PUBG Lite New Contents: Weapons, Grips and More

New Contents: Weapons, Grips and More

Play PUBG Lite PC game and do not ignore the existence of items below! They have been added since the current patch note. You are able to check out more details without difficulty.

To survivors in the adaption of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, they will have a great chance to experience other contents and a larger collection of various objects. The list will consist of:

  • 1 BERYL
  • 3 Grips
  • 2 Random Boxes

New Weapon Update

  • Aside from the diverse 5.56MM AR, the 7.62MM BERYL has already appeared in PUBG Lite PC Download. BERYL is operated against M24, the most well-liked 7.62MM gun based on the surveys on Facebook. The weapon will spawn on two maps Erangel and Miramar.
  • Meanwhile, muzzles, grips, magazines, or attachments can be supplemented. Its firing and damage rates are really stronger. Even, it can cause heavier injuries compared to the remaining ARs. Although it sounds complex to handle the recoil, the developer believes that you can manage the BERYL soon.

Three New Grips

  • They are good choices in PUBG Lite Mac game. They have been joined in the present release. You can equip a wider variety of grips instead of the existing ones found through a review last weekend for a more thrilling competition.
  • Besides, players in PUBG Lite can share your tactics and analysis with other persons, along with grips or gameplay.

Another login reward mechanism

  • The development team of PUBG Lite Garena outlined to offer big prizes on the week that they presented the action. Thanks to your support, they figured out a resolution to give out a set of up to date rewards and they stated that they would go on to complete the event.
  • Period: March 28 (after maintenance) until April 13

Random Box: Hero’s Crate

  • Hero’s Crate is the name of the random box in PUBG Lite steam game that we are interested in. It is here to come after the Soldier’s Crate. You need to save enough 1,000 BP before buying it.
  • Furthermore, you will have the Premium Hero’s Crate. Despite the opportunity to obtain rare artifacts in the premium containers is 4x higher, the development group hoped to lower your burden to acquire them by retaining the price at 2,500 BP. Therefore, do not skip the most advantageous properties in the Hero’s Crate!


They are additions on PUBG Lite pc download free full version, revolved around the screenshot and report.

Screenshot function

  • You can take photos with F12. Remember to seize favorite moments in PUBG Lite!
  • File directory: C:/Users/”UserName”/Documents/PUBGLite/Screenshots

Report function

  • It is built according to your feedback. It will be active in PUBG Lite PC once you are slain in a squad.

  • You can report somebody whilst watching by hitting the R key so as to refresh the fair playing environment.

Quick Marker function

  • As many requests for the fast marker, it is eventually added. You can instantly ping in PUBG PC Lite Download without visiting the mini-map with Alt & Mouse Wheel that the crosshair is pointing. From now on, you can display orders and directions to your clan without effort.
  • That marker will pop up for 10 seconds. To block careless usage, after controlling the function once, there will be a waiting period set within 2 seconds.

Map opacity settings

  • It is recently developed so you can turn the map of PUBG Lite game into a half transparent entity.
  • Additionally, you can modify the setting in Option -> Gameplay -> UI -> Map Opacity

Water penetration function

  • It is a useful tool at underwater places in PUBG Lite.

Bug Fixes

Many issues happened during the adventure of players in PUBG Lite PC will be detailed here.


It is an important section in PUBG Lite which should be updated!

  • Fixed the bug that using a consumable piece could be removed if you were prone when wielding the object and something interacted with your body if you were rotating the screen
  • Fixed the location in which stun grenades did not work effectively
  • The position of your allies on the mini-map and world map will be seen clearly if a member is roaming swiftly by planes or other vehicles
  • Fixed the problem that items would not be found in buildings but on the ground or in the mid-air


There are numerous troubles involved in the spectating ability in PUBG Lite steam.

  • Fixed where spectating could not run after ending even if the button was touched
  • Fixed the spot that you were detected to be alive on the mini-map when being a spectator
  • Fixed a spectated player who was floating after getting off a vehicle
  • Fixed the screen that could flip vertically when utilizing the ADS


Developers did not disregard vehicles’ bugs to bring back a better PUBG Lite game.

  • Fixed where there was no damage from leaving a moving means
  • Fixed the key guide which was not shown when you were on a bike
  • Fixed the character passing through the roof of the pickup truck during the time that employing over the shoulder aiming in the third seat


There are only two fixes for the terrain in PUBG Lite.

  • Discarded the bug that a participant would be stuck in a certain zone close by Miramar Los Leones
  • And, deleted the issue of the floating fence in Miramar El Pozo

Sound/ Gvoice

It is the final part of the Bug Fixes as well as the patch note for PUBG Lite PC game

  • Fixed a teammate who could not connect to the voice channel if he or she was in a squad in the lobby, but that person had to rejoin PUBG Lite following the forced shutdown

Thanks for your reading!

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