PUBG Console Dev Report #3

Console Dev Report #3 is one of the top updates to improve PUBG pc performance. Play your game and discover LOD types with the cause that it becomes essential!

Console Dev Report #3

It is useful to catch up with breaking news of PUBG pc download free game! Console Dev Report #3 is an interesting announcement related to a deep dive into LOD types and why it is crucial.

Actually, the team has returned with a new installment of the Console Dev Report. They will introduce much more info about the explanation of LOD sorts, their meaning, and the reason that they get important for the game’s performance.

LOD is also known as Level of Detail. Currently, there is a variety of LODs for items in PUBG pc. Basing on the relevant condition, a more or less detailed LOD will be chosen to achieve the optimal balance between the performance and quality visuals. Both of them will create the best gameplay experience as possible.

PUBG Steam game often utilizes 3 different LODs, according to the present circumstance, including LOD 2, LOD 1, or LOD 0 which is the most described of the group. The higher the clarified LOD used, the bigger the performance costs. If the performance is material, it is also very vital. The team worked hard to select a less detailed LOD in order not to generate a negative influence on the gameplay.

In another example in PUBG pc download, you can witness LODs in action is the “playdough” look of a few houses when looking at them in distance whilst you are dropping from an airplane by parachute. It is the earliest and least comprehensive LOD shown. At the start of a battle, buildings nearby can be similar to it because there will be lots of objects to deal with at a time. They will rise up to LOD 0. However, the process will tremendously depend on the hardware that you are operating.

Three different LOD kinds in PUBG pc download are suitable for characters such as Mesh LOD, Bone LOD, and AnimNode LOD.

Mesh LOD and Bone LOD

Mesh LOD will affect the model LOD. When somebody in PUBG pc approaches you, it will be LOD 0 – the highest detail and vice versa. It will occur in stages, with LOD 2, 1 and 0. You usually pay attention to the transitions because they come about at a distance where everything looks small.

Bone LOD is enabled in the same method. Nevertheless, it acts on the number of bones controlled during animations of PUBG steam. In other words, at a great range, PUBG ps4 does not need to solve detailed animations which could reduce the performance. It results in several significant performance improvements compared to not being made the effective use of LODs.

For extra LODs (3, 4), they completely enhance the performance of PUBG pc download free by bringing down the performance cost on the CPU. But, the additional strain caused to memory, IO, and others is really high for console hardware. Furthermore, it is not something that can be accomplished efficaciously at the existing period.

AnimNode LOD

Animations in PUBG pc download game have LODs, too. These are named AnimNode LODs. They cannot be put in for Mesh LOD or Bone LOD because the visual changes are distinct.

Animations (running, looking around, or aiming down the weapon sights) are skeletal controls of your fighter. Animations that are connected to your skeleton are calculated on a perfect limb basis, which requires separate calculations and animations to be fulfilled for arms, legs, neck, and more.

The other LOD method has been developed and based on the model size proportionate to the screen of PUBG steam. Parameters are established to auto single out a less detailed AnimNode LOD as well.

Remember that for the visual examples displayed further down in PUBG Console Dev Report #3, AnimNode LOD differences have an effect at very close distances to provide a stronger understanding of the way it carries out. When joining PUBG, AnimNode LOD will only have an impact at great distances.

Here is the first instance of how AnimNode LOD works in PUBG steam:

PUBG Console Dev Report #3

In the image above, you can find some dissimilarities between having AnimNode LOD enabled and disabled.

If AnimNode LOD is entirely switched off, animations in PUBG pc interacted are not active and not sent back by the model. It leads to finer performance. But, when you are crouched, the lower body must have AnimNode LOD turned on or you are forced to stand.

In the following example, in the dev team’s development environment, they built an AnimNode LOD to be put out of action when the character model occupies 10% of the whole screen so that you can realize what is taking place while the AnimNode LOD is shut.

The AnimNode LOD in PUBG pc download free game will not be available if the character model gets tiny to discover these changes.

The AnimNode LOD

The AnimNode LOD

You may want to ask “What happens when I scope in on an enemy far away?”

In case you scope in on a target far away, the model that you are watching will fill more parts of the playfield in PUBG and the AnimNode LOD will be activated.

You will be given a clearer visual instance of AnimNode LOD which is being deployed when the model captures 10% of the screen.

AnimNode LOD

AnimNode LOD Performance

The graph will indicate the comparison of AnimNode LOD (blue) and AnimNode LOD disabled (red) in PUBG mobile pc when there are 10 persons around.

AnimNode LOD Performance

Graph results are measured by using an Xbox One X!

Thanks for reading! See you all in the latest update of the Console Dev Report!

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