PUBG Mobile Lite Brings Unique Playable Maps With Great Graphics And Features

PUBG Mobile Lite brings different maps to battle royale and Arcade mode. Explore all PUBG Mobile Lite maps then choose the one you want to play on!

How many PUBG Mobile Lite maps are there? Have you ever wondered what maps are featured in this version? Now, it’s time to look into all playable maps!

As you know, maps in PUBG original version are diverse, ranging from the classic, arcade, to the arena. This goes the same for the lite edition. Without further ado, you can check out all maps for two game modes in PUBG Mobile Lite!

About PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is a lighter version of PUBG Mobile. With this version, players, who are using low-end mobile devices, can play PUBG easily. There are lots of battle royale mobile games, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is one of the best games to play. It brings a battle royale experience with high-end graphics, great items, and unique content to explore.

PUBG Mobile Lite Maps Guide
PUBG Mobile Lite Maps Guide

However, to run PUBG Mobile smoothly on mobile phones, players’ devices must have good RAM and high-end processors, which is why PUBG Mobile Lite game was released. Don’t worry about playing this battle royale game when you are using a low-end phone because with the light version, you can enjoy it easily!

All about PUBG Mobile Lite maps

Which maps are for the battle royale mode?

At the moment, the battle royale mode of PUBG Mobile Lite features two maps for players to pick to master, including Varenga and Golden Woods. Both of these maps have smaller sizes than the other PUBG Mobile maps. However, they offer quicker and smoother gameplay to players.

For the Golden Woods map, you will unlock this map when you obtain Level 5 in the game. For the Varenga map, it features lots of bushes and trees, which is a nice replacement for the PUBG Mobile Erangel map, while the Golden Woods provide a more explosive experience and this map is suitable for those that are searching for some adrenaline.

PUBG Mobile Lite maps for the Arcade mode

PUBG Mobile Lite Arcade modes
PUBG Mobile Lite Arcade modes

Unlike the battle royale mode, the Arcade mode of PUBG Mobile Lite allows players to spawn with weapons. This means you can choose your loadouts to your likings and your character will have two weapons when you spawn. The goal for the Arcade mode is to help your team obtain the given number of points first to become the winner of the match.

In PUBG Mobile Lite, Arcade mode has received an update with four more modes, including Warehouse, Payload, War, and War-RPG. The team deathmatch mode takes place in the Bodie map, making it a unique experience for players. Pick your favorite map then start to conquer the battle!

That’s all for the maps in PUBG Mobile Lite that you need to know! The maps for the game modes are diverse and they offer different experiences with great features to explore. Take a look at all the maps that are available to pick to play in the lite version now then select your favorite ones to master. Hopefully, this guide on maps gives you enough information about the maps. At the moment, PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0 is already released. Download the latest update for the game to experience new content, features, and new improvements!

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