Support Top Pros At The Faceit Global Summit With PUBG Items

It's available to support the top pros at the Faceit Global Summit with items in PUBG PC! Earn tickets to London if you are one of the world's best PUBG teams!

Help Top Pros at the Faceit Global Summit with objects in PUBG

The groups from PUBG throughout the real world have spent a lot of time to earn their tickets so they can travel to London where will set up the FACEIT Global Summit becoming the most intense tournament ever in PUBG Esports. With the list of 24 teams getting into focus, loyal PUBG Esports players can engage and show off their recognition and enjoyment for those whom they like most by choosing some of the distinctive FACEIT Global Summit artifacts now active in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game.

The FACEIT Global Summit is the earliest PUBG Classic of the 2019 season. 25% of the proceeds from these objects will belong to the competing parties. The clans at the FGS are regarded as the best of the best. Additionally, striving toward Chicken Dinners is considered to be an important point in PUBG Esports.

Fans of PUBG PC can own pieces of PUBG Esports history when they gather FACEIT Global Summit sets and the pros will have a tangible recognition for the work that they involve in London.

Both of the camouflage hoodie and the mask will be presented with the official FACEIT Global Summit logo. The event for PUBG has been started on April 16. Meanwhile, the champion and the wild card slots at PUBG Global Championship will be announced on April 22. You can buy the FACEIT Global Summit mask and hoodie until 7:00 p.m. PDT on April 23.

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