grenade from being reset when the inventory was opened.
  • Already solved a visual issue with the chocoTaco parachute skin for female players stopping some factors from popping up on the backpack.
  • Solved a problem about the game result screen freezing for 2-3 seconds in custom match Esports mode while observing.
  • Already solved an issue in which loading UI would not appear while observing and changing to a player that was far away more than 1km.
  • Addressed an issue in which the Tactical Map Marker would not be effective while spectating after a player ended up dying.
  • Solved a problem in which the animation would not be effective when reloading while influenced by a Stun Grenade.
  • Solved a problem about teammates UI icons not being used the priority by their distance when being overlapped from outside of the minimap.
  • Already fixed a problem about the post-match screen not showing accurately in zombie mode custom matches.
  • Solved a problem about teammate nicknames and kills being shown in the wrong order in the post-match screen of a custom game.
  • Solved an observer issue in which a moving player seemed to be floating when being observed intermittently.
  • Fixed a problem that stopped players from placing markers around the boost UI.
  • Solved a bug in which an error message is output when the player tried to replace a cooked throwable with a throwable in the inventory.
  • Solved a bug about players being able to move forwards automatically in vehicles and parachutes by opening the system menu.


  • Solved a bug in which items appeared in unreachable areas of Docks on Sanhok
  • Solved a bug in which the player camera could traverse a wall at Paradise Resort on Sanhok while standing nearby it.
  • Solved a bug enabling grenades to be tossed through the underside of the parasols at Paradise Resort on Sanhok.
  • Solved an issue that stopped players from standing up after they have been prone under certain hut boardwalks on Sanhok.
  • Solved a problem about a chance for lighting effects to alter abruptly on stone buildings with curved roofs on Sanhok.

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