How To Rank Up In PUBG Mobile Season 13

It’s exciting to rank up fast in PUBG Mobile Season 13!

PUBG Mobile Season 13 has been launched, included in the 0.18.0 update. It is an ideal moment for you and everybody who is looking for how to climb up ranks! Remember to read and test the tips below to soon achieve Conqueror Tier!
How to hit a higher ranking in PUBG Mobile Season 13

How to hit a higher ranking in PUBG Mobile Season 13

Along with the introduction to items in PUBG Mobile Patch Note 01.8.0, players will have the chance to conquer the top spot in PUBG Mobile Season 13 with the following tricks.
Rank up from the start of Season 13 in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a brutal multiplayer survival game. Therefore, you’d better advance up right away in the first week of the season. Pushing up your ranks like that is the opening tip to rapidly obtain the position that you want.

Not only that, it will be easier to get stronger levels if you begin early because most of the survivors often manage to do the same when it is about to end.

easier to get stronger levels
Pay attention to your survivability in the match of PUBG Mobile Season 13

It is one of the most effective tips and tricks to rank up swiftly in PUBG Mobile Season 13.

In case you expect to loot more scores and overtake somebody when you have already kicked off combat, you can choose to play the game in a safe way. Actually, it is feasible to collect stuff to survive instead of robbing too much ammo.

If a battlefield contains about 20 people, try to accomplish that plan and sneak into the top 10 alive! Don’t ignore carrying 6-7 smoke grenades to cover yourself and the first aid kit to restore your health before you sprint into the secured area!
Stay near the edge of the circle to rank up speedily in Season 13

To win the Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile or PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, it is essential to predict the next situation affected by the area! Obviously, you can get some trouble if you are a newbie.

In case you are a skilled one, you can know the zone that the upcoming circle shrinks. When you can’t implement that, move next to the edge to enter the safest region directly!
Have a good commencement in PUBG Mobile Season 13

When the league of PUBG Mobile Season 13 released has been started, you can skip hiding and rush into conflict to kill bots and noobs as many as you can. Evading powerful adversaries and shooting down these competitors will allow you to hook Platinum and Diamonds levels without risks.

PUBG Mobile Season 13

If you acquire the Crown, attempt to prevent other persons from killing you! You must be the last standing man to pocket more scores.
Select a suitable set of weapons when joining PUBG Mobile Season 13

Select a suitable set of weapons

Together with basic PUBG Mobile guides mentioned above, grabbing weapons matching the incoming battle is really important. PUBG Mobile is a crazy game containing various modes. Each of them will require you to use reasonable tools.

For instance, take 2 ARs such as AKM and M416 when you link to Solo. Besides, SR or DMR will be appropriate for Duo. If you involve in a squad, don’t forget to consider the role of you in the team before picking the gun!

AKM and M416

Top tips & tricks to rank up the fastest in PUBG Mobile Season 13 are here. It’s your turn to uncover their abilities within your newest matches! Share your experience by leaving comments! Have fun!

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