PUBG Interactive Map

Erangel is known as the initial playable map in PUBG game that lets you freely discover. The map is based on the Russian theme with some amazing points of interest. It has designs of trees, buildings, as well as rolling battleground countryside which are extremely attractive and can be found everywhere all over the map. This will cause the players to get lost easily.

The high-appreciated areas with a good popularity usually attract player interactions. Those areas will consist of much high-quality equipment, supplies, as well as easy chances to approach vehicles. The newbies usually want to concentrate on the locations that don’t have many people, even though they won’t be able to obtain good equipment. They will find it much easier to go with the terrain.

Surely most of the PUBG’s players will have difficulty in searching for the best landing zone, the best vehicle zones as well as the perfect place to begin their adventure. So if you want to know more about this Erangel map and learn what start locations are the best, what strategies you should follow, let’s find out a full detailed instruction now!

More details about Erangel map in PUBG and some tips for you on how to utilize the map to your advantage

There is no denying that the map in PUBG game is kind of complex, but it’s also very handy. There are some crucial things about the map that you need to learn:


Each of big squares is regarded as 1 kilometer, every single smaller square in that is 100 meters. This tells you that the whole landmass is only roughly 6km across.

There is still one or two structures that don’t appear on the map. The complexity of underground bunkers is considered as the most outstanding of these. You can discover it in the sixth square from the left, fourth up from the lowest part.

The spawn rates of weapons, supplies, loot, vehicles in areas are not the same! Most of the players already learn about this clearly. However, you should keep in mind that you will surely obtain a better standard of loot at set areas with your specific plans.

Also, there are several particular locations in the areas that have high loot-spawning rates. You will find a lot of weapons and guns there. You can think about landing in one of those dangerous zones then focus on searching for your items.

Use the right mouse button to release some markers on the map. You should do it if you work with a team or try to track your private target destination. You are recommended to use the markers frequently. The game features the compass too, which utilizes particular numbers to bring accurate directional tracking to the players. You are suggested to use the compass once again if you want to summon the enemy or the interesting locations with your team.

The best beginning locations, some good strategies and where you should land

PUBG interactive map and beginning locations

All players are able to get an access to good maps created by the community. They can totally adjust the zoom’s level, release the markers, display the flight path, as well as landing distances.

With this map made by a user named ShatterNl, the players will find it much easier to envision the views, things, especially the spawn areas for some items like vehicles, loot, weapons. The specifics can be altered sometimes, however, most of the community maps are still precise.

PUBG Erangel Map

PUBG Erangel map strategies and the best place to land

PUBG game doesn’t consist of any best place to begin due to the randomized flight path. If you want to have a good beginning, you need to make a good use of all tools you are equipped with. Also, you have to prepare some plans in readiness, make some intelligent decisions based on the grasp you have. Below here are useful things you should remember for the good start!

The best beginning locations

Military Base

Military base always provides you with a good amount of loot, however, you will meet a lot of players there. If it’s right below the flight path, you should anticipate battling against them, if you can’t defeat the rivals, you may end up dying here. But if it’s not, you may have to travel there fast using a vehicle so you can snatch up goods secretly. You have to stay watchful for the bridge trolls, which can be some players awaiting you on bridges if the white circle seems so evil.

Mylta Power

If this location is on the fringe of the flight path, it will become a great place for you to start! It has a lot of loot, and you may find them in the main green building as well as neighboring warehouses. Normally the amount of loot is sufficient for a full squad. But you should get a vehicle and use them to reach the first circle.

Small Mylta Power

Towards the west of Mylta Power, you will catch sight of a small plant that has one main building there. Go to this place for a high-standard loot! It’s a good start place for a solo or duo

School and Hospital

These places will provide you with large amounts of loot, but most of them are just mid-quality. School has been chosen as the favored place of many players, therefore, it’s inevitable for you to join a fight if you land here. You can think about landing in the hospital which is on the fringe of your range.

Georgopol Crates

This place is considered as the big crates to the north of the mountains and the south of the river. You can find a lot of high-standard loot in their encircling warehouses. However, these places are frequently debated when approachable from the plane. You are highly recommended to land close by, and use a vehicle to reach these places because it won’t be safe for you to engage in a combat. You should climb to the top of crates to obtain the best loot, however, don’t let anyone see you there.

Prison, Mansion, and Bunker

These three places offer you high-quality loot! Every single of them will be sufficient for a full squad. However, if it’s right below the flight path, each place will be much debated. If you succeed in reaching there safe and sound, they will become nice destinations.

Big towns

Novoreponye, Lipovka, Rozhok, Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Georgopol, Primorsk, and Severny are all considered as perfect places for you to loot, however, all of them are so risky. When you get to these places, you should search for café, restaurants, some warehouses, and churches if you want to achieve the best loot.

Some landing strategies for you

You should keep in mind that the approximate distance of 1-2 kilometers/squares as an instruction of how far you are able to approach from the flight path, which completely counts on how high the parachute is opened.

You need to know when you need to jump, and you do this by lining up the plane’s wing with the marker. Wait for it to get in line, then take the leap of off the plane.

For the maximum distance quickly, you need to use key W as you look up straightly. This will help you dive forwards.

If you are at the fastest speed (234mph) when the parachute is open, you will be able to achieve a speed boost. To obtain this, make sure you look down and press key W.

After opening your parachute, you can totally travel further by swinging it. Hold key W until you swing back, after that, you need to release yourself in order to swings forward. Hold key W once again when they are already at the highest distance forwards in the swing.

You are recommended to choose a map location that provides you with a high rate of spawning vehicles, and that place shouldn’t contain any clash. You should get one vehicle, jump into it then start driving faster to a location full of high-standard loot. When you get there, make sure you only spend 5-7 minutes on looting.

There is a bar above the minimap, which should be utilized accurately in order to deduce how long you must loot. When you look at the timer, you need to know that it represents the amount of time you have until the blue begins moving. If the blue bar is full, it means it the blue circle will approach closer to the white. About the white man running, it represents how far you are away from the circle. About the grey man that you see on the far right, it means that you already get in the safe zone white circle.

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