PUBG Survival Title System: Beta Season 1 Has Been Extended!

It’s possible to enjoy the popular PUBG Survival Title System: Beta Season 1, which has been already extended, and get more time to obtain all season rewards!

Survival Title System: Beta Season 1 for PUBG will prolong to May 7, 2019!

Beta Season 1 for PUBG

Actually, the time that Season 1 in PUBG exists has been modified so it will last until May 7, 2019 (PDT) despite it was scheduled to finish in April. That is changed to allow fans of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to have enough or more time to reach achievements and collect season prizes.

The Beta Season 1 item rewards can be seen on the Season section in the Overview page after a click on the Season Rewards button.

Awards during the Season of PUBG Download will be given to the player, depending on the Survivor Title that they obtain at the end of the match, specifically at the concluding part of the Beta Season 1. So, Beta Season 1 gifts will fit those who completed the Novice level or above. You are able to win multiple unrepeatable objects and all if you crush the top title.

Perks of participants in PUBG PC will be granted with the opening of a new season, which will be declared at a later date. Their delivery will be fulfilled within one day of another season’s beginning. In case you are not successful in gathering your artifacts 24 hours after the other season has been triggered, you do not forget to contact Customer Support.

To anybody from PUBG PC Download who is found to acquire an illegal Survivor Title by breaking the rules, they may be restricted or what they have received will be discarded.

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