PUBG Guide: Tips And Tricks For Using Smoke Grenades Wisely

Smoke Grenades have become one of the best PUBG weapons recently, especially after the arrival of PUBG PC Patch 4.1 update. Of course, you can continue using other weapons to destroy your opponents in combat. But since the latest update is already out, gamers are now required to respond to the enemy attacks faster for a higher chance of surviving, and grenades can help them with that. Let’s dive into a guide on how to use smoke grenades in PUBG PC now!

PUBG PC tips and tricks to use smoke grenades smartly

Tease opponents and rescue your team members

You can follow this trick: toss two or three smoke grenades prior to saving your team members instead of just one. Among them, try to toss one smoke grenade on purpose far away so you can cause chaos.

Tease opponents and rescue your team members

Many players have been accustomed to something called a two-second rule before. This rule lets you stay unmoved in one area at least in 2 seconds unless you have some good points to cover. In those two seconds, one player is already able to shoot at your head. After that, the rule is changed into a one-second rule because the players are getting better at sniping.

You have to prepare some PUBG PC smoke grenades in advance if you want to rescue your team members when they are defeated. With two or three smoke grenades in your hands, you can throw one of them towards your teammate and then throw the other two next. You will have enough 9 seconds to save your team.

1 smoke grenade is not strong enough to use when the enemies with good shooting skills can shoot through the smoke and kill you. But if two more grenades are thrown, you can get them confused when your team members are able to crawl around searching for a good position to lying down.

Block the view when you attack a building

Block the view when you attack a building

Lots of teams in PUBG PC did believe that they would be more proactive than other teams when walking around inside the house and attacking it. This could be a serious mistake. They even didn’t care about their lives when running into a house with lots of doors using their vehicle and they even thought that climbing through windows would help them seize the house.

The sounds emitting from cars and other vehicles were kind of bigger in the former PUBG PC updates. You can hear the footstep sounds from distance to 40m if you use modern headphones. Also, if you have a good hiding place, you can slay the whole squads when they attack the house.

Smoke grenades are useful weapons you need to have if you want to attack a house when you do know that there are enemies inside. Once throwing some smoke grenades into the house, you can kill them all regardless of the quantity.

You should be the first one tossing a smoke grenade when you get closer to a house and make sure you avoid the big doorways. With the help of the smoke grenades, you can block the vision of enemies and make them unable to hear you.

Run away from the battle

Run away from the battle

If you want to respond to the sudden attack in the house just like the situation mentioned above, and if the rivals actively know your location, don’t get away from them because it’s a dangerous thing to do when they can surround the house and wait for a chance to attack you.

However, you are totally able to run away from them with the help of smoke grenades. Throw some outside the house to escape successfully. In addition, you can even throw smoke grenades into uncommon areas to bait the opponents.

You have to remember this, if one side cannot see and hear, then the other side will not be able to see and hear either.

With this, you will be able to know how to run around the circles. Instead of putting two guns away, you should hold smoke grenades in your hand. If somebody attacks you from afar, release the smoke grenades immediately to make them unable to see you then throw more grenades into other zones to tease your opponents as you attempt to find the nearest covering points.

Divert your opponent when playing solo

You should toss from two to three smoke grenades on purpose to present the streaks of smoke to enemies. When they catch sight of the streaks, they will attack and will get diverted. You can select one of three positions to move to their place, go find a certain obstacle to listen to the footstep sounds. This is how you tease and bait them using the smoke to give their position away.

Divert your opponent when playing solo

Smoke grenades can do their best when there are only two players left in the last circles.

Smoke grenades in PUBG PC game also have an interesting thing to know, which is that it generates a smoke streak as it is thrown into the sky high enough. When the enemy’s location is too far away from your place, and you can use the circle to your advantage, you can throw two or three smoke grenades, from left to right so the enemies can spot that smoke streak.

This will cause the enemies to be unable to learn where you will head to. Usually, they will stop moving for a few seconds to make their decisions on the situation they are in. Depending on your play style, it’s up to you to hide in one of three clouds of smoke or use the impediments around you to cover yourself then gradually enter the circle.

There are still other factors for a chance of winning matches in PUBG PC. Usually, in the 1vs1 match, if you have a better spirit, then you will get around 50% chance of winning with the same aiming assuming ability.

Now, you may have known about the tricks to use smoke grenades effectively in PUBG PC update. Maybe you don’t have a grenade, but that doesn’t mean you will not find yourself a smoke grenade and bring it with you into the fight. With smoke grenades, you can block the enemy’s vision and cause your enemies to be confused.

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