How To Get PUBG Mobile Skins For Free

How to get item free

PUBG Mobile Skins play an important role in-game, especially in survival Battle Royale matches. Aside from providing a layer for weapons or express the personality of characters, they will improve the mood of joiners and much more. To everyone in PUBG Mobile, there is still a number of persons who do not realize how to possess them. Keep calm! We will introduce to you 5 tricks to be the owner of them without charge.

How to spot the location of free skins and capture them in PUBG Mobile

Reward Achievement

Here is the full collection revolved around objects that you are going to pick up when you play PUBG Mobile download.

Achievements – the first way to gain unique skins of PUBG Mobile


Along with Flare Gun and the mode for those who will fight in BATTLEGROUNDS at night, achievements are known as the most interesting addition. You will have the chance to receive rewards for PUBG Mobile weapon skins such as new camo colored skins for M416, Kar98k, S12k, UZI, etc., fragments to redeem skins, and many other titles when you finish it.

Plenty of beginners do not recognize what are achievements and where to find them. Don’t worry! We will show you the best way to search for them. Please keep reading!

How to look for PUBG Mobile achievements

Daily Award

Here is the detail related to reaching achievements in the cool PUBG Mobile Download Hack. It is one of the steps that you can use before you collect skins without paying a penny.

  • Firstly, go to Mission
  • Next, you will see the Achievements section on the right-hand side. Remember to explore and complete all of the challenges! You will obtain corresponding prizes.

Previously, Achievements were placed in Profile. However, a new PUBG Mobile update changed its position so you could seek it easier. After you fulfill the target point that you are required, you will get appropriate costumes.

Opening crates – another method to get skins in PUBG Mobile

Opening Crates

There are numerous missions from Achievements that are helpful for you to gather coupons for PUBG Mobile skins free download. Besides, you can choose from various types of crates in PUBG Mobile. Some are very good and some are not.

Where to approach those coupons to have skins of PUBG iOS or Android

Crate Coupons

It’s possible for you to see it from Achievements, opening crates, and events. They are usually a completed card ready to be opened or to assemble pieces to be enough 10/10.

Do not ignore PUBG Mobile Royale Passes if you want to acquire free skins!

Daily Rewards

It’s valuable to engage in PUBG Mobile Royale Pass! It is a paid form. Nevertheless, there are additional options for finishing the list. You will acquire what you expect every season just by ending up normal quests of Royale Passes although they are not as much as you think. Drag and drop that menu to view which ones you can be given. As well, you can estimate your progress. Try to stop them before the season is closed or rewards will be reset!

Friends – a precious resource to mine in PUBG Mobile and earn skins

Send gift

Relying on your buddies may be one of the fastest ways to attain PUBG Mobile skins. You can chat and do not forget to make your allies comfortable.

It’s important to join events like other people in PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile

YouTube or Facebook channels often release daily and weekly events so you can take part in and occupy them. Don’t be afraid to hunt such places and participate!

The above are the most popular and useful ways for survivors in the game to own free PUBG Mobile skins. Skins will offer players a different perspective about guns or outfits. To PUBG Mobile, they are well-liked items. Why don’t you share these tips with your playmates?

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